Everything’s Alright – Laura Shigihara

to sd foso, [ra]uo [afh] [osf],
[8s]wt[yd] [fu]t[os]8 [7oa]0 w [rah] [oaf],
[0wtu], s f [7rw], af [qet], fdf [qet h] fd[wry],
[1u] 5 [0s] [1f] [7ruo], a f [8tip], fdf [epsh]fd [woad],
[yig]ipd gi[pj], [tu f]ups fu[ph],[0ets],[ps]df [qtos]psa [wroa],
[yig]ipd g [yj] [eusf], [sf]fh [eti s], sdf [eti s]psa [wypad],
sdfh[qij]-tu[ia] iut[qy]r [yj][ij][pk]lk [0oah] [uo] w [eps]uop.
[ps][ad][sf]f[9dp]gg y9f,[9dg]-f-g [9og] [9f]-f-[1f]589080wr,
s-sdfh[qij]-tu[ia] iut[qy]r [yj][ij][pk]lk [0oah] [uof] 0 [qek]jh
g [9f]eys-[8s]wus[qs][tf]udwys [ts]osdfo.
fg [4f]eys-[3s]wus[6s][0f]udwys [1s]osdfoso uo[[1s] f h k l]

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