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Feedback / Testimonial / Review

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"I'd recommend it to any teacher"

I love the fact that you can change sounds, it's easy to use and the recording/sharing functions are perfect for teaching. During lockdown, we (Barton Hill Academy) used Virtual piano as part of our WW2 (Music of the 1930's-1940's) topic. Children learnt how to play Little Brown Jug on the piano. Some children even played duets with their family members at home, both on different devices using Virtual Piano. It's an amazing piece of software and I'd recommend it to any teacher.
- D. Gray, Music Teacher, Barton Hill Academy, UK

"Found myself playing it for hours on end"

I didn't have a piano at home when I stumbled on and found myself playing it for hours on end. I'm very passionate about the piano and classical music. In those early days, you really had to go into the most remotes corners of the internet to find the music sheet you wanted to play. So I began to create my own music sheets. I shared these sheets on the Virtual Piano website so that everyone could play them. I really loved the community and wanted to share the love with other players. Now I have an awesome piano at home but I'm still making use of the Virtual Piano platform by connecting my piano to VP and challenging my friends to Virtual Piano battles.
- A. Kocak, Virtual Piano Expert User, Turkey

"Absolutely brilliant app!!!!"

Thank you so much for this incredible app. I sing and I use this app daily to learn new songs and check my pitch. Absolutely brilliant app!!!!
- Deborah, Virtual Piano User, USA

"Best virtual piano, hands down."

You guys have the best virtual piano, hands down. I use it to compose piano music online when things are slow at work, and compared to any other I've tried, yours has the best "feel" and ease of use. I probably haven't even scratched the surface of what it can be used for, but as a basic piano - love it! Thanks.
- Don, USA

"I love virtual piano"

I love virtual piano, I use it almost daily. I'm not a professional pianist, not even a hobby pianist, but I enjoy my time with this little project.
- Tom, Hungary

"Thank you so much for creating this application!"

To everyone involved with Virtual Piano, thank you so much for creating this application! I was involved with learning piano when I was little, and at first I started with the keyboard and then my music teacher helped me make the transition to the piano by playing a song together with me in front of my peers. I recently started to get the urge in going back to my roots with the piano. Money is tight and makes it tricky to afford an actual class. Virtual Piano has allowed me to get back to my roots at no cost and it means a lot to me to experience my love for this instrument once again, at the age of 26. Thanks again for having this application available for people of all ages. Once I am able to afford to enrol in lessons, I am sure what I have learned with virtual piano will translate to an actual piano.
- Nadia, Canada

"I can't believe it!!"

I only just stumbled across this website. Just to let you know I absolutely love piano, but can't really play that well. So to have something like this where you can replicate the amazing sounds and it still requires skill!! I am over the moon. The selection of songs is astounding, I'm into a variety of music so really appreciate Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Adele, Taylor Swift, Princess Mononoke theme (what?!!! I can't believe it!!), the list goes on!! So, like, every song I would love to play on piano is here. I'm stoked, I'm loving it, thank you very much, I hope you know how much I appreciate this amazing site!!!!!!
- Keely, Australia

"It's an amazing opportunity"

I want to thank you for this great application that could help me become very interested in playing Piano, it's an amazing opportunity that you are providing with this app.
- Mohamed, Egypt

"I really love your Virtual Piano!"

I really love your Virtual Piano! 🙂 Actually I'm new here and a real beginner, I have never ever before learned how to play a classical piano.
- Lenka, Czech Republic

"Congratulations for bringing the piano to the masses"

Congratulations for bringing the piano to the masses like me who are not being trained musically, writing, reading music or practice! But who have nevertheless countless imaginations for music needing release! Bravo Virtual Piano.
- John, UK

"Thanks for this amazing piano"

I contact you to send my best thanks for this amazing piano, it is great to feel music for those like me who cannot afford real instruments.
- Pierre, France

"Happiness, pleasure, freedom"

Dear Virtual Piano, I am immensely grateful for giving me the opportunity to play the piano, a subject that I had pending in my life. It is impossible to describe all the feelings that I am going through at the moment while I play the piano freely, letting myself be carried away by the sounds and the music ... happiness, pleasure, freedom and an enormous amount of sensations. Thank God I am currently on vacation because since yesterday when I discovered your application, I cannot leave my Virtual Piano. I am extremely grateful to you for the possibility of offering us open source software and thus being able to experience the transformative power of music as a universal language. I am an artist and teacher and I always felt the need to get even closer to music and thanks to you I have been able to do it! Again infinite thanks! Thanks to people like you, the world is a more beautiful place to live !!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!!
- Marisa, Argentina

"It's just awesome!"

I recently discovered Virtual Piano and I fell in love with it, it's just awesome!
- Tomás, Portugal

"I absolutely love it"

I've been playing the virtual piano for about 6 months and I absolutely love it.
- Ibrahim, Lebanon

"Giving people a taste of what it feels like"

First of all, i'd like to thank you for this wonderful app that you guys have created, giving people a taste of what it feels like to play a piano, those that don't have one, or can't afford one. It's a wonderful app, and I've had hours of fun with it.
- Adrian, Israel