K’NAAN – Wavin’ Flag

[8u]t8y [8u]t4 [t4]oi[4u]y[u6] t6y [u6]y5|5 5
8u t8y [8u] t4 t4oi4uy6u t6y 6uy5 5 5

8u [y8]uy[t8] 4 e [t4]ew4w6u y6u o6 5y [t5]uy[t5] 8u [y8]uy[8t] 4e t4ew4w6u y6u [6o] 5y [t5]uyt5

[t8]t [t8]u [8o]p4 4 p4p[6p]p [p6]o [u6]y5|5 y5y
[t8] t[t8]u [8o]p4 4 p 4p[6p] p [6p]o [6u]y5|yuyt

[t8] t[y8]uy[t8] [4i] i [4u]iu[4y] [6u]u [y6]uy[6t] [5y] yu5yt5r
[t8] t[y8]uy[t8] [4i] i [4u]iu[4y] [u6]u [6y]uy[6t] [5y]y [u5]ytr

[t8]t[t8]yt[8r] [4t] t4tyt[r4] [6t] t[t6]yt[r6] t5 t[t5]iu[y5]u
[t8] t[t8]yt[r8] [t4] t[4t]yt[r4] [t6] t[t6]yt[r6] [t5] ttiuy u

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