Irish Rovers

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The Irish Rovers is a group of Irish musicians which originated in Toronto, Canada. Formed in 1963 and named after the traditional song "The Irish Rover" they are best known for their international television series, contributing to the popularisation of Irish Music in North America, and for the songs "The Unicorn", "Drunken Sailor", "Wasn't That a Party", "The Orange and the Green", "Whiskey on a Sunday", "Lily the Pink" and "The Black Velvet Band".Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • p ppp ppp y i p o ooo ooo t u o p ppp ppp a s d s p o u y|y| p|p|pp y i p o|o|oo t u o p|p|pp a s d s p o u y|y| ppppp ppp y i p ooooo ooo t u o ppppp ppp a s d s p o u y u y
    Level: 1
    Length: 01:15
    Super Easy
    Drunken Sailor

    Irish Rovers


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