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Virtual Piano music sheets from the Harry Potter films. Play a variety of music sheets and virtual instruments online at Virtual Piano.

Music Sheets

  • a [uf] h G [uf]| k [uj]||G||[uf] h G [DP]| g [au] o a| r [uf] h G [uf]| k [dhz]| L [igs]| h [sfl] k J [TIP]| h [uf] o a| [rh] [uk]| [oh] [ak]| [rh] [ul]| [ok] J|G [uh] h l [oa] [uk]| o a| [rh] [uk]| [oh] [ak]| [oh] [yoz]| L [til]|H [sfl] k J [TIP]| h [uoa]
    Level: 5
    Length: 00:40
    Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)

    John Williams

  • a f h G f k j G| f h G d g a| a f h G f k z L l| j l k J a h f| hk|hk|hlkJ|hG lk ah l| hk|hk|HzLl| hLlkahf| r u o I u a p I u o I Y i r| r u o I u a d S s O s a P p o u
    Level: 3
    Harry Potter (Theme)

    John Williams