Troupe Master Grimm (Hollow Knight)

Christopher Larkin 11 November 2020

[yd2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][g2][p9][d2][g9][f2][p9][a2][S9][d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][oh2]9[IG2]9[ig2]9[uf2]9[d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p92]d[f92][g92][p9][d2][g9][f2][p9][a2][S9][d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][oh5]5[IG$]$[ig4]4[uf3]3[d2]pSd[d2]p[S2]d[d2]pSd[d2]p[S2]d[yd2]222[TS2]2[yd2]2[uf3]333[yd3]3[uf3]3[gdaO4]444%724[pfS6]| %5$43@[yd2]222[TS2]2[yd2]2[uf3]333[yd3]3[uf3]3[hfSP5]555[spGD$]$$$[gdaO4]444444[spjf6]666[sfOH6]6[spjf6]6[kfaH6]666[sjf6]6[kfaH6]6[sqljD]0(987^6% [kfaH0](987^6% [spjf6]e6e[sfOH6]e[spjf6]e[kfaH6]e6e[sjf6]e[kfaH6]e[zkgH9]y9y[hfLJ]TT[ljGD8]t8t$Q$Q[ofSP3]030[spID@](@([idaO2]929%%%%[spGD$]Q$Q[gdaO4]q[ofSP3]0[gdaH%]W%W[hfSP5]w[spGD$]Q[g^SPJ]E^E^E^E[g^SP]E^E[i^SP]E^E[SPIG$]$$$$$$$5$43@2[gSPJ!]!!!!!@@[gSP4]444[SPI$]$%%[piS6]6666666[upoS6]6666666[yd2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][g2][p9][d2][g9][f2][p9][a2][S9][d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][oh2]9[IG2]9[ig2]9[uf2]9[d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p92]d[f92][g92][p9][d2][g9][f2][p9][a2][S9][d2][p9][S2][d9][f2][p9][d2][f9][oh5]5[IG$]$[ig4]4[uf3]3[d2]pSd[d2]p[S2]d[d2]pSd[d2]p[S2]d[yd2]222[TS2]2[yd2]2[uf3]333[yd3]3[uf3]3[gdaO4]444%724[pfS6]| %5$43@[yd2]222[TS2]2[yd2]2[uf3]333[yd3]3[uf3]3[hfSP5]555[spGD$]$$$[gdaO4]444444[spjf6]666[sfOH6]6[spjf6]6[kfaH6]666[sjf6]6[kfaH6]6[sqljD]0(987^6% [kfaH0](987^6% [spjf6]e6e[sfOH6]e[spjf6]e[kfaH6]e6e[sjf6]e[kfaH6]e[zkgH9]y9y[hfLJ]TT[ljGD8]t8t$Q$Q[ofSP3]030[spID@](@([idaO2]929%%%%[spGD$]Q$Q[gdaO4]q[ofSP3]0[gdaH%]W%W[hfSP5]w[spGD$]Q[g^SPJ]E^E^E^E[g^SP]E^E[i^SP]E^E[SPIG$]$$$$$$$5$43@2[gSPJ!]!!!!!@@[gSP4]444[SPI$]$%%[piS6]6666666[upoS6]6666666[zjgd92]

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About This Music Sheet

Troupe Master Grimm (Hollow Knight) is a song by Christopher Larkin. Use your computer keyboard to play Troupe Master Grimm (Hollow Knight) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:02, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Troupe Master Grimm (Hollow Knight) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Hollow Knight, Horror.


