The End of Immortality (Death’s Gambit)

Kyle Hnedak 4 December 2020

[ki] l h j| |
gh[ki] [pl] [sh] [zf]| l|
k [uj] [ok] [fa] [hd]| |
u o a d|
s a [qa] [se] [to] [up]| |
io[qa] [se] [to] [ud]|
s a s [f0] [wa] [ro] y| |
[u6] 0 w t| |
[qp] e [tf] y q e [tf] [yp]
[qf] e t y [qf] edt [ys]
[wa] r [yf] u w r [yf] [us]
[wa] r y u w r y u
[ji] p [xs] d i p [xs] [jd]
[xi] p s d [xi] pzs [ld]
[ok] a [xd] f o a [xd] [zf]
[zo] a d f h|||y u o
[p4] 8 q [u8] [oe] [p8] q|
[a5] 9 [wo] [ue] [us] [ta]| y
[p6] 0 e [ut] o p o| 8 w t y u|
f h [ypji]||f h j||
uoaf h l k| j| [spi]|||oaf| |0|||
37[u0] fd4 8 [qp] [wf] [d5] [o9] w|
[t6]oas[a0] [se] [d0]ot [s0] [f3] [d8]
4 8 [sq] [wf] [d5] 9 wo
[ute8]| p| a| o u [60]| |[yws7] a o|
[ute6]| p| a| hfd[use]| |[wua]| |
[sf]| j| k| h f [od]| |l k j x fgJx| |
[igfPE]| d| [uraI]|||
[qa7]|||[u60]| p| a| o u| |s a o| 6

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About This Music Sheet

The End of Immortality (Death’s Gambit) is a song by Kyle Hnedak. Use your computer keyboard to play The End of Immortality (Death’s Gambit) on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 03:00, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song The End of Immortality (Death’s Gambit) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano.


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    Level: 7
    Length: 02:40
    A Contract (Death’s Gambit)

