BTS 3 February 2021

[sq][td][yd][td][od][td][yd][ts][sq][td]ytoty[ts][s8][wd][td][wd][od][wd][td][ws][f8][wd]twowt[wd]f[d0]ryr[od]ryr[d0][sr][yd][sr][of]r[ys][sr]6[p0]e0t0[spe]060t0r0e[s0][sq][td][yd][td][od][td][yd][ts][sq][td]ytoty[ts][s8][wd][td][wd][od][wd][td][ws][f8][wd]twowt[wd]f[d0]ryr[od]ryr[d0][sr][yd][sr][of]r[ys][sr]6[p0]e0t0[spe]060t0[ra]0[se][h0]qtytot[yf]tqtyt[oa]t[ys][thf]8wtwow[tsf]w8wtwowt[wd]f[d0]ryrory[rd]f[d0]ryror[ys][rd][f6][d0][ed][s0][td]0[se][s0]6[p0]t0r0[se]0[qhf]tytot[ysf]tqtytot[ys]t[hf8]wtwow[tsf]w8wtwowt[wk]l[k0]ryrory[rk]l[k0]ryrory[rk]l[uk] j H g [uf0] sssds[hf]4 [sf][hf]q[sf] [ut] [ut]s[uts]ds[hf]1[sf] [hf]w[sf] [ut] [ut] [uth]hhl[k3]h f[yrd] l[k0]h f[ywrd] sd6 sd[e0]ssp6 s[tse]ds[hf]4 [sf][hf]q[sf] [ut] [ut]s[uts]ds[hf]1[sf] [hf]w[sf] [ut] [ut] [uth]hhl[k3]h f[yrd] l[k0]h f[ywrd] sd6 sd[e0]ssp6|[wr0] to4|[80] [80] [80]tt[r80] t[to]%|[W8] [tiW8] [W8] [W8] tt[to^][to] [ti][qE] t [to^][to] [ti][qE] o [u8]|[wt] [wt] [wt] [wtr] to4|[80] [80] [80]tt[r80] t[to]%|[W8] [tiW8] [W8] [W8] tt[to^][to] [ti][qE] t [to^][to] [ti][qE] o [ut8] w tyuyt w q w ghs8ghs ghs ghs hHgwhHg hHg hHg ghs8ghs ghs ghs ghf0gh[wf] ghf ghf [wutg]hs ghs ghs ghs [thWO]Hg hHg hHg hHg [tigE]hs ghs ghs ghs [utog]hf ghf ghgfdsas[qhf]tytot[ysf]tqtytot[ys]t[hf8]wtwow[tsf]w8wtwowt[wk]l[k0]ryrory[rk]l[k0]ryrory[rk]l[uk]lklklklklklklkl[uk0] sssds[hf]4 [sf][hf]q[sf] [ut] [ut]s[uts]ds[hf]1[sf] [hf]w[sf] [ut] [ut] [uth]hhl[k3]h f[yrd] l[k0]h f[ywrd] sd6 sd[e0]ssp6 s[tse]ds[hf]4 [sf][hf]q[sf] [ut] [ut]s[uts]ds[hf]1[sf] [hf]w[sf] [ut] [ut] [uth]hhl[k3]h f[yrd] l[k0]h f[ywrd] sd6 sd[e0]ssp6|[wr0] to4|[80] [80] [80]tt[r80] t[to]%|[W8] [tiW8] [W8] [W8] tt[to^][to] [ti][qE] t [to^][to] [ti][qE] o [u8]|[wt] [wt] [wt] [wta] shq|[ut] [ut] [ut]ss[uta] s[sh]W|[tO] [tsgO] [tO] [tO] ss[shE][sh] [sg][iP] s [shE][sh] [sg][iP] h [sf8] w td[yf]d[us]

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About This Music Sheet

Butterfly is a song by BTS. Use your computer keyboard to play Butterfly on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 03:13, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Butterfly is classified in the genres: Pop, South Korea on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using K-Pop.


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    Level: 8
    Length: 03:28
    I Need U (Expert)


  • P s D ss PO i OPD ssg D s P s D ss PO i OPD ssg D s * W PsDs (E sPOi q OPDs [qs] gDs * W PsDs (E sPOi q OPDs [qs] gDsHhg [gs] [gs] [DP] ggDgs [DP] ggD [gs] gH Hhg [gs] [gs] [DP] ggDgs [DP] ggD [gs] gH HhgggHZZl gHZZl POooOoii
    Level: 4
    I Need You (Easy)


  • d[352]d[350]f[320]g[309]f[307]g[559]g[610]g[297]g[329]f[263]f[257]f[301]f[285]f[277]g[301]f[248]g[320]f[593]d[559]

    Level: 5
    Fake Love (Alternative)


