You Can Become A Hero! (Boku no Hero Academia OST) – Yuki Hayashi

u | o | a s
d – [4s] 8 q [ea] t e
[qd] e [5s] 9 w [ra] y r
[wo] [ra] [6s] 0 e [ta] u t
[ed] [ta] [3a] 7 0 [wo] r [wa] [0d] [wf] [4f] 8 q [ed] t e
[qf] [es] 5 9 [wd] [ra] y r
[wo] [ra] [6s] 0 e t [7h] q
[rg] [yf] 1-5-8-0-w-8-[0d]-w-t-w-[0a]-w-
[id]-t-e [5s]-7-2-5-7-9-[5a]-7-9-w-r-y-
[tsl]-i-t-e-5-7-[9ak]-w-r-y-[wsl]-r-{yhkz} | [1sfhl]

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