Virtual Piano Plus is the Premium membership allowing you to enjoy the unrivalled benefits of Virtual Piano, designed to take you further than ever before.

Hold your horses and excuse us while we prepare to launch something extraordinary!

  • FEATURE Free User Virtual Piano + Knowledge
  • MonthYear $0 $48 $996
  • Ad free

    Make your Virtual Piano experience distraction free with a clean interface without advertising.

  • Customise Your Piano

    Customise and save your piano with unique colours, themes, sound settings and your choice of instrument, so the piano remembers your preferences each time it loads

  • Save Your Rating

    Your Virtual Piano Rating improves as you play more songs when you're a Premium member. As a Free user, your rating returns to default after each use.

  • Create Your Pianist Profile

    Create a bespoke profile, see your performance statistics and collect medals

  • Rate Music Sheets

    Get involved and rate the Virtual Piano music sheets from 1 to 5 stars

  • Commercial Use

    Using Virtual Piano to make commercial music. Free users must credit Virtual Piano and link to where the sound is published.

    Credit Required
  • Recording

    Record the music you play on Virtual Piano, download and share it as an MP3 file. Virtual Piano + members can record sound up to 5 minutes in length.

    30 second limit
  • FEATURE Free User Virtual Piano + Knowledge
  • Metronome

    Keep to the beat while you play using our new custom metronome feature

  • Sustain

    Make the notes you play sound longer or shorter using the sustain feature

  • Transpose

    Increase the range of notes lower or higher by up to 10 each way

  • Instruments

    Try 3 different pianos and 10 other instruments including the Harp, Guitar and Organ

  • Music Sheet Producer

    See the music you create, edit it, play it back and save it for next time

  • Piano Game

    Play the Virtual Piano game from level 1 Super Easy to level 10 Expert


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