Jose Feliciano

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About the Artist

José Montserrate Feliciano García is a Puerto Rican musician. He recorded many international hits, including his rendition of the Doors' "Light My Fire" and his self-penned Christmas song "Feliz Navidad".

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • o s|a s [qep]| [qe]|[qe]|[wr]||
    p d|s p [0wo]| [0w]|[0w]|[80]||
    o s|a s [qep]| [qei]|p p o
    [qwr] o [qwro] o [9qwi]|[9qwi] u [80w]|||
    o s|a s [qetp]| [qet]|[qet]|[wry]||
    p d|s p [80wo]| [80w]|[80w]|[0wt]||
    o s|a s [qetp]| [qeti]|p p o
    [qwr] o [qwro] o [9qwi]|[9qwi] u
    8 90w q 0 9 0wer[80wt] f f f f|d s
    [qes]|p [qep]|[yp] t [wr]|
    d d d [wrd]|s p [0wp]|o [0wo]|[eo] w [80]|
    f f f [80f]|d s [qes]|p [qep]|p d s
    [wra] a [wr]|[wrs] d [wr] d [0w]|s [80]|[80] [80] [80]
    [80w] f f f f|d s [qets]|p [qetp]|[qetp]|[wry]|
    d d d [wryd]|s p [80wp]|o [80wo]|[80wo]|[80e]|
    f f f [80ef]|d s [9qes]|p [9qep]|p d s
    [wrya] a [wry]|[wrys] d [wry] d [80w] fds w|0 9 8

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:03
    Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano)

    Jose Feliciano


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