Virtual Clarinet

Virtual Clarinet

Play a virtual Clarinet online using Virtual Piano

A Virtual Clarinet is a digital version of a woodwind musical instrument that is typically played by blowing air into the instrument body. Virtual Piano offers an online Clarinet as one of its instruments. Try the Clarinet out for yourself and experience its versatile sound.

Online Clarinet, Virtual Piano

A Virtual Clarinet is a digital version of a musical instrument that is played using the mouth to blow air. A clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece, a straight, cylindrical tube with an almost cylindrical bore, and a flared bell. A person who plays the Clarinet is called a clarinettist. The tone quality depends on the clarinettist, music, instrument, mouthpiece, and reed. Vibrations in the column of air in the bore of a Clarinet are created by air being blown into the Clarinet through the reed and mouthpiece. The vibrating column of air in the bore produces the Clarinet's beautiful sound. This sound is a wave that propagates through the air due to a variation in air pressure. You can now experience playing the Clarinet online with the Virtual Clarinet.

Play Clarinet online via Virtual Piano

The Clarinet has roots in the early single-reed instruments or hornpipes used in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, and Europe. Johann Christoph Denner is believed to have invented the modern Clarinet in Germany around the year 1700. However, its roots may also be found among some trumpets used around the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Clarinets are part of standard orchestral and concert band instrumentation in classical music. Clarinets have become a central instrument in jazz and continue to grow in popularity.

Play Clarinet anytime, Virtual Piano

When you select to play the Clarinet online via Virtual Piano, you may need to adjust the SUSTAIN sound setting to your liking. Unlike many other instruments, the SUSTAIN sound setting is switched OFF for Clarinet by default. So to hear the full length of each key, you need to turn SUSTAIN ON from the SOUND menu and adjust the length of sustain as appropriate. In the SUSTAIN OFF mode, you can control the length of sound by pressing a key for a more extended period. Learn more about the Clarinet on Wikipedia.

Learn to play the Clarinet in less than one minute, anywhere, anytime. You can use your computer, tablet or even mobile device.

Anyone can experience the Clarinet through Virtual Piano. You don’t need to be able to read music or to have played the Clarinet before. Virtual Piano music sheets contain letters that correspond to the keys from a QWERTY keyboard. So it’s quick and simple to pick up. You can enjoy playing the Clarinet instantly - anywhere, anytime.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing the Clarinet online now.