Kristen Anderson-Lopez

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About the Artist

Kristen Anderson-Lopez is an American songwriter known for co-writing the songs for the 2013 computer-animated musical film Frozen and its 2019 sequel Frozen II with her husband Robert Lopez.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • d| f||s
    [8wo]| |o u
    [Wqi] s s d d f f s
    [0wo]| |f
    [^9g] f f d [W0d]||a
    [0es] j j h h f f s
    [Eqh] g g f [0wf]||p
    [8qp] h h g g f f s
    [Wqf] d d s [9wd]| |
    d| f||s
    [80o] 9 0 q [0w]| o u
    [Wqi] s s d [wd] f [qf] g
    [0wf] 9 8 7 [^0] f f g
    [^9g] f f g [0wh]| 8|
    [qes] l l k [wk] j [qj] h
    [W0h] f [Wf] d [0es]||s
    [Wqs] D D h h l [9wz]|||
    l| [Wql]| [qwl]|

    Level: 6
    Length: 01:02
    Remember Me (Coco Theme Song)

    Kristen Anderson-Lopez


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