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  • [ej]|u|[ij]| k|l|
    [ek]|y|u| |
    [ej]|[tf]|[yg]| f|d|
    [ej]|u|[ij]| k|l|
    [wz]|u|y| |
    9 Q e y| |8|
    [6ep]|0|[qep]| [ra]|[ts]|
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    2 5 7| 2| [57]|O|
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    [5f]|7|9|w|[rh]| [ej]

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:22
    Title Theme (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [pj] f h p f h p f g p f g
    p d f p d f p s d p a s
    [ep] f h p f h p f g p f g
    [ep] d f p d f p s d p a s
    [6p] 0 w [6u] 0 w [6o] 0iq [6y] 0 q
    [6e] 9 0 [6u] 9 0 6 8 9 6 7 8
    [6e] 0 w [6u] 0 w [6o] 0iq [6y] 0iq
    [6u] 9 0 6 9 [0y]t[6r] 8 9 6 7 8 [4e] 0 w [4u] 0 w
    [2o] 0iq [2y] 0iq [1u] 9 0 1 9 [0y]t[57r] 9 w e r w
    [6e] u o e u o e u i e u i [6e] y u e y u e t y e r t
    [ep] u o [ef] u o [eh] ugi [ed] ugi
    [ef] y u e y u e t y e r t
    [ep] u o [ef] u o [eh] uji [ek] uhi
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    [8g]h[yg] [uf]d[8f] ysu [^d] E t y t E
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    [es]d[us] o [ea] u o [ep] u i e u i
    [ep]a[yp] u e y [uO] [WO] r u O a f
    [pj] f h p f h p f g p f g
    p d f p d f p s d p a s [ep]

