Tomoki Hasegawa

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About the Artist
  • Birth Name:

    Tomoki Hasegawa

  • Nationality:


  • Born:

    19th July 1957

  • Genres:


Tomoki Hasegawa (Hasegawa Tomoki) is a Japanese composer and arranger of music from Osaka Prefecture, Japan, best known for his work on anime soundtracks. He has also done sound production work on albums for Mayumi Iizuka.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • b n [mj]|l|x|x|[nh]|k|z|v|[gb]|j|l|x|c| |b n [mjb]|l|x|[xl]|[vnh]|k|z|[vk]|[gc]b|l|c|v|b| |v c [xs]v|h|l|x|v| |v|[x0]V|r|u|O|a|f|H|k|x| |p a [s6] 0 e 0 t 0 [fe] 0 [a5] 9 w 9 r 9 [wo] 9 [p4] 8 q 8 w 8 [wq] 8 [pe4] 8 q e t e [qp] [ea] [sp6] 0 e 0 t 0 [je] 0 [h5] 9 w r [yf] r w [rf]d[s4] 8 q e t e q [ie] [o4] [p8] [qa] [se] [td] [fe] [qd] [se] [a5] 9 w r y r w [ra] [oa5] 9 w r [yoa] r [ws] [w5] [d30] 7 0 W r [uW] [O0] [aW] [ufaO30] 7 0 W [rpj] e [ka0] e [sle6] 0 e 0 t r [xfe] 0 [ka5] 9 w 9 r 9 [woh] 9 [pj4] 8 q 8 e 8 q 8 4 8 q e [tpj] e [qka] e [sl6] 0 e t u t [xfe] t [ka5] 9 w 9 r 9 [xwf] 9 [qpj4] 8 q 8 e w q 8 4 8 q e t e [qoh] [ige] [oh81] 5 8 0 [wts] 0 8 0 [uf1] 5 8 0 [woh] 0 8 0 [ka30] 7 [uf0] W [rOH] W [ka0] W [xkfH30] 7 [730] [730] [730] [730] [xkfH730] [730] [zqdG4] [xf8] [qpj] e t [je] [qb] [xe] [ql4] [j8] [qf] [se] [tp] [se] [qd] [se] [a5] 9 w [ro] [ya] [rd] [wh] [rk] [wc5] [z9] [wk] [rg] [yd] [ra] [wo] [ra] [p30] [a7] [u0] W r W 0 W [WO30] 7 0 W [ra] W 0 [W%] [xkfH30] 7 0 W r W 0 W 0 W [x30]| |j k [pl]|s|f|x|[ok]|a|d|h|[ji]|p|s|f|g| |j k [lje]|u|p|[xs]|[wkh]|y|a|[yx]|[qjg]|t|i|p|s| |h g [hf8]|w|t|u|o| |h|[fH0]|r|u|O|a| |f j 6|0|e|r|t|u|t|r|60etup

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:25
    Main Title (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

    Tomoki Hasegawa

  • [o5]|i|[u6]|[y7]| [h8]| g [wf]|[ts] s [d9] d|f [yg] g d d [yoa7]|[uso8]|[oda9]| f [s8]|w|[wt0]|| [h8]| g [wf]|[ts] s [d9] d|f [yg] g d d [yoa7]|[uso8]|[oda9]| f [s8]|w|t|| [hda5] [hda] [hda] [hda] [hda9]||[woda]| f [wd]|9| [hda5] [hda] [hda] [hda] [whda]||[oda5]| f [wd]|| [tp4]|[tp] [us] [ya5]|[ro]|[us8]|[us] [id] [of8]|| [id9] [id] [id] [of] [ypg]|[id]|[of0] [of] [of] [pg] [uha]|| [qpg] [pg] [pg] [pg] [upg]|[ih] j [oh]|i|o|| [shf8] [shf] [shf] [shf] [tshf]|| [oda5] [oda] [oda] [oda] [woda]|| [tp4] [tp]|[us] [ya5] [ya] [ro] [ro] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda]| f [s8]|w|[wt0]|| [whda] [hda] [hda] [hda] [pg5]|[id9]|[us8]||[tslhf]
    Level: 8
    Length: 00:51
    Sensei Ekaki Uta (Sayonara Zetsubou)

    Tomoki Hasegawa


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