Carry On Wayward Son

Kansas 27 August 2020

[je] [us] [fe] [uj] [ke] [id] [fe] [ki]
[le] [us] [fe] [us] [ke] [id] [fe] [id]
e u [tf] [uh] [th] [ul] o [uk]
w [yh] r [uh] q [tj]h[ge] t
e u [tf] [uh] [th] [ol] u [ok]
w [yh] r [yf] [wd] y r y
e u [tf] [uh] [th] [ol] u [ok]
w [yh] r [yh] q [je]h[tg]|
f d [utfe]|[ywrd] s [tsqe]|
e u [tp] [us] [wd] [ys] [ra] [yp]
[qp] t [pe] [to] [wp] y [ra] y
e u [tp] [us] [wd] [ys] [ra] [yp]
[qf] t [ed] [ts] [ws] y [rd] y
e i [yg] [ig] [tf] [od] [ud] [so]
[fE] i [yd] i E y t u
y p [ig] [pg] [tf] o [ud] [so]
[wo] y r y [wo] [yp] [ra] [yo]
6 0 [e8] [t0] [y5] [t9] [r7] [e9]
[e4] 8 [e6] [w8] [e5] 9 [r7] 9
6 8 [e6] [t8] [y5] [t9] [r7] [e9]
[u4] 8 [y6] [t8] [t5] 9 [y7] 9
6 q [i9] [qi] [u8] [yw] [y0] [wt]
[u^] q [y9] q ^ 9 8 0
9 e [qi] [ie] [u8] w [o0] w
[o5] 9 7 9 [o5] [p9] [a7] 9
6 0 [uf8] [oh0] [oh8] [wsl] 0 [wka]
5 [oh9] 7 [oh9] 4 [pj8][oh][ig6] 8
6 0 [uf8] [oh0] [oh8] [wsl] 0 [wka]
5 [oh9] 7 [uf9] [yd5] 9 7 9
6 0 [uf8] [oh0] [oh8] [wsl] 0 [wka]
5 [oh9] 7 [oh9] 4 [pj6][oh][ig8]|
[uf] [oh] [uf6]|[yd5]|[ts4]|
[jg4] [jg4] [p4]sg6j8qipsgjlcbmcv

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About This Music Sheet

Carry On Wayward Son is a song by Kansas. Use your computer keyboard to play Carry On Wayward Son music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:34, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Mark Chaimbers. The song Carry On Wayward Son is classified in the genres: Rock, USA on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Soft Rock.



  • [w80]|[w80]|[w80]|[w80]|[w80]|[w80]|[w80]| f d[ws80] df g[wh9]| fds[qa8] pa s[wo80]| poi[wu8] os f[qd] Sd p[wsq8] aa s[wd97]| f d[ws80] df g[wh9]| fds[qa8] pa s[wo80]| poi[u860] os f[d7]Sdg a[ws80]
    Level: 6
    Length: 00:27
    Do You Hear The People Sing (Les Miserables)


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    Level: 7
    Length: 03:44
    Yuri On Ice (Yuri!!! On Ice) (Alternative)

    Taro Umebayashi

  • [qh]WtY g|[oD]|[id]| [sY]| [wo]sf|||yad|||[u8] o[wu0]| u[i9]|[sqe] s| [o0] a[ywro]|o|[qO]|[tdW] d sd[f0] d[wsr] a|s[pe]|[upT] Pp u[y9]|[eQI]|p f[e5][uq] hs do|[u81] o[wur0]| [u1][i92]|[tsqe] s| [o30] a[wro]|o 3[qO4]|[tdW] d sd[f30] d[wsr] a|s[p6]|[wp0] Pp [u6][y92]|[eQI]|p f[we5]|5|[s%]|[wra60]| [wr0] 6[wr30]|[wr0]|[wr60] 3[wr60]| [wr0] 6[wf40]|[w0]|[s65]|[a40]|[te0]|[te0] 1[te50]|[te0]4[te0] 1[te40]|[te0]|[te0] 1[fe50] h[e0]s[e40]|[wra60]| [wr0] 6[wr30]|[wr0]|[wr60]|[ute2]|[ute]|[ute]|[ute2]|[ute]|[ute]|[utW3]|[utW]|[utW]|[utW0]|[utfW]d[utW] s[utqpe]|[utfe]d[ute] s[yrqWO]|[yrdW]|[ysrW]|[ywrf0]|[ywrh]|[ywrj]d[te0]|[tse0]|[te0]u[tie9]|[tpe9]|[tse9]|[raY(]|[rY(]|[raY(]p[yro0]a[yr0]d[yr0]|[wtsE8]|[wtfE8]d8 s[utqpe]|[utfe]d[ute] s[yrqWO]|[yrdW]|[yrW] s[ywrf0]|[ywrh]|[ywrj]k[eT0]| j|[h9]et| [og]sf|g|p f[weT0]|||[d9]|||[wur80] ou| u[tqie9]|s s| [ywro0] ao|o|[ytqWO]|d d sd[ywrf0] ds a|s[wpT0]|p Pp u[yteQ9]|I|p f5qe hs dz|h| 5|[u8] o[wur0]|[wr0] [u8][i9]|[tsqe] s[tqe] 9[o0] a[ywro]|[ywro] 0[qO]|[ytdW] d[ytW]sd[uf0] d[ywsr] a[ywr] s[p6]|[wpT0] P[wpT0] [u6][y9]|[teQI]|[tpeQ] f[wq5]eu [w5]|[tqed5]|[usqe]|y|t|[wr4]|[te]|[qe]|[w30]|7qwr[wrf0]|[th]|[ra0]|[wP(]Ey t|E|[[email protected]]|E|[w(]|[85](wE

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:04
    Love Like You (Steven Universe) (Intermediate)

    Rebecca Sugar