End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second)

Tenmon 10 September 2020

k| |[le]| [h0]| [qj]||
k|[le]|f|[zod0]|[sl]|[sql]|t|[pi]|h g
[of8] w [tso]|[od5] 9 [rh]|[sp6] 0 e r t|s d
[pif4] 8 e|[od5] 9 [ws]|[s8] w t u o|p a
[so6] 0 e 0 [o3] 7 w 7 [p4] 8 q| p a
[s6] 0 [fe] [s0] [d3] 7 [ws]|[s4] 8 e q t|o i
[u1] 5 [t8] 5 [y5] 5 [o5] 9 [te6] 6 6 0 e|t y
[u4] 8 q 8 [y5] 9 [wt]|[wt10] 8 0 w t

h| |
[xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| |
[xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| |
[zwpd]|y|[oa]| k|
[uha0]|r|[uo]| h|
[sqji]|t|[plig]| |
[zwoh]|y|[ol]| z|
[xtshf]|o|[sf]| |
[xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| |
[xtsh]|o|[xvsf]| |
[zwod]| y| [oka]|
[uha0]| [uo]| h|
[sqji]|t|[plig]| |
[zwoh]|y|[ol]| [za]|
[plfe]|u|[sp]| f|
[uplfe]| |[ld]|

[ple]| [h0]| [qj]||k|
[le] u [sf]|[zd0] t [sol]|[ql] t o i p|h g
[f8] w [ts]|[d5] 9 [rh] w [s6] 0 e r t|s d
[f4] 8 e q [d5] 9 [ws]|[s1] 8 0 w t|p a
[s6] 0 e 0 [o3] 7 w 7 [p4] 8 w q e|p a
[s6] 0 [fe] [s0] [d3] 7 [ws] a [p4] 8 e q t|o i
[u1] 5 [t0] 5 [y5] 5 [o5] 9 [t6] 6 6 0 e|t y
[u4] 8 0|[y5] 9 [wt]|[t1] 8 0 w t|s d
[qf] e u t [wod] y [so]|[s8] w t u o|l z
[pif]| [oda]|s|[so%] ( [oY]|i|[tY]|
[zg^] q E|P|d| |
8 [wu] [yo] [us] [of] [sh] [lf] [xh] [vl] [xm] [xv] [vm] [xm]

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About This Music Sheet

End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second) is a song by Tenmon. Use your computer keyboard to play End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:50, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Mark Chaimbers. The song End Theme (5 Centimeters per Second) is classified in the genres: Japan, Songs From Movies on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime, 5 Centimeters per Second.



  • s|h|k|G|s|h|k|G| s|h|k|G|s|h|f|g| [h8]|w|[uh]|w| [f9]|e|[if]|[ge]| [h0]|[rg]|[of]|[rk]| [S6]|0|T S [d0] f [g4]|8|e h [g8] f [d$]|9|[pe]|[d9]| [f5]|8|9|[wg] f [da5]|7|[f9]|[wg]| [h8]|w|[uh]|w| [f9]|e|[if]|[ge]| [a0]fh [rg]|[of]|[rk]| [S6]|0|T S [d0] f [spg4]|8|e h [g8] f [d5]|8|9|[ws] d [s8]|q|w|t|8|0|w|t| [tqje] h j k l|h| [wtg0]|f|d|s| [tqje] h j k l|h| [wtc0]|xcxz|l| [tqje] h j k l|h| [yjeQ] h j k l|L| [zw]|t|y|[ol]| [wk]ry| f|g| [h8]|w|[uh]|w| [f9]|e|[if]|[ge]| [h0]|[rg]|[of]|[rk]| [S6]|0|T S [d0] f [g4]|8|e h [g8] f [d$]|9|[pe]|[d9]| [f5]|8|9|[wg] f [da5]|7|[f9]|[wg]| [h8]|w|[uh]|w| [f9]|e|[if]|[ge]| [a0]fh [rg]|[of]|[rk]| [S6]|0|T S [d0] f [spg4]|8|e h [g8] f [d5]|8|9|[ws] d [s8]|q|w|t|8|0|w|t| [tqje] h j k l|h| [wtg0]|f|d|s| [tqje] h j k l|h| [wtc0]|xcxz|l| [tqje] h j k l|h| [yjeQ] h j k l|L| [zw]|t|y|[ol]| [wk]ry| f|g
    Level: 6
    Length: 01:44
    Lavender Town (Pokemon)

