Universe (EXO)

EXO 4 December 2020

[810] w t y| |
[30] w t y| |
[920] w t y| |
[q4] W t y||t|
[810] w t ywu yt rt
[30] w t ywu yt rt
[920] w t ywy yt y Y
[4(]y 4 ty[wY] [yw][yw] [wt][wt]
[10] [w5] [t81] ywu yt rt
[60] [w3] [t30] ywu iu ty
[40] [w2] [t92] ywy yt y Y
[4(]y 4 ty[wY] [yw][yw] [wt][wt]
[81] o [o81] u [p81] ou[81]yu
[30] [to] [to30] u [tp30] ou[30][ie][ie]
[92]| [92]| [ie92] [ie] [ie92] [ie]
[wi4] t 4[wi]u[wi]4u t4y[wu]
[81] o [o81] u [p81] ou[81]yu
[30] [to] [to30] u [tp30] ou[30][ie][ie]
[92]| [92]| [ie92] [ie] [ie92] [ie]
[wi4] t 4[ti]u[ti]4u i4oo
[t1] [d5] [d8] s d ff5|
3 [d7] [d9] s d ff7s s
6p3 7 8 d d [s3] d
[D4] [d8] ( DDD [d8]d s[s4]
[t1] [d5] [d0] s5[wd] ff9 8
3 d7[wd] [s7] [ed] ffrs s
6p3 8 w d d [s0] d
[D4] [d8] q OOtO sqs[d4]
[s81] w t y| |
[30] w t y| |
[920] w t y| |
[q4] W t y||t|
[810] w t ywu yt[81]r[t81]
[30] w t ywu yt[30]r[t30]
[920] w t ywy yt[92]y[92]Y
4y| ty[wY] [yw][yw]4[wt][wt4]
[w10] 5 0 tto uo pu
[wt6] 3 7 tto uo pi
2 6 0 q i i [ie] [ie]
[wi4] [t4] 4[ti][u4][ti]4u4i4o[p4]
[o1] [od5]u[od8]u[so]u[od] [of][of]5|
3 [od7] [od9] [so] [od] [of][of]7[so] s
6p3 7 8 d d [s3] d
[D4] [d8] ( [OD][OD][OD] [dO8][dO] [sO][sO4]
[t1] [yd5] [yd0] [ts]5[ywd] [uf][uf]9 8
3 [yd]7[ywd] [ts7] [yed] [uf][uf]r[ts] [ts]
[t6]p3 8 w d d [s0] d
[D4] [d8] q OOtO sqs[d4]
[uso6] 0 t 0p[use] p[us]0p[ua]
% 0 W 0p[ra] [p0]aWp[a0]
5 9 w rua [wp][ra] [a0]s
$p8 ( 8e[pD]8[pd6] [sp$] p
[spg2] [s6]1 6sd[D4%] [d%]d[8%]sf
3 70 erupafjkxvnx|||
[fa85]||h f d s
[uoa73]||h f d s
[ti62]| |d d s d
[D4] d| sd[OD4] d[od] sf
[uso85]||h f d[85] s
[uoa73]||h j f[73] d
[ti62]| |d d [s62] d
[soD4] d 4 o[ig4] [uf4][ig]4[oh][oh4]
1 [yd5] [yd8] [ts] [yd] [uf][uf]5 [sl]
[ka3] [yd7] [yd9] [ts] [yd] [uf][uf]7[ts] [ts]
[t6][pe]3 7 8 [yd] [yd] [ts3] [yd]
[YD4] [yd8] ( [ts][ts][ts] [yd8][yd] [ts][uf4]
1 [yd5] [yd0] [ts]5[woh] [uf][uf]9 8
3 [yd]7[ywd] [ts7] [yed] [uf][uf]r[ts] [ts]
[t6][pe]3 8 w [yd] [yd] [ts0] [yd]
[YD4] [yd8] q| [to]o o[sq] [d4] [s81] w t y| |
6 3 t [yo]oo os d[soD] [d4] [s9]| |
[q4] W t y O OO oo
[i51]u| o o [ra] [ts]| [ka]w[tl]| [unl]

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About This Music Sheet

Universe (EXO) is a song by EXO. Use your computer keyboard to play Universe (EXO) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 04:23, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Universe (EXO) is classified in the genres: Pop, South Korea on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using K-Pop.


