Bruno Wen-li

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About the Artist

Music artist. Known for the composition of the soundtrack of anime Yosuga no Sora.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [C5] k x k z k kxCn| |[x$] j z j L j jxCb| |[C5] k x k z k Gjkx| |[x$] j z j L j afGj| |[yo0]|p|a|[upQ]|a|S|[waI]|S|d|[pQ] T u I p S G|j| |a p [wa]|[yrI]|G|[SQ]|[ueT] d S p [a0]|[ywr] S d f [j9] k [jeTQ]| |[wa]|[yrI]|G|[jQ]|[ueTS]|p|[ra]|[uaI] p S|[ra]|[aYI]| |G|j|k| |j k j| |f|G|j|S|d| |d f G||G f G f| |d f G|h|j|J|k|L|k| |j k j| |f|G|j|L|z|x|C|C| |x z L| |j L z||z L k J|k|L|C| |x z L|j|G|k| |a|p|[a5]|[Q97]|G|[S$]|[60] d S p [a3]|[975] S d f [j2] k [j6$]| |[a5]|[Q97]|G|[j$]|[S60*]|p|[a7]|[raQ0] p S|[a7]|[raQ(]| |G|j|[wk]|[yrI]|j k [je]|[uTI]|f|[QG]|[ujeT]|S|[dQ]|[yrI]|d f [G0]|[ywr] G f G [fQ]|[ueT]|d f [wG]|[yrhI]|j|[QJ]|[kTIE]|L|[wk]|[yrI]|j k [je]|[uTI]|f|[QG]|[ujeT]|L|[zQ]|[yxrI]|C|[C0]|[ywr]|x z [QL]|[ueT]|j L [zw]|[yrI] z L k [QJ]|[ukIE]|L|[wC]|[yrI]|x z [QL]|[ujeT]|G|[rk]|[uaI]| |r|[yaI]| |[oC]| |x z [pL]|b|C|[na]

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:54
    Kioku (Yosuga no Sora)

    Bruno Wen-li


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