    Level: 4
    Length: 02:08
    Resting Grounds (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [x0]rua0rua0rua0rua[u0]rua0rua0rua0rua0rud[S0]rup[a0]rud[f0]ruS[wa]rud[wS]rup[ea]ruo[pQ]ruI[uf0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][ka0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][ka0]rI[rf][u0]rud[S0]rup[a0]rud[f0]ruS[a0]rud[S0]rup[wa][rk][zu]L[ke][rh][uj]G[xrf8][k0][zr][j0][k8]0r0[uf8][a0][rd][p0]a0r0[xrf][k0][rL][j0][k]0r0[uf][a0][rS][p0]a0r0[ykd9]ruk9r[uk] [ka9]r[uh][ja] [rk]u[ja][zwkd5]0r0[SL]0r0[kfea6]0[rpj]0[kaQG$]7[QIG]7[xf30]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][ka0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][G0]rI[rf][ka0]rI[rf][G5]9[eG][f9][G5]9e[f9][G5]9e[f9][ka5]9[ea][f9][G6]0r[f0][G6]0[ra][f0][G$]7[C0][x7][z$][x7][k0][j7][30]ru[rd][S0]ru[rp][fa0]ru[rd][aG0]r[uh][rS][waG]ru[rd][wS]ru[rp][fea]ru[ro][pSQ]ru[rI][ua0]ru[rd][S0]ru[rp][a0]ru[rd][f0]ru[rS][zk0]ru[rd][kS0]ru[rp][wja]ru[rh][keG]r[ulf] [wkf8][a0]r080r0[xk8]0r[x0][h8]0[xr]0[pjf]0r[f0][G]0r[f0][G]0r[f0][ka]0[ra][f0][ykG9]ru[rkf][G9]r[uk][rf][G9][rk]u[rf][ka]r[xu]r[wkG5]0[rG][kf0][G5]0[rka][f0][eG6][k7][a0][f7][kaQG$]7[vhQ] [aG30]r[aIG][rf][aG0]r[aI][rf][aG0]r[aI][rf][ka0]r[aI][rf][aG0]r[aIG][rf][aG0]r[aI][rf][aG0]r[aI][rf][ka0]r[aI][rf][waG5]9[eaG][f9][aG5]9[ea][f9][aG5]9[ea][f9][ka5]9[ea][f9][eaG6]0[raG][f0][aG6]0[ra][f0][aQG$][Q$]G[fQ$][dQ$][fQ$]a[pQ$][ua30] [aG][yf][aTG] a[fe][raG] af[ka] a[f92][aG30] [aG][yf][uaG] a[fT][raG] af[ka] a[fQ$][waG5][w5][aG][yf][aTG] a[fe][raG] af[ka] [wa5]f[eaG6]6[aG][f6][aG6]6a[f6][aQG$]$G[f5][d6]fa[p$][a30]rur[ra0]rur0rur0rur0ru[pe]0ru[wo]0ru[pe]0ru[QI][xf0]ru[u0]0rua0rua0ruaerupwruoerupQruI[ta8]rua8r[ua] 8[ra]u [a8]r[uf] [aT]rupruo[r7]rup7ruI[e6]rua6rua6rud[S6]rup[wa5]rua5r[ua] [q4][ra]u [a4]0g [uf30] r I|||5 9 r|4 8 e|[a3] 7d[SQ] pa| |[a5] 9d[rS] p[a6] 0d[fT] S[a3] 7d[SQ] pa| |[o5] 9 r|[i4] 8 e|[u0]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:55
    Queen’s Path (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • x|||[uaG] [uaG]f[uaG] af[aG] af[aG] af[aG] af[ka] af[uaG] [uaG]f[uaG] af[aG] af[aG] af[aG] af[ka] af[aG0] [raG]f[aIG] af[aG] af[aG7] [aQ]f[aTG] af[ka] af[aG8] [waG]f[yaG] af[aG] af[aG6] [a0]f[raG] af[ka] af[aG7] [aQG]f[aTG] af[aG] af[aG5] [a9]f[eaG] af[ka] af[aG6] [aG0]f[raG] af[aG] af[aG8] [qfa] [uda] [fa] a p [I0] [raG]f[aIG] af[aG] af[aG7] [aQ]f[aTG] [oa]f[ka]paf[aI8] [waG]f[yaG] af[raG] af[aT6] [a0]f[raG] af[ka] af[ua7] [aQG]f[aTG] af[aG] af[aG5] [a9]f[eaG] [aI]f[ka]oaf[ua6] [aG0]f[raG] af[oa] af[p8] [qfa] [uda] s a p [aI0] [raG]f[aIG] af[aG] af[aG7] [aQ]f[aTG] [oa]f[ka]paf[aI8] [waG]f[yaG] af[raG] af[aT6] [a0]f[raG] af[ka] af[ud7] [aQG]f[aTG] Sf[aG] af[d5] [a9]f[eaG] [aI]fk[oa] [up6] [aG0]f[raG] af[aG] o [tp8] [qfa] [da] [se] a p [ra0] [raG]f[aIG] [a0]f[aG] af[C7]k[QL]j[kT] [C7]kLjk [aG8] [waG]f[yaG] [a8]f[aG] af[k6]f[G0]d[rf] [k6]fGdf [aG7] [aQG]f[aTG] [a7]f[aG] af[aG5] [a9]f[eaG] [a5]f[ka] af[aG6] [aG0]f[raG] [a6]f[aG] af[C8]k[qL]j[uk]h[j8]fGaSD[f0] [raG]f[aIG] [a0]fG h [G7] [aQ]f[aTG] [a7]f[ka] af[f8] [waG]f[yaG] [a8]fa af[S6] [a0]f[raG] [a6]f[ka] af[d7] [aQG]f[aTG] [a7]fa af[p5] [a9]f[eaG] [a5]fa s [a6] [aG0]f[raG] [a6]fo af[p8] [qfa] [uda] [fa8] a p [uC0]k[rL]j[kI] [uC0]kLjk [uQ]rTITI[uS0]aSGfG[uk0]f[rG]d[fI] [uk0]fGdf [QI]|uIoa[wf]aoIurew [uC0]k[rL]j[kI] [uC0]kLjk [uQ]rTITI[uS0]aSGfG[uk0]f[rG]d[fI] [uk0]fGdf [uQ$]IaIaS[eS6]SfSfG[ukC0]k[uL]j[kI] [C0]jkjk [kQI]rTI[kT]I[S0] kGxG[wuok]f[uG]d[kfI] [k0]f[kG]df [tkQ8]|k w k x [xke60]k[L0]j[kQ] [C0]jkjk [kQ]rTI[kT]I[S0] [rk7]GvG[tk80]f[G0]d[kQ] [k0]fkdf [ykQ9]|k [jeb] [vh] [GC] [xwtk8]k[L8]j[wk] [wtC8]j[k8]j[wk] [ykQG9] [a9]f[keG] [ySQ9] [rk]G[x9]G[wuk0]f[G0]d[rk] [wuk0]f[k0]d[rf] [keG6] [a6]f[rkG] [ea6]f[kTG] [x6] [keC60]k[L6]j[wk] [eC60]j[k6]j[wk] [rkQG7] [a7]f[keG] [rSQ7] [rk]G[v7]G[tk80]f[G8]d[rk] [tk80]f[k8]d[rf] [xt80]CxC[x8]CxC[rk]LxC[yjbQ9] [yvh9] [GC9] [f30]ap[f3] [f3]3f3[f3]3 [f7][a7]p[f7] [G7] G7[G7]7 [f1]ap[f1] [f1][a1]f1f1 [f6][a6]o[f6] [f6][u6]f[u6][ud]6 [f7][a7]p[a7]p[o7][a7] 777 [f5][a5]p[a5]p[o5][f5]u[u5]55 [f6][a6]p[a6]p[o6][p6] 666 [f81]ap[f81]a[p81][f81]a[p81][f81][u81] [fI73][s73]a[s73]a[p73][a73]p[o73][p73][o73]u[f7$]sa[s7$]a[p7$][oa7$] [7$][p7$][o7$]u[fI85]sa[s85]a[p85][a85]p[ro85][p85][85] [T6!]Sa[S6!]a[p6!][a6!]p[o6!][p6!][o6!]u[uf7$]Sa[S7$]a[p7$][a7$]p[o7$][p7$][o7$]u[f95][s95]a[s95]a[p95][aI95]p[f95][of95][u95] [ufa60][60][fa][fa60] [fa60][60][fa][60][aG60][oG60] [pG85][85][aG][aG85] [ha85][ws85][ha][w85][wja85][wja85] [aIG73][73]a[a73] [a73][73]a[73][a73][a73] [a7$][7$] [a7$] a[oh7$]a[7$][pj7$][a7$] [sIG851] a[a851] [a851][851]a[ra851][851]a [TS6!][6!]a[a6!] [a6!][6!]a[6!][a6!][a6!] [uda7$][7$]a[a7$] [a7$][TS7$]a[7$][a7$][a7$] [yda952][952]a[a952] [a952][aI952] [952][oa952][952] [up630][630]a[a630] [a630][630]a[630][a630][oha630] [wspj85][w85]a[wa85] [wa85][wslj85]a[w85][wa85][wa85] [ka0]G[rk]a[IG]kaGkaGk[a7]G[kQ]a[TG]kaGkaGk[a8]G[wk]a[yG]kaGkaGk[a6]G[k0]a[rG]kaGkaGk[a7]G[kQ]a[TG]kaGkaGk[a5]G[k9]a[eG]kaGkaGk[a6]G[k0]a[rG]kaGkaGk[a8]G[qk]a[uG]kaf[le]|[kW0]

