Future Line (Kuroko no Basuke)

Ryosuke Nakanishi 4 December 2020

[30] q w [40] q t w [w5] e r [e6] 0 t w [30] q w [40] q t w [w5] e r [e6] 0 t w [850] q [w8] 0 8 q [t8] w [w7] [e8] [r9] [e8] 0 [t6] w [850] q [w8] 0 8 q [t0] [w8] [w7] [e8] [r9] [e8]|[woh5] [s30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [w5] [wo5] [ws5] [oe6] [fe6]d[ea6] [se6] [oe6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [wa5] [ws5] [wd5] [se6] [e6] [oe6] [he6] [e6] [s30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [w5] [wo5] [ws5] [oe6] [fe6]d[ea6] [se6] [oe6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [wa5] [ws5] [wf5] [se6] [e6] [e6] [e6] [e6] [wt80] t t [wt80] t [w80] t [w80] y t [w80]|[w80] t [tqe8] r [qe8] e [rqe8] t [w80] 6 7 [w80] t [wo80] o [w80] t o [wo80] t [wo80] o [w80] o p [wt80]|[w80] tt[tqe8] y [qe8] e [rqe8] e [wr80] t 6 3 5 6|[wt80] t [wt80] t t [wt80] t [wt80] y t [w80]|[wt80] t [tqe8] r [qe8] e e [rqe8] t [w80] 6 7 [w80] t [wo80] o [w80] t o [wo80] t [wo80] o [w80] o p [wt80]|[w80] tt[tqe8] y [qe8] e [rqe8] [wt80]| [te6] u o [p9]| [wu0] y [t8]|t y t r t [e6] [r7] [t51] t y t [u850] y [O8(%] [o97]|w w w w [w5] [w5] [o1] 1 [s1] [a1] 1 [s1] 1 [o1] 1 1 1 [o1] [o1] [i1] [u1] [i1] [o5] 5 [s5] [a5] 5 [s5] 5 [p5]o5 5 5 5 5 5 5 [o5] [p6] 6 [t6] [r6] 6 [t6] 6 [o6] 3 3 3 [t3] [t3] [y3] [u3] [i3] [u4] 4 4 [i4]u[y4] 4 4 [t4] p a p o| [o1] [o8] [s1] [a8] 1 [s8] 1 [o8] 1 8 1 [o8] [o1] [i8] [u1] [i8] [o5] 5 [s5] [a5] 5 [s5] 5 [s5] [f5] 5 5 [s5] [s5] 5 5 [p5]a[s6] 6 [p6] [o6] 6 [i6] 6 [i6]u6 6 6 [u6] [t6] [y6] [u6] [i6] [u4] [y4] 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 t r t u t t|[o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [w5] [wo5] [ws5] [oe6] [fe6]d[ea6] [se6] [oe6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [wa5] [ws5] [wf5] [se6] [e6] [e6] [t8531] t t [t8531] t t [t8531] t [8531] y t [8531]|[8531] t [t8641] r [8641] e [r8641] [t8531] 6 7 8 t [o8531] o [8531] t o [o8531] t [o8531] o [8531] o p [t8531]|[8531] tt[t8641] y [8641] e [r8641] [t8531] [86] 3 [75] [86]|[ts8531] [ts] [ts] [8531] [ts] [ts] [ts8531] [ts] [ts8531] [yd] [ts] [8531]|[8531] [ts] [ts8641] [ra] [pe8641] [ra] [8641] [ts] [8531] 6 7 8 s [h8531] h [8531] s h [h8531] s [h8531] h [8531] h j [s8531]|[8531] [ts][ts][ts8641] [yd] [8641] [pe] [ra8641] [ts8531]| [se6] f h [j9]| [wf0] d [s8]|s d s a s [p6] [a7] [s51] s d s [f850] d [OH8(%] [oh97]|w w w w [w5] [w5] [o81] [o81] [s81] [a81] [81] [s81] [81] [o81] [81] [81] [81] [o81] [81] [i81] [u81] [i81] [o5] [o5] [s5] [a5] 5 [s5] 5 [p5]o5 5 5 5 5 5 5 [o5] [p6] [t6] [t6] [r6] 6 [t6] 6 [o6] 3 3 3 [t3] [t3] [y3] [u3] [i3] [u4] 4 4 [i4]u[y4] 4 4 [t4] p a p o| [o851] o [s851] a [851] s [851] o [851] [851] o [o851] i [u851] i [o52] [s52] a [52] s [52] s [f52] [52] s [s52] [52] pa[s63] [p63] o [63] i [63] iu[63] [63] u [t63] y [u63] i [u41] y [41] [41] [41] [41] t r t u t t|[tqpi4] [q4] [q4] [tie4] 4 4 [yro5] 5 5 [wt810] [81] [81] [ts] [yd] [ts] [i4] 4 [u4] 6 [i8] [qo] 8 [t6] 1 [w1] [e1] [t3] [y5] [t8] 5 [i3] 2 [u2] 2 [i4] [o6] 9 [i6] 1 [u1] 1 [t3] 5 [y8] 5 [u8531]|u [8531] i u [o8531] u p [o8531] s [s6] [s6] [d6] [s6] [f6] [s6] [p6] [o52]| [oh] [ka] [sl] [zd] [o851] s a [851] s o [851]|o [o851] i u i [o52] s a [52] s po[52]| [52]|p [63] t r [63] t o [73]|t [t73] y u i [u41]|iu[y41]|t [p41] a p o| [h1] [h85] [l1] [k85] 1 [l85] 1 [h85] 1 [85] 1 [h85] 1 [g85] [f1] [g85] [h5] [52] [l5] [k52] 5 [l52] 5 [l52] [x5] [52] 5 [l52] [l5] [52] 5 [j52]k[l6] [63] [j6] [h63] 6 [g63] 6 [g63]f6 [63] 6 [s63] 6 [d63] [f6] [g63] [f4] [d41] 4 [41] 4 [41] 4 [41] 4 s a s f s s 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 [t6] [p6] [o6] 3 3 3 4 4 [i4] [u4] [y4] 5 [t5] [r5] [t6] 6 6 [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [w5] [wo5] [ws5] [oe6] [fe6]d[ea6] [se6] [oe6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [wa5] [ws5] [wd5] [se6] [e6] [e6] [e6] [e6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [w5] [wo5] [ws5] [oe6] [fe6]d[ea6] [se6] [oe6] [30] [o30] [s30] [qo4] [qd4]s[qa4] [sq4] [qo4] [wa5] [ws5] [wf5] [se6]

