Taku Iwasaki

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About the Artist

Taku Iwasaki (岩崎 琢, Iwasaki Taku, born 1968) is a Japanese composer and arranger. His hometown is Tokyo, Japan. He is a graduate of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • f g [uspih]|[ypi]| |[yuoha]|[usoe]|f g [sife] d [pi] [yw] [si]|[fa8] [wp] [yua]|f g [upih]|[spi]|l|[skf6]0| |[wj] h [usjfQ] k [rphD]|G|[pfa0] r u|f g [uspih]|[ypi]| |[yuoha]|[usoe]||h [sig] e|d [ywpi] s [ufa8] w [yp]|f g [upih]|[spi]|l|[uokfe]| |[wj] h [usjfQ] k [rhD]|G f [urpf0]|O| |[of8] w [uof] w [uof] w [pif8] e i d [yf] [ge] [ohd0] y o y [oha] y [wsfa] T u P o|[ypd] p|fdS[qd] [tf] [og0] t [of] t [I(] t [si9] e [ui] e [ui]|[si5] 9 e y i p [of8] w [of] w [uof] w [of0] r I r o r [wf] y o ygfd[fP] [yg] [heS] u g u [pfS]|[pdQ] y p yfdS[qd] [tf] [og0] t [of] t [I(] [td] [si9] e [usi] e [wsi] y [us] w|u o s [ujQ]|j kjHj k [rplD]|[ok]||j [uhdE]|h|[wuhP]|[ogT]| |e|[dQ] y [pd] yfdS[qd] [tf] [og0] t [of] t [I(] [td] [si9] e [usi] e [wsi]|[us] w u|f g [uspih]|[ypi]| |[yuoha]|[usoe]|f g [sif] [ed] [pi]|[ywsi]|[fa8] [wp] [yua]|f g [uspih]|[spi]|l|[skf6]0| |h f [ied] f [wpi]|5|[us8] w [uo]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:07
    Conversation Heart (Noragami)

    Taku Iwasaki


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