Yoshihisa Hirano

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About the Artist

Yoshihisa Hirano is a Japanese composer, born in Wakayama, Japan in 1971. He then studied composing at Juilliard School in 1992, and later at Eastman School of Music.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • 0| u [t6] [u80] y [r5] [w7] [r6] [r6] [80] [80]e[e860]| | e| u u| u t| |0 e r t y r i i u y u|| u o i y i u t| |u y| w u y r w r ee|| [u6] [o80] [i80] [y%] [i70] [u70] [u6] [u80] [Y80]Y[u6] [80] [80] [t6] [u80] [y80] [t%] [W70] [r70] [r6] [80] [80]e[e6] [80] [80] [r6] [80] [80]e[e860]|| [w5] [e97] [r97] [t4] [q7] [qi7] [u3] [76] [Y76] [u3] [7%]Y[u2] [u1] [o83] [i83] [y2] [i94] [u94] [t3] [85] [85] 4 [86] [86] [yqe9] r [tq96] [yq95] u [qi95] [o3] [75] [o75] [P6] [wp*]o[wp*] [q96] u [qo96] [qi96]| [yq96] [wur9] 5 7 8 0 w [qe9] u [qoe9] [qie6]| [yqe6] [t5] [w0] [w0] [r5] [q7] [q7] [t1] [80] [80] 5 [80] [80] 1 [80] [80] 5 [80] [80] [4%!] T t T| E [tY764]| |T Y [u^3%] u TO o i [u753]| yu[te653]| y [y7] [^$] [^$] 7 [^$] [^$]
    Level: 7
    Length: 01:08
    Misa no Uta (Death Note)

    Yoshihisa Hirano


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