    Level: 7
    Length: 03:38
    Green Path (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [slhD81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[t81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[ts81]OoOoioiYiYy[Y81]y[t81]y[t81]E[t81]E[^W]w[q%]([92]22[Q2]22[w5]55[r5]55[s1]OoO oi [O2]@[o2]7[s1]oas dD [d1]2[a@]5[s4][qO][s4][qd][D4][qh][s@][o(][s@][d(][D@][h(][a2][o9][a2][s9][d2][g9][h%]54[a5]@2[t1]WwW wq [W2]@[w2]7[t1]w[r2]t@y[Y@] [y4] [r5] [s4][qO][s4][qd][D4][qh][s@][o(][s@][d(][D@][h(][a2][o9][a2][s9][d2][g9][s1][O8][s1][d8][D1][h8][a7][o7][a7][s7][d7][g7][O%][i%][O%][a%][s%][g%][o5][Y5][o5][a5][s5][D5][I$][Y$][I$][p$][s$][D$][d2][p2][d2][G2][h2][j2][h5]hh[qH]h[h9][h7][H9]h[h7][h4][H7]h[h4][h2][H@]o[O2]s[a1]s[d7]D[g%]h[H5]k[sl1]OoO o[81][81][81][81][81][81][s81]OoO I[81][81]77^^[p6]iui O666666[p6]iui P66%%55[P$]IiI sQ[QI$][iQ$][QI$][Q$][SQ$][Y(]IiI D[Q$][QI$][iQ$][QI$][Q$][igQ$]777[IG7]77[OH]77[IG7] 7[QI5]55[wo5]55[pe]55[wo5] 5[ig7]77[IG7]77[OH]77[IG7] 7[IG5]55[oh5]55[pj]55[PJ5] 5[J30]fDf Da[30]D[30]P[30][P30]uYu Yr[30]Y[30]T[30][ZQ$]jHj Hf[Q$]H[Q$]D[Q$][QD$]pOp Ou[Q$]O[Q$]I[Q$][WH%]dS[dW%] S[WO%] S[W%]o [WO%]yT[yW%] T[W%] T[W%]w [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zWH9%]| [zH%]5%[cH7]%7[kH8]78[zH9]wr[slhD81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[t81]OoOoioiYi[Y1]8[y1]8[ts81]OoOoioiYiYy[Y81]y[t81]y[t81]E[t81]E[^W]w[q%]([92]22[Q2]22[w5]55[r5]55[slhD81]