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    Level: 7
    Length: 04:28
    Sing For You (EXO)


  • l z [xu]ps| z l [yk]oa||h [tj]ipk l z [soh]| u f [ypg]| [xi]| [zw] y [xd] c [vt] [oc] [fc] [xo] [zu] a [lf] z [xu]ps| z l [yk]oa||h [tj]ipk l z [uh]os||f [ypg] i [xs]| [zw] y [la] k [je] u p u s| s d [f6] 0 [ud] s [ra9] w y o [qpe8] [ra] [ts] [yd] [wro8]| 0 u [i9] q [tf] q [d5] 9 [wf] [rg] [sh8] [wsg] [usg] [wf] [d0] r [us] [rd] [sf6] 0 [utfd] s [wra9]||o [qpe8] [ra] [ts] [yd] [wro]| 0 u [ie9] q [tf] q [pd5] 9 [sr] [a9] [p6] 0 [te] [r0] [e6]| s a [p4] 8qe [tp] [ji] e [h8] g [sf8] [wsg] [tsf] [yd] [usf] t [so] [yd] [sf3] 7 [sfW] [g7] [sf3] 7 [srf] [d7] [s6] 0e[uto] 0e5 0 [wso] [ta] [p4] 8qe [tp] [ji] e [h8] [ge] [f8] [wsg] [tsf] [yd] [usf] t [so] [yd] [sf3] 7 [sfW] [sg7] [sf0] W t [sgW] [f0] [gW] [tsh] [sgW] [srfW7]| [30]| [sqpo4]| [pof] 8qe t [tof] [od4][of] 6 0e[uto] 0e[uto] 6 [sfe6] [g0][sh] 4 8qe t u e [sh4] [sj8]f 6 0e[ut] [s0] [sk6] 0 [she] 0 [tpi4] 8q[sjg8] qet| [sji] [she][sj] 6 0 [utpe] 0e[sjf] 6 [je6]k0l [lh5] [kh2] [kh5] [lh9][kh][yr]| [w5] 9 [s4] [a9] [o7] [y9] [u0] [qi] [wo]||| l z [le]x u [zf] [sl] [ka]||h [tpji] [ka] [sl] [zd] [toha]||f [ypg] i [xs] i [zw] y [xs] c [vtl] [oc] [lfc] [xo] [zu] a [lf] [za] [le]x u [zf] [sl] [oka]| o h [tpji] [ka] [sli] z [tha]| u f [ypg] i [xd] i [zw] y [la] [yk] [je] u [sp] [ua] p||u [i4] 8 [se] 8 [a9] w [yo]| [rpe5] t u a p| |x| n| n
    Level: 7
    Length: 02:38
    Scream (EXO)


