I. Hernandez – World Championships 2018

Virtual Piano World Championships 2018 Entry

Songs From Movies
ENTRY AUTHOR: I. Hernandez
COUNTRY: Philippines
SONG TITLE: One More Time, One More Chance
SONG AUTHOR: Masayoshi Yamazaki

k [eupfl] [0radh] [qtisj] | k [eupfl] f [r0uz] l [qisl] t i [h g][8f][w o 9][5ad][9 h][6s] 0 t sd[4qipf] [5wyod] s [8uos] w t pa[6eus][0 t 7][3ryo] 0 [4tup] 8 e pa[6us] [0 u]s[3yod] s [4is] 8 etoi[1u]5[0t]9[5wry]9o [6et] 0 e
ty[48eu] [5wrd] s [10wt] 8

h | [sx] f v | [shx] f v | [ohz] d k [pl] k j j [udh] a h [isfj] [sl] [ohz] [dl] [hz] [shx] | [shx] f v | [shx] [fh] v
[ohz] d k [pl] k j j [uah] a h [isgj] [fl] [hz] d l z [esl] p s
[fl] | [fl] [qgjl] t p s g [dk] [esfl] u p f [wyhz] [eupfl] [0radh] [qtisj] i [j k][efl][u j][0rhz]l[qisgl] [tg] [i p h g][8of][w s 9][5ad][9 h][6ps] 0 t [sd][4upf][8 u 9][5yod] [9 s][8us] w t [p a][6ps]0[tu]0[3yo][0 r 8][4tp] 8 e [p a][6us] [0 p][3yod][0 s a][4p] 8 t qeoi[1tu]5[0t]9[5ry] o [6et] 0 e
ty[4u][8 e 9][5wy] t [10wt] 0 sd[qpsf] [wyoa] s[8uos] w u
lz[ijx] [ohdz] l [sl] Y O s g D [id] q i E [isg] d [8of] w [uo] [ts] [of] [sh] l v [lx]


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