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Flow (styled as FLOW) is a Japanese rock band formed in 1998 as a five-piece band made up of two vocalists, a drummer, a bassist, and a guitarist. They are signed to Sacra Music. As of April 2019, the band has released 34 singles, 2 collaboration singles with Granrodeo and 11 studio albums. Their songs have been featured in the opening sequences of several anime and Japanese drama series.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • s s [d][o][gs8] [fo] [du] [ft] 5 [9s] [rs] [dw] [6osg]
    [f0] [du] [ft] 3 [f0] [fr] [hw][o][hs4] [gq] [ft][D][de][s]5
    9 [pr] [aw] [spu6]|| [4qts] [ar] [4qts] [ow] [dy4q] [4q]
    [st5w] [ar] [st5w] [ow] [dy5w] [5w] [st6e] [ar] [st6e] [ow] [dy6e] [6e]
    [st5w] [ar] [st5w] [ow] [dy5w] [5w] [fpuq4] [4q] [dpy4q] [4q] [doy5w]
    [5w] [sot5w] [5w] [dpy6e] [6e] [sou] [6e] [fspu6e] [6e] [6e] [u6e] [o6e]
    [put1] 5[o8] 5[o9] 5[u0][o5] 1|5[u8] 5[u9] 5
    [o9] 5[poy5] 9[ow] 9[oe] 9[uw][o9] 5 9[r]
    [9][pw] 9[arw][sou9] 6|0[se] 0[sr] 0[fe][daoy0] 5 2
    [sr] 9[aw] 9[ow] 9[ait4] 8 8[sit4]q8q84884 [uq] 8
    [oq] 8[put1] 5[out8] 5[out9] 5[u0][o5][t1] 5
    [ut8] 5[ut9] 5[out0] 5[py5] 9[oyr] 9[uyrw] 9[uw]
    [o9] 5 9[r] 9[pw] 9[aw][spu9] 6 0[spue] 0[soru] 0
    [fe][daoy0] 5 9[sur] 9[ayw] 9[orw] 9[ay4] 8|8[su4]q8q
    [daoy8] 5ww9 [dw] 9[su9][su9][arq4][st] [st81][st] [stq][st]
    [arw5][st] [st92] [st4] st[aru3] [st] [str7] [stw][st][yde6] [fu] [st03] o|[6o]| o
    [ptq84] [otq84][ot] [q84][ot][otq84]| [ot][sitq84] [airq84]
    [sitq84] [sitq84] [dyw85] [w75] [w85] [w85] [52] [sot] [sot] [diy]
    [goi1] 5[fou8] 5[doy9] 5[fou8] 5 5 9[sutw] 9[site] 9[doyw] 9
    [goi6] 0[foue] 0[doyr] 0[foue] 0 37w7 [so0][so0] 7[so0][s4][o8][o84]
    [soq][so8] e[so8][s1][so5] 8[so5] 9[so5] 8[di5][d5][su2][ay5]9599
    95 [sot5] 5[sot5] 5[doy5] 5[goi1] 8[fou1] 8[doy1] 8[fou1] 8 [5w]
    [sou5] w[sou5] w[doy5] w[gpi6] e [fou6] e[diy6] e[fou6] e 3030
    [so3][so0] 3 [ho0][h4][soq][so4][oq][so8][soq][so4][ao8][a5][sow] 5
    [ow][so5][sow][so5][ayw][a6][sue]6e6e6e5w5w [so5][sow] 5[how]
    [hwq4][so][so][o81][so][so][soe6][ao][aw5][so] [ou][su][su][su][ay][aq4]
    [su][q4] [q4] [q4] [dyw5] [w5][stw5] [w5] [dye6] [e6] [ste6] [e6] [fspue6]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:10
    Sign (Naruto)



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