    Junichi Masuda

  • [ye9] u s||[ro0]|[tqp]||| [d60] s p|| [s95] a o|| [ye9] u s||[ro0]|[tqp]||| [d60] s p|| [s95] a o p f g f d 2 5 9||s 4 8 q|p|s| [f1] 5 [f8]|f g f d 5 9 w|f g f d 2 5 9||f s 4 8 q|p|s f 1 5 [f8]|f g f d 5 9 w d d|f g 2 5 [f9] d s| g 4 8 [qf] d s|p f 1 5 8| g f d 5 9 w y [yp] [yp] [yo]| [ypi92]||[yp]|[yo] [yp] [q4]| d [jd] [jd] [gd]| [hd81]|[hd]|[hd]|[jd] [hd] [w5]| d [jd] [jd] [hd]| [jgd92]||[jd]|[hd] [gd] [q4]| [gd] [jd] [jd] [gd]| [81] d [hd]|[hd]| d [wj5]|h|g|f d [ye9] u s||[ro0]|[tqp]||| [d60] s p|| [s95] a o p f g f d 2 5 9||s 4 8 q|p|s| [f1] 5 [f8]|f g f d 5 9 w|f g f d 2 5 9||f s 4 8 q p p|s f 1 5 [f8]|f g f d 5 9 w d d|f g 2 5 [f9] d s| g 4 8 [qf] d s|p f 1 5 8| g f d 5 9 w d d|f g 2 5 [f9] d s| g 4 8 [qf] d s|p f 1 5 8| g f d 5 9 w y [yp] [yp] [yo]| [ypi92]||[yp]|[yo] [yp] [q4]| d [jd] [jd] [gd]| [hd81]|[hd]|[hd]|[jd] [hd] [w5]| d [jd] [jd] [hd]| [jgd92]||[jd]|[hd] [gd] [q4]| [gd] [jd] [jd] [gd]| [81] d [hd]|[hd]| d [wj5]|h|g|f [pgd] [92]||[pf]|[qpi4]||| [so81]||[od]|[wo5]||| [pgd92]||[pf]|[qpi4]||| [so81]||[od]| [wo5]| d d|f g 2 5 [f9] d s| g 4 8 [qf] d s|p f 1 5 8| g f d 5 9 w y [yp] [yp] [yo]| [ypi92]||[yp]|[yo] [yp] [q4]| d [jd] [jd] [gd]| [hd81]|[hd]|[hd]|[jd] [hd] [w5]| d [jd] [jd] [hd]| [jgd92]||[jd]|[hd] [gd] [q4]| [gd] [jd] [jd] [gd]| [81] d [hd]|[hd]| d [wj5]|h|g|f d [y92] u s||o|[qp4]||| [81] d [hd]|[hd]| d [wj5]|h|g|f [jgd] [92]||[sh]|[q4]||| [81] d [hd]|[hd]| d [wj5]|h|g|f d [ye9] u s||[ro0]|[tqp]||| [d60] s p|| [s95] a o|| [ye9] u s||[ro0]|[tqp]||| [d60] s p|| [s95] a o
    Level: 7
    Length: 03:06
    Burn It Down

