Misa no Uta – (Death Note)

[pe] | [i9] [peq] o [u8] [t0] [9u] [9u] [eq] [eq] y [eqy9] y p p p i | e y u i o u P P p o p | p s P o P p i | p o t p o u t u y y [p9] [seq] [eqP] [o*] [0eP] [0ep] [p9] [qep] [qeO] O [p9] [qe] [qe] [9i] [peq] [eqo] [i*] [0eT] [0eu] [u9] [eq] [eq] y [yeq9] | [t8] [0wy] [0wu] [i^] [0E] [0EP] [p6] [90] [90O] [6p] [0*] O [p5] [p4] [6qs] [6qP] [o5] [Pw^] [^wp] [i6] [8q] [8q] ^ [9q] [9q] [wyoE] u [Eiw9] p [PEw8] [s6] [80] [80s] [D9] [Qtd] s [dtQ] [Ew9] p [9wsE] [9wEP] [9woE] [wtup] 8 0 q e t [wyE] p [sywE] [EP9y] [E9yo] [i8] [et] [et] [u8] [0E] [0E] [i4] [eq] [eq] 1 [eq] [eq] 4 [eq] [eq] 1 [eq] [eq] | [*1$] I i I y [Oi913] I O [p*6@] p I S s P [p863] o p [iy986] o [o3] [7&] [7&] 3 [7&] [7&] [37&y]
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