    Kyle Hnedak


  • s|D|D| |h|g h l| |8|(|(| |w|q w t||w qwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtwqwtw[q1]wtwqwtwqwtwqwtw[tq]wtw[qY]wtw[qY]wtwqwtw[t8310]wtw[u0]wtw[u0]wtw0wtw[[email protected](]wtw[Y(]wtw[Y(]wtw(wtw[r954]wrw[y9]wrw[y9]wrw9wrw[tq]wtw[qY]wtw[qY]wtwqwtw[t8310]wtw[u0]wtw[u0]wtw0wtw[[email protected](]wtw[Y(]wtw[Y(]wtw(wtw[r954]wrw[y9]wrw[y9]wrw9wrw[tq1]wtw[qgY]w[th]w[qlY]wtwqwtw[t8310]wtw[uf0]w[th]w[ul0]wtw0wtw[[email protected](]wtw[YD(]w[th]w[lY(]wtw(wtw[r954]wrw[yh9]w[rk]w[zy9]wrw9wrw[tq1]wtw[qgY]w[th]w[qlY]wtwqwtw[t8310]wtw[uf0]w[th]w[ul0]wtw0wtw[[email protected](]wtw[YD(]w[th]w[lY(]wtw(wtw[r954]wrw[yh9]w[rk]w[zy9]wrw9wrw[q1]wtw[[email protected]]wtw[[email protected]]wtwqwtw[10]wtw[30]wtw[30]wtw0wtw[1(]wtw[@(]wtw[@(]wtw(wtw[97]wrw[92]wrw[92]wrw9wrw[q1]wtw[[email protected]]wtw[[email protected]]wtwqwtw[10]wtw[30]wtw[30]wtw0wtw[1(]wtw[@(]wtw[@(]wtw(wtw[97]wrw[92]wrw[95]w[r4]w[@9]w[r2]w[tq81][w5][t8][w5][qY4][w5][t8][w5][qY4][w5][t8][w5][q4][w5][t8][w5][t8310][w5][t8][w5][u30][w5][t8][w5][u30][w5][t8][w5][30][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][@(][w5][t8][w5][r95][w5][r7][w5][y92][w5][r7][w5][y92][w5][r7][w5][92][w5][r7][w5][tq81][w5][t8][w5][qY4][w5][t8][w5][qY4][w5][t8][w5][q4][w5][t8][w5][t8310][w5][t8][w5][u30][w5][t8][w5][u30][w5][t8][w5][30][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][[email protected](][w5][t8][w5][@(][w5][t8][w5][r95][w5][r7][w5][y92][w5][r7][w5][y92][w5][r7][w5][92][w5][r7][w5][ts1]585[YD4]585[YD4]5854585[oh831]585[ig3]5[oh8]5[sl3]5853585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]][email protected][oh5]575[ig2]5[oh7]5[ka2]5752575[ts1]585[YD4]585[YD4]5854585[oh831]585[ig3]5[oh8]5[sl3]5853585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]][email protected][ra5]57525[ts7]5[yd2]57525[YD7][yd5][ts1]585[YD4]585[YD4]5854585[oh831]585[ig3]5[oh8]5[sl3]5853585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]][email protected][slh1]5854585[sl4][ka5][oh8][ig5][oh4]5[PJ8]5[ohf831]58535[igd8]5[usf3]58535[s8][d5][[email protected]][d5][s8][o5][[email protected]][d5][D8][g5][[email protected]][g5][D8][d5][[email protected]]5[sD8]5[da5]5752575[oh5] [ig4] [[email protected]] [yd2] [slhD1]5854585[Z4][z5][l8][h5][g4]5[D8]5[sf831]5853[gd5][sf8][gd5][sh3]5853585[ts1%]585[[email protected]]585[[email protected]][email protected][oh5]575[ig2]5[oh7]5[ka2][ka][ka][ka][ka]5[ka][ka][ka][ka]7[ka][ka][ka][ka]5[ka][ka][ka][ka]2[ka][ka][ka][ka]5[ka][ka][ka][ka]7[ka][ka][ka][ka]5[ka][ka][ka][slhf1]wtwqwtwqwtwqwtw0wtw0wtw0wtw0wtw(wtw(wtw(wtw(wtw9wrw9wrw9wrw9wrw[tq]wtw[qY]wtw[qY]wtwqwtw[t0]wtw[u0]wtw[u0]wtw0wtw[t(]wtw[Y(]wtw[Y(]wtw(wtw[r9]wrw[y9]wrw[y9]wrw9wrw[tq]wtw[qY]wtw[qY]wtwqwtw[t0]wtw[u0]wtw[u0]wtw0wtw[t(]wtw[Y(]wtw[Y(]wtw(wtw[r9]wrw[y9]wrw[y9]wrw9wrw[t8]qwt|Y|Y| |[t8]0wt|u|u| |[t8](wt|Y|Y| |[s1]fhl

    Level: 7
    Length: 04:53
    Voidfish Duet (The Adventure Zone)

    Griffin McElroy

  • f asd sap psf dsa asd fs pp d gj hgf sfdsa asd f spp| 0 789 876 680 987 789 08 66 9 qe wq0 80987 789 0 866
    Level: 1
    Length: 01:00
    Super Easy


  • [sg] p [sg] p [gd] p [gd] p e p [fS] p [fS] p [fS] p [sg] p [sg] p [gd] p [gd] p e p [fS] p [hS] p [gS] f [usg] [pi] [usg] [tp] [ugd] [pi] [ugd] [tp] e p [fS6] p [fS6] [p6] [feS] [p6] [usg] [pi] [usg] [tp] [ugd] [pi] [ugd] [tp] e p [fS6] p [hS6] [p6] [geS] [pf] [sog] [pi] [sg] p [ogd] [pi] [gd] p [pT] [up] [feS] [p6] [fS6] [p6] [feS] p [sog] [pi] [sg] p [ogd] [pi] [igd] p [pT] [up] [feS] [p6] [hS6] [p6] 66
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    Length: 00:31
    Heathens (Alternative)

    Twenty One Pilots