How To Upload A Video, Virtual Piano

How To Upload

Have you recorded yourself playing the Virtual Piano? Are you ready to share your musical genius with the world? Add your music to the Virtual Piano YouTube channel in a few very simple steps.

  1. Ensure the name of your video is the name of the song and music artist, followed by your name
    e.g. Halo – Beyonce, by Jocelyn Travers
  2. Do not add any branding, logos or scrolling text into the video, or it will not be approved for publication.
  3. Ensure you are showing the full Virtual Piano app in the video, in high quality.
  4. Include the music notes in the WeTransfer message box
  5. Submit your new video to Virtual Piano – first click on WeTransfer and then enter our email:
  6. Please make sure that in the “Message” box you add the following information:
    • Your Full Name
    • Song Title
    • Artist’s Name
    • Song Category
    • The Music Sheet for your song.
  7. Upload your video file and make the transfer.
  8. That’s it! Your video will be reviewed and if it meets the above criteria, it will be made live.

NOTE: For the Virtual Piano World Championships, only new videos specifically created for the competition will be accepted.

How to submit your video, Virtual Piano

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