Record Virtual Piano with iShowUHD

Record Virtual Piano with iShowUHD

Want to capture a high quality video of your screen as you play Virtual Piano? iShowUHD for Mac is the easiest and best way to do this.

iShowU HD provides blazing real-time performance with an easy-to-use interface. With professional features like real time video compositing and drag-and-drop to FCP & GPU based scaling just a single click away, iShowU HD has all the power you’ll ever need to create the most fantastic Virtual Piano videos (iShowUHD is a software for Mac only). You can download a free or full version of iShowUHD from $29.95.

Instant Capture

Instant Capture

No need to export the video for it to be usable. Once recording is complete you can immediately email it, or drag it into a video editor for further editing.

keyboard magic mouse

Record Keyboard & Mouse

Show your viewers the keys you’re using to perform tasks (HD Pro only). This is a useful feature for recording Virtual Piano videos.


Record from iSight & DV cameras

Personalise your presentation using your built-in iSight camera.

drag and drop watermark

Real-time Preview

Immediately see what you’re going to capture, before you record!


Upload to YouTube

Upload your finished product directly to YouTube. Built-in presets to get the best quality.

final cut icon

Supports Pro Apps

Includes built-in presets for Final Cut. Finished recordings can be dragged directly from iShowU HD into the timeline. (HD Pro only)

piont and shoot

Point & Shoot

Don’t be restricted to capturing only the full screen. HD lets you specify your own capture area. Say goodbye to “post cropping” of video.

real time scaling

Real-time super fast scaling

Want to record at half the size? 2560×1900 into 720p? Now it’s no longer a problem – iShowU HD has realtime super quick GPU scaling.

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