Yoshihisa Hirano

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About the Artist

Yoshihisa Hirano is a Japanese composer, born in Wakayama, Japan in 1971. He then studied composing at Juilliard School in 1992, and later at Eastman School of Music.

Artist's Music Sheets

  • e| p [i9] [qpe] o [u8] [t0] [u9] [u9] [qe] [qe]y[yqe9]| |y| p p| p i| |e y u i o u P P p o p||p s P o P p i| |p o| t p o u t u yy||[p9] [sqe] [qeP] [o*] [eP0] [pe0] [p9] [qpe] [qeO]O[p9] [qe] [qe] [i9] [qpe] [qoe] [i*] [eT0] [ue0] [u9] [qe] [qe]y[y9] [qe] [qe] [u9] [qe] [qe]y[yqe9]||[t8] [yw0] [wu0] [i^] [E0] [PE0] [p6] [90] [O90] [p6] [0*]O[p5] [p4] [sq6] [qP6] [o5] [w^P] [wp^] [i6] [q8] [q8] ^ [q9] [q9] [ywoE] u [wiE9] [woE8] p [wPE8] [s6] [80] [s80] [D9] [tdQ]s[tdQ] [wE9] p [wsE9] [wPE9]| [woE9] [wutp] 8 0 q e t [ywE] p [ywsE] [yPE9]| [yoE9] [i8] [te] [te] [u8] [E0] [E0] [i4] [qe] [qe] 1 [qe] [qe] 4 [qe] [qe] 1 [qe] [qe] [^*$] I i I| Y [i^O93]| |I O [[email protected]*] p IS s P [p863]| op[yi986]| o [o3] [7(] [7(] 3 [7(] [7(] [Y73(]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:08
    Misa no Uta (Death Note)

    Yoshihisa Hirano