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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Robin Daniel Skinner

  • Nationality:


  • Born:

    15th December 1998

  • Genres:


Robin Daniel Skinner, known professionally as Cavetown, is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, and YouTuber based in London. His style blends elements of indie rock, indie pop and bedroom pop with mellow, gentle ukulele ballads. As of June 2020, he has amassed over 3.8 million monthly streamers on Spotify. His YouTube channel, which he began in November 2012, sits at 1.33 million subscribers and 161.4 million video views. Skinner released his fourth studio album, Sleepyhead, in March 2020.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [ute]||[ute]|[ute] [ute] [tqW]||[tqW]|[tqW] [tqW] [uto]||[uto]|[uto] [uto] [uto]||[uto]|[uto] [uto] [tqe]||[tqe]|[tqe] [tqe] [tqW]||[tqW]|[tqW] [tqW] [uto]||[uto]|[uto] [uto] [uto]||[uto]|[uto] [uto] [tqe]|f|[tqfe]|| [tqfW]|s d [tqW] f| [uto]| f [utof] ds| [utoh]|f f [uto] d d| [tsqe]||[tsqe] ss d [tqfW] ff f[tqfW] gf| [uto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [tqe]|f|[tqfe]|| [tqfW]|s d [tqW] f| [uto]||[utof] f d s [utoh]|f f [uto] d d| [tsqe]||[tsqe] ss d [tqfW] ff f[tqfW] gf| [uto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [xuto]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto] d s| [tqfe] ff f [tqfe] ff f [tqfW] ds|[tqW]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [xuto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [tqe]|f|[tqfe]| d [tqfW]|s d [tqW] f| [uto]||[utof] f d s [utoh] f|f [uto] d d| [tsqe]| s [tqfe] f d f [tqW] g f f [tqW] d s| [utoh]|f f [uto] d|f [uto]||[uto]|s d [tqfe]||[tqe]|f| [tqfW]|f f [tqW] d| [utof]| f [utof] ds| [utoh] ff|[utof] dd| [tsqe]| s [tqfe] f f d [tqfW] h|f [tqW] d|s [uto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [utof]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto]|| [utle]||[utke]|| [tqkW]||[tqlW]|| [xuto]||[uto]|s h [uto] f|f [uto] d s| [tqfe] ff f [tqfe] ff f [tqfW] ds|[tqW]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [uto]||[uto]|| [ute]|h j[utje] ff| [uthe]|f|[ute]|| [ypI] hh j[ypjI] f|f [ypI] f g f [ypI] d s| [tqe]| h [tqje]| f [tqfe] g|f [tqe] d s d [utof] gf g[utof] ds d [utof] gf g[utof]|| [ute]|h j[utje] ff| [uthe]|f|[ute]|| [ypI] hh j[ypjI] ff| [ypfI] g f|[ypfI] g f| [tsqe]| s [tsqe] s s d [tqfe]|g f [tqe]| f [uto]|g f [uto]| d [utod]|f|[uto]|s|[utpe]||| [tsqe]||[tqdW]|| [utle]||k|| [tqkW]||l||[utof]||| f| d s|| [utle]||k|| [tqkW]||l|| [utof]|||h||f|| [le]|t|[uk]|t| [qk]|W|[tl]|W| [xt]|u|o|u| [utoh]||f|d| [tqfe] df|f|d| [tqfW] h|f|d d 80wtuosfhlxvm
    Level: 6
    Length: 04:04
    This Is Home



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