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About This Music Sheet

Future Line (Kuroko no Basuke) is a song by Ryosuke Nakanishi. Use your computer keyboard to play Future Line (Kuroko no Basuke) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 03:53, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Future Line (Kuroko no Basuke) is classified in the genres: Manga, Songs From TV, Japan on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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    Nakama (High School DxD Born)

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    The Strength Of The Hero And The Devil (Hataraku Maou-sama!)

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    Level: 5
    Length: 03:38
    Kiss The Rain


  • ^qEtTiPiTtEq8(etYtpYpsps*EiPiPgPgJgJ [c9]JgJgPgPiPiE@^qQEQYEQiEQ4(eTeTITeiTe [i$]EiPiEiEiPiE [Y4]EYPYEpYe [YG]pY [^g]qEtTiPiTtEq8(e [ts]Yt [pS]Yp [sD]ps [*D]Ei [PS]iP [is]Ei [PS]iP [9dg]PiPiEiEQ [EH]q^ [@G] ^(QEQYEQiEQ4(e [Tg]eT [ID]TWiT [WS][i$s]EiPiEiEiPiE [Y4]EYPYEpYeYpY [^g]qEtTi [PJ]iTtEq [8j](et [YJ]t [pl]Yps [pG]s [*g]EiPiPgPgJgJ [c9]JgJgPgPiPiE [@G]^qQEQ [YL]EQiEQ [4l](eT [eJ]T [Ij]Te [ilTe][i$J]EiPiEiEiPiE [Y4]EYPYEpYeYpY [^g]qEtTi[PJ]iTtEq [8j](et [YJ]t [pl]Yps [pG]s [*g]EiPiPgPgJgJ [c9]JgJgPgPiPiE [@G]^qQEQ [YL]EQiEQ [4l](eT [eJ]T [Ij]Te [il]Te [i$J]EiPiEiEiPiE [Y4]EYPYEpYeYpY ^qEtTiPiTtEq8(etYtpYpsps*EiPiPgPgJgJ [c9]JgJgPgPiPiE@^qQEQYEQiEQ4(eTeTITeiTe [i$]EiPiEiEiPiE [Y4]EYPYEpYeYpY ||| [^EPSJ]
    Level: 5
    Length: 01:55
    Grandma (NieR)

