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About the Artist

Tenmon, born Atsushi Shirakawa, is a Japanese music composer from Tokyo, Japan born October 4, 1971. He worked in the Nihon Falcom Corporation as one of the members of Falcom Sound Team J.D.K.. During his time with Falcom, he has composed much music for Falcom games, most notably Brandish.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • k| |[le]| [h0]| [qj]|| k|[le]|f|[zod0]|[sl]|[sql]|t|[pi]|h g [of8] w [tso]|[od5] 9 [rh]|[sp6] 0 e r t|s d [pif4] 8 e|[od5] 9 [ws]|[s8] w t u o|p a [so6] 0 e 0 [o3] 7 w 7 [p4] 8 q| p a [s6] 0 [fe] [s0] [d3] 7 [ws]|[s4] 8 e q t|o i [u1] 5 [t8] 5 [y5] 5 [o5] 9 [te6] 6 6 0 e|t y [u4] 8 q 8 [y5] 9 [wt]|[wt10] 8 0 w t h| | [xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| | [xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| | [zwpd]|y|[oa]| k| [plfe]|[uk]|[spj]||j| [uha0]|r|[uo]| h| [sqji]|t|[plig]| | [zwoh]|y|[ol]| z| [xtshf]|o|[sf]| | [xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| | [xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| | [zwod]| y| [oka]| [plfe]|[uk]|[spj]||j| [uha0]| [uo]| h| [sqji]|t|[plig]| | [zwoh]|y|[ol]| [za]| [plfe]|u|[sp]| f| [uplfe]| |[ld]| [qlig]|t|[pi]||| [ywok]| [plfe]|u|[sp]||| [whda] [ple]| [h0]| [qj]||k| [le] u [sf]|[zd0] t [sol]|[ql] t o i p|h g [f8] w [ts]|[d5] 9 [rh] w [s6] 0 e r t|s d [f4] 8 e q [d5] 9 [ws]|[s1] 8 0 w t|p a [s6] 0 e 0 [o3] 7 w 7 [p4] 8 w q e|p a [s6] 0 [fe] [s0] [d3] 7 [ws] a [p4] 8 e q t|o i [u1] 5 [t0] 5 [y5] 5 [o5] 9 [t6] 6 6 0 e|t y [u4] 8 0|[y5] 9 [wt]|[t1] 8 0 w t|s d [qf] e u t [wod] y [so]|[s8] w t u o|l z [pif]| [oda]|s|[so%] ( [oY]|i|[tY]| [zg^] q E|P|d| | 8 [wu] [yo] [us] [of] [sh] [lf] [xh] [vl] [xm] [xv] [vm] [xm]
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:50
    End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second)



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