  • Y i o [i(]|w E| |(|w [YE] Y iqo [i9]|w E| |9|w [YE] P|[o9]|[O8]|[o(] [wY]| |8|( [wY] P|[o8]|[O%]|[o8] [Y(]||i o % i 8 ( Y iwo [i(]|w [YE]| |[oP] (|w [YE] Y i P [yP9]|w [yE]||o O 9|w [yYE] P|o|[YO8]|[o(] [wtO]||o O 8|( [wt] P|o q [tO%]|[o8] [OE(]||[YP] [YP] [Z%]|8 [W(]|h [w(]Dd[[email protected]]|( [whE] D|[wE]|[[email protected]]|[JD(] [wE] H h[qE]g [od2]|9 [whE] d|[wE]|[od2]|[hP9] [wE] g D[wE]ds[oP1]|( [wtD] [oP]|[wt]|1 P [D(] [wt]PD P[tqD] [gH]%|( [tW] [hD]|[tW] [sY] %|( [tW]||[tW]|[PJ(] hJ [wE]hg|[whE]|[PJ(] hJ [wE]hg|[qhE]|[PJ9] hJ [wE]hg|[whE]|[PJ9] hJ [wE]hg|[hE9]|[sD8]||[wt]||[wt]|8|h [wt]gh g[whE] [HD]%||[tW] [hD]|[tW]|[sD%]||[tWD] H|[thW] h @ g h [wE]gh|[wED] D[[email protected]] gh [wE]gh g[qED] g[d2] dh [wE]gh|[wED]|2 D h [wE]gh g [ED9] g [gP1]||[wth] [hP]|[wt] D [H1] h g[wt] h|[wE] h [h%] D|[tW]||[tsW]|[P%]||[tW]||[tWP]|[[email protected]]|w [wE]||[wsE] P @|( [wPE] P P[wE]P [gdP2]|9 [wE]||[whE] g 2|9 [wsE] s s[wE]s [sH1]|8 [wt] h|[wts]|[HD1]|( [wt] h|[wts]|[sHD%]|8 [E(] [hP]|Y [gP] [ZD%]|( [tW]|h [tW]Dd[[email protected]]|( [whE] D ( [wE] ( [[email protected]]|[JD(] [wE] H (h[wE]g( [od2]|9 [whE] d 9 [wE] 9 [od2]|[hP9] [wE] g 9D[wE]d9s[oP1]|8 [wtD] [oP] 8 [wt] 8 1 P [D8] [wt]PD 8P[wtD] 8[gH]%|( [tW] [hD] ( [tW] ( [sY%]|( [tW]|( [tW] ( [[email protected]] h[J(] [wE]hg ( [whE] ( [[email protected]] h[J(] [wE]hg ( [whE] ( [PJ2] h[J9] [wE]hg 9 [whE] 9 [PJ2] h[J9] [wE]hg 9 [whE] 9 [sD1]|8 [wt]|8 [wt] 8 1|[h8] [wt]gh 8g[wth] 8[HD]%|( [tW] [hD] ( [tW] ( [sD%]|( [tW]|( [tW]|[h(]|w [YJE] h| |[h(]|[wg] [YED]|g h|[g9]|w [yJE] h| |[h9]|[wg] [yED]|g h|[D8]|( [wtJ] h| |8|( [wt] s D g [OD%]|8 [E(] [sO]|Y|[ZP%]|8 [E(]|^ ( 9 [v(] w E [YB] [vo]| |[v(] w [cE] [ZY] o c v|[c9] w E [yB] [vi]| |[v9] w [cE] [yZ] i c v|[Z8] w t [YB] [vo]| |8 w t Y [ol] Z c [ZV%] ( W E [vZ]|Y|[J(][ZE]Z

    Level: 6
    Length: 03:24
    Sweet Night (Itaewon Class)



  • [a8] w u|d|[p8] e I|o p [a8] w u|d|[p8] e I| |[a7] y p|d|[j^] T o|h|[d6] t o|s a [p9] e I|o p [a8] w u|d|[p8] e I| |[a8] w u|d|[p8] e I| |[a7] y p|d|[j^] T o|h|[z6] t o| |9 e I|hjkl[zqd] e t u [tsl] [kea] [sl0] [wka] [roh] y r w [sl9] q e t [kea] [qpj] [ka8] [pj0] [wuf] r w 0 [zqd] e t u [tsl] [kea] [sl0] [wka] [roh] y [srl] w [vh9] w E T E w [je] l c b [zw] n v

    Level: 5
    Length: 00:43
    Zelda’s Lullaby (The Legend of Zelda) (Alternative)