    Keiichi Okabe

  • Y[50][Pz][50][DB][536]v[536]c[3214]@[50][(E][50][qy][50]P[536]o[536]y[0]i[3214]@[0]([0]q[0]w[0]E[1072]t[1072]8[2144]w[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]o[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]l[536]t[0]J[536]i[0]j[536]y[536]@[0]([0]P[0]d[0]h[4288]9[0]g[536]e[536]y[0]d[1072]([0]Y[0]P[0]d[0]h[2680]B[536]b[536]c[536]z[536]J[536]j[1072]w[0]o[0]P[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]5[0]P[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]i[0]j[0]l[536]t[0]h[0]J[536]4[0]g[0]j[536]d[536]([0]Y[0]d[0]h[536]E[0]P[536]@[0]d[0]j[536]g[0]J[536]^[0]E[0]d[0]g[536]q[0]s[0]D[536]^[0]P[0]d[1072]8[0]t[0]o[0]P[0]D[536]w[0]g[536]1[0]P[0]h[536]o[0]D[536]^[0]E[0]i[0]P[0]d[536]w[536]^[0]d[0]h[536]J[536]0[0]u[0]S[0]h[0]J[536]E[0]g[0]j[536]0[0]f[0]h[536]g[0]j[536]9[0]p[0]d[0]h[536]t[536]y[0]p[0]d[0]G[536]h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]w[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]e[0]y[536]E[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]z[536]4[0]q[0]l[0]b[0]m[536]E[0]t[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]e[0]i[0]p[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]d[0]z[536]@[0]([0]h[0]z[0]v[536]E[0]i[536]E[0]Y[0]o[0]j[0]b[536]J[0]B[536]^[0]g[0]z[0]c[536]9[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]q[0]E[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[1072]1[0]8[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]([0]w[0]g[0]z[0]c[536]w[0]t[0]Y[0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]D[0]Z[536]^[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]9[0]w[536]w[0]E[0]y[0]h[0]z[0]v[536]J[0]v[0]B[536]*[0]T[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]E[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]![0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]e[0]u[0]p[0]h[0]v[536]2[0]e[0]y[0]o[0]j[0]x[0]b[1072]y[0]I[0]J[0]B[536]w[268]e[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536]9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]P[268]4[0]t[0]y[0]p[536]t[0]i[536]e[0]y[0]l[0]m[536]t[0]i[0]J[0]B[536]@[0]w[0]y[0]i[0]j[0]b[536]y[0]o[0]J[0]B[536]w[536]o[536]^[0]y[0]i[536]^[0]y[536]E[536]6[0]h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536]9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]d[268]4[0]s[0]l[0]m[536]q[0]P[536]t[0]p[536]s[0]z[268]l[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]J[0]B[536]^[536]([536]q[536]w[1072]4[0]j[0]l[0]b[268]y[268]o[268]d[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]J[536]9[536]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[0]o[268]w[0]P[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]P[0]h[536]8[536]w[0]t[0]i[268]9[268]w[0]i[0]g[268]y[0]Y[0]D[268]@[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]^[536]w[0]E[0]o[268]9[0]d[268]w[0]s[268]y[0]P[268]4[0]y[0]p[536]8[0]Y[0]P[536]q[0]y[268]p[268]t[268]o[268]5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268]y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]p[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]o[0]d[0]h[536]@[0]([0]Y[0]o[536]w[0]y[268]y[0]d[268]@[0]i[0]g[268]@[0]d[0]D[0]z[268]4[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]4[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]e[0]i[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]4[0]s[0]h[0]l[268]4[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]h[536]5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268]y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]o[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[0]l[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]@[0]([536]w[0]Y[268]([0]y[0]D[0]Z[268]w[0]o[134]d[0]z[134]y[0]d[268]4[0]s[0]d[0]l[268]Y[0]D[134]q[134]y[0]d[134]q[134]t[0]s[134]q[134]E[0]P[134]q[134]t[0]s[67]P[0]J[67]q[134]^[0]E[134]4[0]q[134]4[0]p[0]j[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]d[0]h[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]P[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]E[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]p[0]s[0]j[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]P[0]g[0]J[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]s[0]j[0]l[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]@[0]P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[536]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]p[0]d[0]h[0]j[268]w[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]J[268]@[0]s[0]g[0]j[0]l[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]p[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]t[0]p[0]s[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]o[0]d[0]h[268]q

    Level: 6
    Length: 04:18
    Xenoblade Theme (Intermediate)

    Yoko Shimomura