    Linkin Park

  • Y[50][Pz][50][DB][536]v[536]c[3214]@[50][(E][50][qy][50]P[536]o[536]y[0]i[3214]@[0]([0]q[0]w[0]E[1072]t[1072]8[2144]w[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]o[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]l[536]t[0]J[536]i[0]j[536]y[536]@[0]([0]P[0]d[0]h[4288]9[0]g[536]e[536]y[0]d[1072]([0]Y[0]P[0]d[0]h[2680]B[536]b[536]c[536]z[536]J[536]j[1072]w[0]o[0]P[0]J[536]y[0]d[536]5[0]P[0]h[536]z[536]q[0]i[0]j[0]l[536]t[0]h[0]J[536]4[0]g[0]j[536]d[536]([0]Y[0]d[0]h[536]E[0]P[536]@[0]d[0]j[536]g[0]J[536]^[0]E[0]d[0]g[536]q[0]s[0]D[536] ^[0]P[0]d[1072]8[0]t[0]o[0]P[0]D[536]w[0]g[536]1[0]P[0]h[536]o[0]D[536]^[0]E[0]i[0]P[0]d[536]w[536]^[0]d[0]h[536] J[536]0[0]u[0]S[0]h[0]J[536]E[0]g[0]j[536]0[0]f[0]h[536]g[0]j[536]9[0]p[0]d[0]h[536]t[536]y[0]p[0]d[0]G[536] h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]w[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]e[0]y[536]E[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]z[536]4[0]q[0]l[0]b[0]m[536]E[0]t[0]J[0]v[0]B [536]e[0]i[0]p[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]d[0]z[536]@[0]([0]h[0]z[0]v[536]E[0]i[536]E[0]Y[0]o[0]j[0]b[536]J[0]B[536]^[0]g[0]z[0]c[536] 9[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]q[0]E[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[1072]1[0]8[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]([0]w[0]g[0]z[0]c[536]w[0]t[0]Y[0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]D[0]Z[536]^[0]d[0]J[0]z[536] 9[0]w[536]w[0]E[0]y[0]h[0]z[0]v[536]J[0]v[0]B[536]*[0]T[0]J[0]v[0]B[536]E[0]j[0]c[0]b[536]![0]h[0]Z[0]v[536]e[0]u[0]p[0]h[0]v[536]2[0]e[0]y[0]o[0]j[0]x[0]b[1072]y[0]I[0]J[0]B[536] w[268]e[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536]9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]P[268]4[0]t[0]y[0]p[536] t[0]i[536]e[0]y[0]l[0]m[536]t[0]i[0]J[0]B[536]@[0]w[0]y[0]i[0]j[0]b[536]y[0]o[0]J[0]B[536] w[536]o[536]^[0]y[0]i[536]^[0]y[536]E[536]6[0]h[0]v[268]j[0]b[268]5[0]9[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]z[536] 9[536]w[0]E[536]s[268]d[268]4[0]s[0]l[0]m[536]q[0]P[536]t[0]p[536]s[0]z[268]l[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]J[0]B[536]^[536] ([536]q[536]w[1072]4[0]j[0]l[0]b[268]y[268]o[268]d[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]J[536]9[536]w[0]E[0]y[268] 9[0]o[268]w[0]P[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]P[0]h[536]8[536]w[0]t[0]i[268]9[268]w[0]i[0]g[268] y[0]Y[0]D[268]@[0]y[0]o[0]d[536]^[536]w[0]E[0]o[268]9[0]d[268]w[0]s[268]y[0]P[268] 4[0]y[0]p[536]8[0]Y[0]P[536]q[0]y[268]p[268]t[268]o[268]5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268] y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]p[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[268] y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]o[0]d[0]h[536]@[0]([0]Y[0]o[536]w[0]y[268]y[0]d[268]@[0]i[0]g[268]@[0]d[0]D[0]z[268]4[0]y[0]o[0]d[536] 