    Koji Kondo

  • w y t o w y t o w y t o w y t o [wl] y t [ok] w y [th] o w [yd] t o [wf] y t o 1 r e y [r8] wa[yo] t 8 y t o 8 y t o [qk] y t [oh] q y [td] o q [ys] t o [qa] y [tp]|4 r [e4] [uq] [y4] q [ya] tp[qh] u y u i o p a [pe] u a u s u d u [sW] Y d Y D Y g Y [I7]aDQ [rgO] Q [aTG] [QI] [aYH] r [p9]dG[pe] [yfH] [pe] [ujf] [pe] [ykH] 9 [f6]jLxr e u 0 r [eC] u [L0] r e u 0 r e u [S6] 7 6 0 r [W6] [e0] [rO] [u6] 0 T p [f6] r e u [kfG9] r e u 9 r [eL] u [G9] r e u 9 r e T [Q2] 6 0 r [T2] 0 [ra] O 2 [u0] [eI] [ya] [O9] [pe] [yf] k [k*] r W u * r [WL] u [f*] r W u * r [uG] k [j7] [pe] Q y u I p a d f j k x| |[e4]tip8 w [pe]as|p q [r5]yoa9 w [ea]sd r w 5 [Y%]Os% 8 [s(]d[sWD] % [s(] W [y^]iPdq [iPED] 9 [qgd] E [^PJ]|[s8]fhly t o w y t o [wh] y t o w y [tj] o [wf] y t o w y t [oh]v| |1

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:09
    Deai (Saekano)

    Hajime Hyakkoku

  • euas h f|||[kd] hh d d| as[ed]uas|hf| sod [ea]yuo| sp|||60rt u o| t y|48we y o p s aop[f6]0ertrw[ed][uoed6] 09[ohd]0|[sqoh4]|[spj]|[yod] [30][uof]|[ura]| [utsp962]|||[yd]| [oh]| [ka]|||p [f6]3[d7][d8] 0s[wd]|fd s|[f4]1[d5][d6] [s8] [s0]| f [d5]2[d5][s8]|[d9][a7]2 [a5]p[w7] op[962]|6 69w[Q62] 6 [e9] p [sf6]0[rd][ted] [ut][sp][utpd]|[up][up][e80][sp] p[sf4]8[wsh][sqhe] [te]j[utsfe]s 0 [860] [sf] [sf5]9[eda][wrda] [ywr]s[yso]|[oa]s[w9][da]|[oea96]| 6 [s9][wp][Q62]| [te9] 6 [pe2] 6[q9] e[tsq9][uf9][yd3] 70[wra0] 7 [pe2] 6[q9] e[tsq9][uf9][yd3] 70[wroh0] 7 [uf2] 69[qe9] [pe] [yqpje]| [ka974]| [ka730] 70rupa[kaWO30] [uf]|[sl]|[ka4]8qet [sl][ka][a5]9wry [sl][ka][a6]0e[tpj][utfe]psf[upjf] [ts] [e860][sl]|[ka4]8qe[tqe]e[usl][tka][a5]9wr[ywroh] [975][pj][uf6] 0e[te]e[ut]e[utp] [ts]|[sl]|[ka4]8qet [sl][zd][d3]70e[rka]| [ka6]0rt[ute] [sl][pj][p5]0rt[uto] [pj] [xf4]8q[ztqed][ztqed] [sl] [qpj4]8qe[tqohe] [pj] [pj3]70rupap[ka0]WruO|[30]| [ke]uas hl[jf]|||[kd] hh d d|||euas h f|||[zd]|||0et[r4]14414[t4][r4]525525[t5][r5]63[e6][60]3680[e80] 8 [860]t|[te4]14414[te4]4[yr5]255[ut2]555[wr6]3[r6]t[u6]o[a3]6[t6]6[e60] 6et[to]|[yr4]14414[ut4]4[wr5]2[t5][yr5][r2]5[yo5]5[ya6]3[a6]s[a6]p[f3]s[a6]p[j6]f[s6]p[l6]j[f3]s[p6]u[y6][y3][u6][e6][t6][yr4]14414[ut4][yr4]4| [y864]uet[y5]25525[t5][o5]5| [yw97]| [ur63] 70eruoa h k| [je]usfd|||[je]oskh|||[je]osfd|||z|||[upf]|[slj]|[kfa4]8q[jeb][tjb] [slf][kfa]59w[rnk][ynk] [slf][kfa][fa6]0[ue]p[spe]f[utje0]lxnbxlj[xtpe]ljf[tso] [e860][slj]|[qkfa4]8qe[tqe]e[uslf][tkfa][w5]9wr[ywrohd] [975][pj][uspfe6] 0e[te]e[ut]e[utp] [tso]|[slj]|[kfa4]8[tq]eut[slfe][zthd][d3]70[e0][rkfa]ur0[kfa6]0[ue]tou[tsl][spojf][utpe]tete0[wspjf5] [xjf4]8q[ztqjed][ztqjed] [sl] [sqpj4]8qe[tsqohe] [spj] [spjf3]70rupap[kfa0]WruO|[30]| [qkfa84] et i[sl][pj]e tu[uka]| [ka730] er[uf] o [zd]| [r70]| euas h f|||[qd]fp| d q| d [wpd]|||f| j| k| fjkx

    Level: 7
    Length: 04:02
    Wanderers (Tokyo Ghoul)

    Ling Tosite Sigure