Konoyo no Uta (Black Cat)

[tsf] o f [fpq] t f [sdw] i [ga] [fo8] | [fpe] [su] h [hpq] t f [siw] [da] [fo8] [fst] o f [fpq] t f
[dsw] [ai] g [fsoe] | [so0] t f [hq] [pt] [siw] d [sou8] [hw] [iP] h [ht] [dP] [fj] [hpq] t [go] [sp] | [hwP] i j [ldt] [fP] j [hpi] [fsu] [dsiy] w | [tfs] o f [fpq] t f [dsw] i [ga] [fsue] |
[so0] t f [hpq] t [sw] i d [sou8] | [hw] [iP] h
[ht] [dp] [fj] [hsq] p g s | [hw] [iP] j [ldt] [fE] j [hptq] [fot0] [dit9] [w7] | [tf] o f
[fSPQ] t f [fptq] h [ldOE] | [sou0] t f [hptq] [soiw] [da] [sout]

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