4[0]q[0]D[0]l[0]Z[536]e[0]i[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]4[0]s[0]h[0]l[268]4[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]h[536] 5[0]w[0]y[0]o[536]E[0]o[0]P[0]h[0]J[268]y[0]d[268]5[0]o[0]h[268]5[0]d[0]z[268] 4[0]o[0]g[0]j[536]4[0]q[0]t[0]i[536]e[0]i[0]s[0]g[0]l[268]y[0]d[268]4[0]o[0]h[268]4[0]d[0]z [268]@[0]y[0]d[0]J[0]z[536]@[0]([536]w[0]Y[268]([0]y[0]D[0]Z[268]w[0]o[134]d[0]z[134] y[0]d[268]4[0]s[0]d[0]l[268]Y[0]D[134]q[134] y[0]d[134]q[134]t[0]s[134]q[134]E[0]P[134]q[134]t[0]s[67]P[0]J[67]q[134]^[0]E[134] 4[0]q[134]4[0]p[0]j[268]@[0]o[0]P[0]d[0]h[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268] P[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]E[268]q[0]e[0]t[268] p[0]s[0]j[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]P[0]g[0]J[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]s[0]j[0]l[268] q[0]e[0]t[268]@[0]P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[536]w[0]E[0]y[268] @[0]p[0]d[0]h[0]j[268]w[0]E[0]y[0]P[0]J[268]@[0]s[0]g[0]j[0]l[268]q[0]e[0]t[268] e[0]t[0]p[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]t[0]p[0]s[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]o[0]d[0]h[268] q[0]e[0]t[0]P[0]J[134]s[0]l[134]@[0]d[0]g[0]z[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[0]o[0]P[268]@[0]h[0]z[0]v[536] w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]w[0]E[0]y[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]@[0]q[0]e[0]E[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]i[0]p[268] @[0]q[0]e[0]t[268]t[0]i[0]s[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]e[0]t[0]i[0]g[0]l[0]c[268]q[0]e[0]t[0]D[0]Z [268]@[0]d[0]h[0]J[0]z[268]w[0]E[0]y[268]9[0]E[0]o[268]@[0]E[0]Y[0]p[536]E[0]y[0]P[268]@[0]s [0]h[0]l[268]([0]w[0]E[0]P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]@[0]p[0]g[0]j[268]q[0]e[0]t[268]q[0]e[0]t[0]o[0]h[268] @[268]q[0]e[0]E[0]i[0]s[0]g[268]q[0]e[0]t[89]Y[0]s[0]D[179]e[0]t[0]i[179]p[0]g[0] j[89]q[0]e[0]t[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]h[268]5[134]9[134]w[134]w[134]y[134]o[134]E[0]y[0] P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]5[0]y[0]d[134]9[134]w[0]o[0]h[134]w[134]y[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]o[0]d [0]h[0]j[268]4[134]8[134]q[0]h[0]v[134]q[134]t[134]i[134]e[0]t[0]i[0]s[0]g[268]4 [0]y[0]d[134]8[134]q[0]o[0]h[134]q[134]t[0]d[0]z[268]@[0]o[0]d[0]h[268]@[134]^[134] ([0]h[0]v[134]([134]E[134]Y[134]w[0]E[0]P[268]@[134]^[134]([0]g[0]v[134]([134]E[0]D[268]4[0]y[0]p[0]d[268]4[134]8[134]q[0]h[0]v[134]q[134]t[134]i[134]e[0] t[0]i[268]4[134]8[134]q[0]p[0]s[134]q[134]t[268]5[0]o[0]d[0]h[268]5[134]9[134]w[134] w[134]y[134]o[134]E[0]y[0]P[0]d[0]h[0]J[268]5[0]y[0]d[134]9[134]w[0]o[0]h[134]w[134] y[0]d[0]z[268]4[0]p[0]d[0]h[0]j[268]4[134]8[134]q[0]h[0]v[134]q[134]t[134]i[134]e[0] t[0]p[0]j[268]4[0]d[134]t[0]P[0]J[134]q[0]h[134]q[0]l[134]t[0]s[0]z[268]@[0]d[0]h[0] z[268]@[134]^[134]([134]([134]E[134]Y[134]w[0]E[0]t[0]P[268]@[0]i[134]^[134]([0]t[134]
    Level: 8
    Xenoblade Theme

    Yoko Shimomura