Virtual Violin

Virtual Violin

Play the violin online using Virtual Piano

Virtual Violin is a musical instrument you can play online. Use the online violin to try out this unique and expressive instrument.

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A Virtual Violin produces the sound of a traditional Violin. The Virtual Violin can be played through a computer, tablet or mobile without the physical instrument. The violin is a small stringed instrument with a hollow body that is most commonly made of wood. The four strings of a violin are played using a stringed bow. Violins are made up of different sections of wood, often from different types of trees depending on the qualities desired. Traditionally, violin strings were made of catgut but they are often made of synthetic materials today. The term fiddle is interchangeable with the name violin and both refer to the same instrument. The bridge of a violin is very specific. It is cut in a particular shape and is always made of maple. The bridge is important as its curve helps to hold the strings taught and it also transfers the vibration of the strings into the main violin cavity.

Violin Online, Virtual Piano

The format of the bow was streamlined in the late 18th century and has remained mostly unchanged since then. All stringed instruments are thought to derive from the Ancient Greek Lyre, a small stringed instrument that was plucked using a pick. The earliest stringed instrument played with a bow is thought to have been an Arabic rebab. From which, the violin is thought to have derived from. Stradivarius, Guarnerius and Maggini and considered to be some of the greatest violin builders. Instruments made by these Italian families are the most highly prized. Their ability to deliver a superior sound quality has been scientifically researched and examined, though no one particular characteristic has been identified.

Online Violin, Virtual Piano

A violin always has two distinctive cut-out holes on either side of the body in the shape of a long 's.' These holes known as f-holes, help to project sound and are found on many other stringed instruments. The E string of every violin is the thinnest and the most delicate. In the 1920s the E string of many modern violins was made using steel, instead of the traditional gut material. This was due to the lack of availability of gut after the war and the greater durability of steel. Violins play an important role in classical music. They have also been widely used in jazz and folk music. Electric violins were introduced in the 1940s and often feature in contemporary rock and pop music.

Learn to play the violin in less than one minute, anywhere, anytime. You can use your computer, tablet or even mobile device.

Anyone can experience the violin through Virtual Piano. You don’t need to be able to read music or to have played the violin before. Virtual Piano music sheets contain letters that correspond to the keys from a QWERTY keyboard. So it’s quick and simple to pick up. You can enjoy playing the violin instantly - anywhere, anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing Virtual Violin now.