    Level: 7
    Length: 01:36
    Mantis Lords (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin


  • [spfb]| |x [zida]| |xzLz[voda]| |n [uspm]| |tyu[t2]69qet[w3]90tyu[i4]u[t8]wiutw[if]utw[i4]u[td]witot[ih]t u4iutwtiutwut[ji]utwiu[tk]wiutw[yqc]xlhcxlhcxlhcxlhcxlhcxlhl| |[wt3] [ye4]|t [re5]||[w6] o w [t3]|[t8] [ye4]|t [ure5] y [wi] [ue6]|t wyuods[qo]yuods[f0]y[ud] [pg] [ofe]u[so] d [wf]r[ua] o 3|o 3|w|y o d h k [sjf4] 8 q [pf4] 8 q [od4] 9 w 4 9 [wf]dSd[ha3] 9 w [oa3] 9 w [sp6] w t 6 [wd] [tf] [g2]f[s6]g[qf]s[tg]f[se]g[qf]s[g5]f[sq]g[tf]s[aO%] [tsp] [yda] [pf6] 0 t [trp] e 6 [a5] 9 w [sp5] [da9] [wsf] [pjf4] 8 e [xjf4] 8 e [zwhd5] 9 [yr] [w5] 9 [xur]zLz[vk3] [w0] [yr] [zyon] y w [xwm6] w t y o [us] h| |f [g2]fsoiu[t9]|w [o4]||a||s 50wywyof [d5]odhz [l6] z x [l3] wto[o4]|t [r5]|y [t6] y u [qi^E]utiutiutiut[si]utiutiutiut[t^]||w||[wt]||[yo]||[sE]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:48
    My Lie (Kimiuso)

