A Contract (Death’s Gambit)

Kyle Hnedak 4 December 2020

[sh] j f k| |[ha] j f z| |lk[ji] [sh] [jf] k||h fd[uf] adfhklk|||u|a|[qp]tiopsf| |df[wd]yospa| |asaou60etyodohdhjlkhfwod| |s 0wtuoa|||[ure0]| |p d f 6 0 [se] t [yp] p d f 5 0 [wh] e [rf] p s d 4 [s8] [qp] [wd] e s p a 5 [s9] [wa] [to]pr| |[a6][p0][ue][tp] y u u[ywra]sau[a4][p8][uq][wp] e r u[ywr0]|[spkhf]jf[ojfa]| |f[oka]lzx[tqihe]jhls f [ge9]| |[o7]pod|3 [e70] y u 48qw[se]wq8[p4]8[qp]w[ed] f wyop[ha]poy[wf]y[oh]p[sj]a[ok]y9eyipiye[uof2]6[oh9]q[pje]q[ka9]q370wetrt[yr5] u u o [p4]8qwe0etu f h j [w5]ruoa [we]|r|u [ur3]70ereryu| |[urW30]70ru|||[up] d upf 6 e [u0]ps e [yup0] [pe] [d0] [to]sf 4 8 [qoh] w [ofe] [wp] [se] [wd] 1 [u5]os [p8] [u5]od 0 [u5]os [p8] [y5]oa 7 [s5] [a7] [o9][ypo]w [p9] [wod] [u9]pf 6 0 [ue]ps 0 [yutp] [p0] [ed] [o0]sf 5 0 [wo]sfh e [rf] [ed] [rf] [he]dfj$ 9 e 9 y [f9]jl[uk] y [spjf2] 6 9 6 9 [e6] [y9] [u6] 4 8 [tq] 8 [qe] [p8] [qd] [f8] 5 0 [ws] e [ro] [se] [ra] [ue]opa 6 3 [s6]h 3 [p8]sg 3 [pf6] 3 [og3] 8 [wof] 8 [wof] 8[od]3 [s8] [so4] 8 q 8 e 8 q|[s5] [a9] [ws] [ed] r o|p 6 0 e t y| |6 0 e

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About This Music Sheet

A Contract (Death’s Gambit) is a song by Kyle Hnedak. Use your computer keyboard to play A Contract (Death’s Gambit) on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:40, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song A Contract (Death’s Gambit) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano.


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    Level: 5
    Length: 03:00
    The End of Immortality (Death’s Gambit)

    Kyle Hnedak


  • [i4]g[i4][g4] [g4][i4][g4][i4]g[i4][g4] [s8][s8][a7][i4]g[i4][g4] [g4][i4][g4][i4]g[i4][g4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O[i4]i[O4][P4] [s8][s8]t[a7]r[i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O4i[O4][i4]P4[s4]i[g4] [iO4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4]g[i4][TP!]S[T!]g[T!] [T!][T!]S[T!][so5]h[o5]h[o5] [o5][o5]h[o5][sH8]l[s8]g[s8]h[f8]s[f8][H8][iO4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4]g[i4][TP!]S[T!]g[T!] [T!][T!]S[T!][so5]h[o5]h[o5] [o5][o5]h[o5][sH8]l[s8]g[s8]h[f8]s[f8][H8][si4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4][sg][i4][TS!]S[T!]g[T!] [TO!][TS!]S[gT!][oh5]h[o5]h[o5]g[o5][so5]h[o5][sf8][lg][sh8]g[sh8] [sf8]s[lf8][sH8][i4]g[i4][sg][i4]S[i4][si4]g[i4][aT!]S[T!]g[T!]o[T!][T!]S[oT!]O[oP5]h[o5][ih][o5]O[o5][o5]h[oi5][ut8][si][to8]i[to8] [ut8]t[us8][O8][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s8][s8][a7][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s8][s8][a7][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O[i4]i[O4][P4] [s8][s8]t[a7]r[i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O4i[O4][i4]P4[s4]i[g4] [i4]g[i4][g4] [g4][i4][g4][i4]g[i4][g4] [s8][s8][a7][i4]g[i4][g4] [g4][i4][g4][i4]g[i4][g4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O[i4]i[O4][P4] [s8][s8]t[a7]r[i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O4i[O4][i4]P4[s4]i[g4] [iO4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4]g[i4][TP!]S[T!]g[T!] [T!][T!]S[T!][so5]h[o5]h[o5] [o5][o5]h[o5][sH8]l[s8]g[s8]h[f8]s[f8][H8][iO4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4]g[i4][TP!]S[T!]g[T!] [T!][T!]S[T!][so5]h[o5]h[o5] [o5][o5]h[o5][sH8]l[s8]g[s8]h[f8]s[f8][H8][si4]g[i4]g[i4] [i4][i4][sg][i4][TS!]S[T!]g[T!] [TO!][TS!]S[gT!][oh5]h[o5]h[o5]g[o5][so5]h[o5][sf8][lg][sh8]g[sh8] [sf8]s[lf8][sH8][i4]g[i4][sg][i4]S[i4][si4]g[i4][aT!]S[T!]g[T!]o[T!][T!]S[oT!]O[oP5]h[o5][ih][o5]O[o5][o5]h[oi5][ut8][si][to8]i[to8] [ut8]t[us8][O8][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s8][s8][a7][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s8][s8][a7][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [g4][i4][g4][qi4]g[qi4][qg4] [s%][s%][s%][s%][g%][s^][i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O[i4]i[O4][P4] [s8][s8]t[a7]r[i4]i[O4][P4] [i4][i4]q[o4]O4i[O4][i4]P4[s4]i[g4]

    Level: 5
    Length: 02:12
    Rhythmortis (Crypt of the NecroDancer)

    Danny Baranowsky

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    Level: 6
    Glassy Sky (Tokyo Ghoul)

    Amanda Lee

  • f h G d f a | f h G a f h k | x z k h jkj f | f k j d Gfdf | f h G d f a | f h G | a f h k | x z k h jkj f | f k j d Gfdf | f h G d f a | f h G z kjk | x z k h | jkj f | f k j d Gf | f h G d f a | f h G d apa | x z k h jkj f | f k j d Gfdf
    Level: 3
    Lugia’s Song (Pokemon)

    Ralph Schuckett