Ballade pour Adeline – Richard Clayderman

[18t] osd tosd tosd tosd |
[8t] ofo tofo tofo tofo[8f] w [uf] w u | w [uof] w [pg] [9pg] |
e [ipg] e i [pg] [epg] [pg] [ipg] [pg] [epg] [ah] [wah] |
y [ah] y a y | [ah] [sj] [8of]w u w u w u 5 [1of] w [uof] w u |
[of] [wof] [of] | [8of] [of] [wof] [pg] [2pg] | e [ipg] e 9 [pg] [epg] [9pg] [9pg] |
[9pg] [9pg] [ah] [wah] | y [ah] y a d [ah] j [8of] | w u w 8 w [tu] |
| e u [ulx] f [skz] f [jl] f 0 r |
[hk] a [ogj] a [fh] a [qgj] t i t [wah] r [og] r |
[8u] ofoy odot oso[r7] o 6 0 |
| [sf] u [tad] u [ps] u 3 7 |
[oa] r [wip] r [uo] u [48ip] | o i o | 5 wty wtyi wyio wyio |
[5y]iod [wy]iod | [5o]dgh [wo]dgh |
[5d]ghz [wd]ghz | [5h]zcv [wh]zcv | [5h]kzv [1h]kzv |
[1hx] w | [uhx] w 8 w [uhx] w [jc] [2jc] |
e [ijc] e 9 [jc] [ejc] [jc] [ijc] [jc] | [ejc] |
[kv] [wkv] y [akv] y a d [kv] [lb] [shx] |
[DJV] Z J h [ijc] l j h [pdw] a o 5 |
[18hx] w [uhx] w 8 [w8hx] [w8hx] [w8hx] |
[w8hx] [w8hx] [w8hx] [w8hx] |
[kv] [wkv] y [akv] y a d h [kv] | [lb] [tkx] |
o f h s j l c v [av] k z b [thx] | o f h s j l c v [av] k z b | [18hx]

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