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Musical Artist.

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  • [D%] ( E|D d D g ^ q [tD] d|P||[a5] 9 [sr]|d|D|[g8] [wD] [tg] h| |h [H4] 8 [hW] g|D|D [^H] q [yh] g|d|d [D(] E i O||P|[oYE]| |D g D [gE(] h h h h g g D [wd8] D g D|D s P [tsq] H H H H h g D [qd^] D h g|D d s [d95] J J|H h g [wg8] g f|g h|[tqh] H H|h g D [qd^] s P|D g D [g(] [hE] [ih] [hE] [oh] g g D [d8] [wD] [yg] [wD] Y D s P [s4] [H8] [qH] [H8] [WH] J h D [d^] [qD] [hE] [qg] y D d s [d5] 9Jw [J9] E H h g [g8] wgt [wf] u g h J [h4] 8Hq [H8] W h g D [l^] qlE [qJ] y|^|[h(] [wHE][h(] [wE]H[h(] [wHE] ( [wJE] ^ [q9][h^] [ql9] ^ [qJ9] ^ [q9] [D8] [wg(][D8] [w(]g[D8] [wg(] 8 [wh(] 5 [^9][D5] [^H9] 5 [h^9] 5 [^9] [s%] [P8(][s%] [8(]P[s%] [D8(] % [P8(] ( o[wE][g(] [wED] ( [wgE] [h(] [wE] [qH] [tW][sq] [tdW] q [tWD] q [tgW] ^ h[q9][g^] [qh9] [g^] [q9] ^ [q9] [h(] [wHE][h(] [wE]H[h(] [wHE] ( [wJE] ^ [q9][h^] [ql9] ^ [qJ9] ^ [q9] [D8] [wg(][D8] [w(]g[D8] [wg(] 8 [wh(] 5 [^9][D5] [^J9] 5 [h^9] 5 [^9] [s%] [P8(][s%] [8(]P[s%] [D8(] % [P8(] ( o[wE][g(] [wED] ( [wgE] [h(] [wE] [qH] [tW][sq] [tWD] q [tgW] q [thW] ^ [q9][^D] [qD9] ^ [qd9] ^ [qg9] [o@][P(]D

    Level: 5
    Length: 01:27
    I Like You So Much, You’ll Know It

    Ysabelle Cuevas


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