  • 4 8 q w|0|1 5 9 0|8| 5 9 e r|w|6 0 r t|w| [w4] 8 [q8] w|0|[u1] 5 9 0|8| [r5] 9 e r|w|[t6] 0 r t|0 w| [q4]|8 [wu]|y t [wt] 1 5 9 [wu]|y t [yt] 5|9 u|y t [wt] 6 y 0 [wu] w 5 r t 4|8 [ywu]|y t [wt] 1|5 y u|[to] u [yw] 5|9 [wu]|y t t 6 e 0 [wt] 5|[wr] t 4 8 w [yu]|y t [wt] 1 5 [yo9] [yo]|i u y 5 9 [yo] [yo]|i u t 6 y 0 [ut] 5 0 [wu] o [to4] p o [to] q|[to] s 1 5 y u y|[wt]|t [yW93]|u [yW] 9 r|[wt] 6 y t 0 e o s h| e o s d [of4] f f [of] q|p [to] 1 5 8 9|0 a s [od5] d d [od] w|a [so] 6 0 r t|0 s d [of4] f f [of] q|[tp] [to] 1 5 [of] [od]|s 9|[ya5]|s [od] 9 f w p 6 [so] 0 a s w o|[ofd4] 8 q [tp]|o [yo] 1 5 8 9 [of]|d [od] 5 9 w o [of]|a [so] 6 [od] 3 [so]|0 e|[ofd4] 8 q [tp]|o [yo] 1 5 8 9 [og] f d [sod] 5 9 w t|9 w t [r5]|9 w 9 s [so] 4 8 q [wt]|e| [yu1] 5 8 9|0|8 [yto5] 9 w r|t w r [wt6] 3 r t|w|t [wqe4]|8 [wu]|y t [wt] 1|5 [wu]|y t [yt] 5 9 w [wu]|y t [wt] 6 y 0 u w|r t [we4]|8 [wu]|y [t8] [wt] 1|5 u|o y u y 5|9 [yu]|y t [wt] 6 e 3 [wt]|r|[wt] 4 8 0 [wu]|y t [wt] 1 5 [yo] [yo]|i u [yw] 5 9 [yo] [yo]|i u t 6 y [wu]|5 0 [wu] o [to4] [p8] o [to] q|[to] s 1 5 y u [y0]|t t|[yW93]|u y|r|[wt] 6 0 r t o|s d h|e o s d [of] 4 f f [of] q|p [to] 1 5 8 9|0 a s [od5] d [od] [od] w|a [so] 6 3 r t 0 o s d [of4] f f [of] q|[tp] [to] 1 5 [of] [od]|s 9| [ya5]|s [od] 9 f w p 6 [so] 0 a s w o| [ofd4] 8 q [tp]|o [yo] 1 5 8 9 [of]|d [od] 5 9 w o f|a [so] [o63] [od]|[so]|0 e| [ofd4] 8 q [tp]|o [yo] 1 5 8 9 [og] f [od] [od] 5 9 w t|9 w 9 r a|9 [ws]|[so] [63]|[ohd]|[o0] [se] [ya] [93]|7 [ohd] 9|[ya] 4 1 [so4]|8 q|w t|[so84] d [of] [og] 8 f [od4] s [so63]|[ohd]|[o0] [se] [ya] [93]|7 [ohd] 0|[ya] 8 [tso4] 8 q w t|i o [so] [of] [of] [of] [of4] [og4] [oh4] [soh4] 4||| [tqpof]|o p|o [yo] 8|w|d f|d [od] w|y o f|a [so] 6 [od0] e [so]|w| [tqpof] i|o p|o [yo] 8|w|f g f d [od] w y o s y a| |a s|[sqoi]
    Level: 6
    Length: 03:16
    My Love (EXO)