    Masaru Yokoyama

  • [30w]|| $|| [5ey]|| 7|| [6Q]|| 5|| [2eT]|||| [30wr]|| $|| [5eyI]|| 7|| [6QeT]|| 5|| [2eTu]|||| [30wr]|| $|| [5eyI]|| 7|| [6QeT]|| 5|| [2eTu]|||| [30wr]|| [$p] a [5eyI]|| 7 y u [6QeT]|| 5 I p [2eTu]|||| [30wr] d [$a] p [5eyI]|| 7 y u [6QeT]|| 5 p I [2eTu]|||| [30wr]|| [$p] a [5eyId]|| 7 [yG] [uf] [6QeT]|| 5 [Id] S [2eTup]|||| [30wr]|| [$p] a [5eyI]|| 7 y u [6QeT]|| 5 I p [2eTu]|||| [30wr]|| [$p] a [5eyI]|| 7 y u [6QeT]|| 5 I p [2eTu]|||| [30wr]|| [$p] a [5eyI]|| 7 y u [6QeT]|| [ 5G] I p [2eTu]|||| [7ryI]||||a p [30Wru]|| u y [60eT]||||y u [59wr]|||| [7ryI]||||a p [30Wru]|| u [yf] [60eT]|| d [yG] u [9wr]||||
    Level: 6
    Sweden (Alternative)


  • [e6]| |[e6] [e6]| |[e6]| |[e6] [e6]| |[upe6] p p [tqpi6] p p [ywpo6] p p [yp96] p as[upe6] p p [tqpi6] p p [ywpo6] p p [yp96] p as[upe6] p p [tqpi6] p p [ywpo6] p p [yp96] p as[upe6] p p [tqpi4] p p [ywpo5] p p [yp92] p as[pe6] as[pe6] [e6] 66 6 6 6 [y6] 66 6 6 6 [tpe4] 44 4 4 4 [yro5] 55 5 5 5 [pe6] 66 6 6 6 [yd6] 66 6 6 6 [qpjd4] [q4][q4] [q4] [q4] [q4] [wkhda5] [w5][w5] [w5] [w5] [w5] [je6] jjjj[qjg4] [jg][jg][jg][jg][wjh5] [jh] [jh] [jd92] [jd] [jd] [je6] jjjj[qjg4] [jg][jg][jg][jg][wjh5] [jh] [jh] [jd92] [jd] [jd] [lje6] [lj][lj][lj][lj][qlj4] [lj][lj][lj][lj][wkh5] [kh] [wkh5] [jd92] [jd] [jd] [lje6] [lj][lj][lj][lj][qlj4] [lj][lj][lj][lj][wkh5] [wkh5] [wkh5] [jd92] [pj92] [ka92] [slf6]80etuou[tsl]e[zd0]8[xf6]80etuou[xtf]e[vh0]8[zkhd5]79wryoy[srl]w[ka9]7[pjdG9]Qeyipdp[pji]y[kea]Q[slf6]80etuou[tsl]e[zd0]8[xjf6]80etuou[xtf]e[vh0]8[ljb5]68qetit[vhe]q[nk8]6[jb2]469qeye[qpj]9[ka6]4[sle860] [e860][ka] [e860] [pj] [e860] [qoh864] [q864][ig] [q864] [uf] [q864] [yd642] [642][642] [642] [ts642] [yf642] [yd752] [752][752] [752] [752] [sl752][ka][sle860] 6 [sl][ka][sle860] 6 [sl][ka][zwd975] [sl5] [ka] [spj860] 6 [spj][oh][sqpj864] 4 [pj][ph][pjd9642] 2 [oh][pj][wka975] [sl5] [oh] [spj860] 6 [pj][ka][sle860] [sl6] [sl][zd][xqf864] 4 [ka][sl][zwd975] [sl5] [ka] [pj860] 6 [pj][oh][sqpj864] 4 [pj][oh][pjd9642] 2 op[wka975] [sl5] [oh] [spjfe860]|[e860] [xjfe860]|[je860] [xjfe860]|[je860] [xqjf864]|[uqf864] [uqf864]|[q864] [xjfe860]|[je860] [xjfe860]|[je860] [xqjf864]|[uqf864] [upfe860]|||p a [us]| |a| |upf| |[pe6]||a||s||[wf5]||[tqpie4]| |[pj]||[oh]||[ig]||[uf]||[yd]||[yeQ6]| |9| |e| |[yI]| |6

    Level: 8
    Length: 02:02
    Skyrim (Theme) (Expert)

    Jeremy Soule