  • [skf]|k kk j k [skih]l[lf][lf]| |[skf] k k k j k [slihf]||[ywr8] [tie9] [yro9] [utqpf]|[pf] d sd [yrod0]||d [ws] [ta] [utsie9]ap os d|[ua]sa|[utro] [ytpi] [yuoa] [pi]sfsds[pf] [jf] j f [so0]d t [yd]o[od] h [tod] [t9]||o[wspi] d fh8wr|fhk[wfa8] [sge9] [rhd0] [usq4]pasa[se]a[spi5] [fe] [ts] [yuoa6][uoa]0 [wp] [ro] t[sh]y [5%] [sh]gY gD[t^] Ds[PD] g [hP]h[s5] [wt] [ywt]s[ytso] d f||8wr[yuo] o u [qf4]|[xljd] ttv[vlj4] [cW] x [hd^O]|W^[sgWO] W^[hdW] [ofa81]|[wp] f[ufa8] [ig] [ohd7] [s6]fl[te]0[te] [ykeda] [ye] [tshe] [sh92][pg][pg] e [tspi] [ed] [ts] [spf]| |[qpif4]dd Wq[yidWO] 4s[dW]s[i^]ODdd|z||[utsqpf]||f d sd[yrod0]|hod s a [tsie9]ap os d s[wura8]sa 5[yo81]u[yo]2[to3] [pif4] [pif8]ds[wp] [tpe]sfj l[kd][y0] [rh] [oj][jd]yh T[of] [tpid9]ss q[o4][spg5] [uha]wyd[ywuts8]ds w [ur81] [ti92] [to30] [usq4]pasa[se]a[wspi5] [wf] [ts] [yuoa6] 0 [wua] p [to] r [woh][oh][shO%]ggD[tYWD]s[^PD]g ^[^J]|[J5]hg[wth] [ywt]s[ytso] d f||[hfa81] w r [uokfa] [oh] [uf] [f4] 8 [xtlWH]v[vlYJ] [tcH]4[ZWH] [zv^H]|W^[lcWH] W^[zvWH] [ofa81]|[wa]f[ufa8] [ig] [ohd7] [s6]fl t [ykeda] [ye]0[tshe] [sh92][pg][pg]qe [tspi] [ed] [ts] ad| |[q4]|dd|Wq[ydW] 4s[d8]s[hd^O]Hg W^[YWD][ig]^[ohSD]% %|t [uaO] O%[oW]a[gda6]|t6[tsph]gy[spf]Y [^6] [hPJD]hh w[E7] [P7][ogd7]7 [ogd] [oD] [shD81]gD 8 1 [PD8] [gP92] [[email protected](] [sqH4] [hP]t[gYO]g[toO] [oE] [gYW]P [[email protected](][hP] [gO]E[oPD]gh^[@(] [gd92] h [qH] [sgW8] [h9]2[qH]h[wsd5]|ss d f [tohfa]|a [kf]|h [spf]| |[tsqpf]|h[tsph] [yg] [YD] [poE]| |[sh] [hg] J [lh] [tolfa]Jhhw [f8][ofP]^g [hd] [s6]fl0 r [ytokd]|[hd] [hd92] [sg] 9 [tsie] d [s3] [oD4][id][id] q [ytqW4] 4 [s4] [shd^O]Hg q [ygWE] Y [ih] [hfa81] wr [uonk] [vh] [xf] [zlZHD]| |4 [O4] q|[tYW]|[soOD] [oD] [qoD] [so^D][idP][dP] W^[lgdW] W^[WJ]h[sfJ81]hhw[uE]f[ufP81] [ig] [ohd^] [s6]flos 6[kd6] o [sh5]6[ha2] [qpg] es[tspi] [ed] [ts] [qoOD4][idO][idO] t [yqdW] y [yd]s [o^WD][dO][id]|z||[toYP] P P P p P [tqoP] s [us] [us]|f [tYP] P P P p P [utsqp]| |s d f| |[a8]dwfhrwtw[yf]wtwrw[spf]| |[qf]to[to][po][tsph]o[tg]i[tf]ot[hd^O]qEqtq[ygP]qtq[hPE]q[of8]wtyu5[ufa81] [ig] [ohd7] [s6]fle0er[tkd]|[sh] [ysph9]e[yg]u ip [ig][uf][ts][pe] [qi] [O4]s8h[wg]Wti[sO] [dP] [sD] t W [hP5]9[wg]eEy[si] [id] [YD] 95 [soh6%] [ig](WE[ts] [yd] [YD%] [^O]dh[ig]| |[ig7]|s| |[oh851]|s s|s [tP%]|s [t^P] s| |[uso851]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:25
    My Answer (EXO)



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    Level: 7
    Length: 02:52
    City of Tears (Hollow Knight)

    Christopher Larkin

  • [yd]| |fdsa[upe]| s d [tqid] s s s [wth8] f| d [ywo]| fdsa[upe]| s d [tqid] s s s [wth8] f| d [ywo]| lkjk[upje] h j h [tqji] h j k [wtl8]| f d [ywo]| fdsa[tqpi] s [tqi]| [tqi]| fdsa[ywpo] d [ywo]| [ywo]| [ywof]dsa[pe] u [sp] d [qd] [ts] [si] s [sh8] [wf] t [od] w y [of]dsa[pe] u [sp] d [qd] [ts] [si] s [sh8] [wf] t [od] w ys[ol]kjk[je] [uh] [pj] h [qj] [th] [ji] k [sl8] [wf] t [od] w y [of]dsa[qp] [ts] i t [qi] t [if]d[ts]a [wp] [yd] o y [wof] y o f [sof8] w t [wf] [sof8] w t ws[sqg4] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s [sof8] w t [wh] [sof8] w t [ws] [sqg4] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s [sof8] w t [wh] [sof8] w t [ws] [sqg4] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s [ufe]| [woh]| [yqd]| [utf]| [usqo4]| | fdsa[p6] [s0] [se] d [pid4] [s8] [sq] s [sh8] [wf] t [od] 5 9 [wof]dsa[p6] [s0] [se] d [pid4] [s8] [sq] s [sh8] [wf] t [od] 5 9 [wso]apa[up6] [o0] [pe] o [p4] [o8] [qp] a [uso8] w [ut] y 5 9 [wof]dsa[qp4] [s8] q 8 [q4] 8u[qf]d[s8]a [wp5] [d9] w 9 [wuof5] 9 w s [uso81] 5 8 [s8] [uso1] 5 8 8s [qpid84] [pid][pid] [pid][pid] sp s [uso81] 5 8 [s8] [uso1] 5 8 [s8] [qpid84] [pid][pid] [pid][pid] sp s [uso81] 5 8 [s8] [uso1] 5 8 [s8] [qpid84] [pid][pid] [pid][pid] sp p [ufe]| [woh]| [yqd]| [utf]| [usqo4]| | jk[plf]| [ohd]| [pid]| [usof]| [tsqoi]| | o [oe]| [ws]| [qof] d [tso]| [qpid4] sp|| o fdsa[qp] [ts] i t i ufdsa[wp] [yd] o y o
    Level: 8
    Length: 02:34
    Little Do You Know

    Alex & Sierra

  • [s4] 4 [sq] df8 [so8] [tso] [wda][sf]5 [da5] [wda] [sf9] [up2] [up2] [oa9] [sp8] 4 4 [sqp] [da][sf]8 [so8] [tso] [wh] 5 [k5] [wha] [hd9] 2[pd][sf2][gd]9[sf][da8][sp][sp4] 4 [sqp] [da][sf]8 [so8] [tso] [wda][sf]5 [da5] [wda] [sf9][up]2 [up2] [oa9] [sp8] 4 4 [sqp] [da] [sf8] 8 [thf] [wk] 5 [hd5] [whd] [hd9] 2[pd][sf2][gd]9[sf][da8][sp][sp4] 4 q q [k8] [l8] [th] w [h5] [a5] [wa] [s9] 2 [p2] [p9] 8 4 4 q w [k8] [l8] [th] w [h5] [j5] w [s9] [d2] [f2] [g9] 8 4 4 q q [k8] [l8] [th] [wh] 5 [a5] [ws] [d9] [f2] [d2] [s9] 8 [p4]|q w[k8] [l8] [th] [wh] 5 [o5] [o5]|[o5] 5 [o5] 5 [ut6]|w [te] [yr5] 5 w 9 6 [ut] w [te] [yr5] 5 [wte] 78[wr3] 3[wr]0 [te8] 4 4 q|[wr3] 3[wr]0 [te8] 4 [e4] [r8]ty 6 [pf6] e [wpd] 5 [o5] [wp] [sp9] 6 [pf6] e [wpd] 5 [o5] [wo]p[s9]d6 [f6] e [wp] [pd5] 5[pd]w [pi9] 4 4 q i [o4] 4 q|[pi2] 2 [q9] i [o2] 2 [q9]|[f4] 4 [sq] qw[f8] 8 t [wd] 5 5 [wd] [f9] [p2] 2 9 [a8] [sp4] 4 [sqp] d [sf8] 8 [th] [wo] [kh5] [hd5] [whd] [ha9] 2d[f2][gd]9[sf]8[sp][sp4] 4 [sqp] [da][sf]8 [so8] [tso] [wda][sf]5 [da5] [wda] [sf9] [up2] [up2] [oa9] 8 [sp4] 4 [sqp] [pd][sf]8 8 [tsh] w [k5] [ha5] [wha] [hd9] 2[pd][pf2][pg]9[pf]8[sp][sp4] 4 q i [f8] [d8] [to] [wd] 5 5 w [f9] [p2] [p2] [a9] 8 [sp4] 4 q [ti] [sf8] [da8] [tsp] [wda] 5 [da5] [wh] [h9] 2 [gd2] [sf9] [da8] [sp4] 4 [sqp] [qda] [sf8] 8 [tso] w [oa5] 5 w [pi9] 2 2 [uo9] 8 [pi4] 4 [sqp] q [sf8] 8 [th] [wk] 5 [h5] w [gd9] 2 f d s p s d f g f d s p s p o [s4]|q p 2 2 [h9] [qj] [of8] 8 t w [od5] 5 w 9 [sp4] 4 q [p8]9[s2] [p2] [h9] [qj] [lj6] 6 e w [d8] [f8] [to] [pe] [sq] q t p [s9] [p9] y jk8 [g8] [th] [wf] [d5] 5 [woa] 9 [pf4] [pf]0 [pd] [up4] 4 [uo0]|[pf4] [pf]0 [pd] [up4] 4 0|[of4] [of]0 [od] [so4] 4 [o0]|[so4]|[od5]

    Level: 5
    Length: 02:40
    Longest Night (Night in the Woods)

    Alec Holowka