HERO Summer Stardust Version (Hitorijime My Hero)

Takeshi Senoo 4 May 2021

p s d [yif] d s [uda]||f [ueS] a| |p s d [yif] d s [uda]||h f [ueS]| |p s d [yif] d s [uda]||f [ueS] a| |f j k [uspl] z l k [jda]|f j e u a s f j x b x||[qa] u p f u p s u [wta] u p f u p s u [ta0] u p f u p s u [tqa]||s p| |[a6] [u0] [pe] [rf] [ut] [pe] [sr] u [a5] [u9] [wp] [rf] [ut] [pe] [sr] u [a4] [u8] [qp] [wf] [ue] [tp] [se] u [yq85]ia|s p| |p s d [yf9] d s [ud0]||f S a 6 0 r e|p s d [yfe9] d s [urd0]||h f S 6 0 r t|p s d [yfe9] d s [urd0]||f S a 6 0 r t|f j k [tqli] z l k [ywoj]|f j 6 0 r t| |[ke] f j x f j l f [wk] f j x f j l f [kQ] f j x f j l f [qk]||l j| |[spk] f j x f j l f [oka] f j x f j l f [pkI] f j x f j l f|xzlkjklzv z x [pjf]zxb

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About This Music Sheet

HERO Summer Stardust Version (Hitorijime My Hero) is a song by Takeshi Senoo. Use your computer keyboard to play HERO Summer Stardust Version (Hitorijime My Hero) on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:09, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song HERO Summer Stardust Version (Hitorijime My Hero) is classified in the genres: Manga, Songs From TV on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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    Level: 6
    Length: 01:14
    Cool and Hot Nightfall (Hitorijime My Hero)

    Takeshi Senoo

  • C|x b C|||z|L z j f d p S d p| |p j f d d||o I y r e u e r y u o p f|||a d f||G j|G f f G d f a||a d f||f|G j k G|d|p|G j k|z|L|k|j|G|d|d f G|f d d|d|d|||p|d|S|a||a|p p I p| |p d S a|a|p p I p| |o I u||u I a I u||u|I u y p|||a d f||G j|G f f Gd f a a d f|f|G j k G||f|G j k|z|L k j|G|d|d f G|f d d||d| |G j k||z|L|k|j||G|d z|||d|f G|f d d||d||d|||j| |k z L j| |j z v C z j h G d p o||d

    Level: 1
    Length: 01:24
    Super Easy
    Itsumo Kokoro Ni (Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha)

    Takeshi Senoo


  • 6 0 t q t p 9 t p 0 r O 6 0 t q t p 9 t p 3 % 0 W [ur] O a f H k x|||[j6] 0 t 6 0 t 6 0 t 6 [l0]z[xt]c[x%] 0 r % 0 [zr]l[k%] 0 r [f%] [k0] [zr] [k5] 0 r 5 0 r 5 0 [rl]z[x5] 0z[rl]z[j$] 9 e $ 9 e $ 9 e [j$] [k9] [le] [x4] [z9]l[ze] 4 9 e 4 9 e [z4] [l9]z[xe]c[x6] 0 t 6 0 t 6 0 t [z6] [l0] [zt] [x4] 9 e 4 9 e [c4] [x9] [ze] [l4] 9l[ze]l[k3] 7 W 3 7 [lW]z[x3] 7 W 3 7 [jW]k[lf6] 0[kd]t [ha6] [sj0] [tkd] [sj6] 0 [ta]s[h6] 0 t [lf%] 0[kd]r [ha%] [sj0] [rkd] [sj%] 0 r [ha%] 0 [rj]k[lf5] 0[kd]r [ha5] [sj0] [rkd] [sj5] 0 r 5 0f[rj]k[lf$] 9[kd]e [ha$] [sj9] [ked] [sj$] 9 e [ha$] 9 e [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9se [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9de [s6] [d0] [tf] [sh6] 0s[tf]h[sj6] [kd0] [tlf] [kd6] 0[ha]t [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9se [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9de [s3] [d7] [fW] [sh3] 7s[fW]h[sj3] [kd7] [lfW] [zg3] [lf7] [kdW] [p6] 0sta0 [qpe8] qstaq [qp96] qstaq [dW70] 0sra0 [p6] 0sta0 [qpe8] qstaq [qp96] qatsq [dW70]|s[raW0]| [se84]a[s8]oe [ws83]a[s7]oe 8 w 8 [sq96]a[ws]oq [ws80]a[s0]ow 8 y 8 [se84]a[s8]oe [ws83]a[ws]o8 [a8]s[wd]f[pg9] [ofe][id]q[us][yaW]| 0 W u [f6]g[h0]f[tg]h[f6]g[h0]f[tg]h[f6]g[h0]f[th]f[g6]h[g0]f[td]s[a%]f[H0]a[rf]H[a%]f[H0]a[rf]H[a%]f[H0]a[rH]f[a%]f[H0]j[rH]f[s5]f[j0]s[rf]j[s5]f[j0]s[rf]j[s5]f[j0]s[rf]j[s5]j[h0]s[rg] [f$]g[h9]f[ge]h[f$]g[h9]f[ge]h[f$]g[h9]f[he]f[g$]h[g9]f[ed]s[p4]d[g9]p[ed]g[p4]d[g9]p[ed]g[p4]d[g9]p[ed]g[p4]g[f9]p[ed] [s6]f[j0]s[tf]j[s6]f[j0]s[tf]j[s6]f[j0]s[tj]f[s6]f[j0]l[tf]k[j4]d[g9]p[ed]g[p4]d[g9]p[ed]g[p4]d[g9]p[ge]p[d4]g[p9]j[he]g[a3]f[H7]a[fW]H[a3]f[H7]a[fW]H[a3]f[H7]a[WH]f[H3]f[H7]f[kW]H[x30]|||[j6] 0 t 6 0 t 6 0 t 6 [l0]z[xt]c[x%] 0 r % 0 [zr]l[k%] 0 r [f%] [k0] [zr] [k5] 0 r 5 0 r 5 0 [rl]z[x5] 0z[rl]z[j$] 9 e $ 9 e $ 9 e [j$] [k9] [le] [x4] [z9]l[ze] 4 9 e 4 9 e [z4] [l9]z[xe]c[x6] 0 t 6 0 t 6 0 t [z6] [l0] [zt] [x4] 9 e 4 9 e [c4] [x9] [ze] [l4] 9l[ze]l[k3] 7 W 3 7 [lW]z[x3] 7 W 3 7 [jW]k[lf6] 0[kd]t [ha6] [sj0] [tkd] [sj6] 0 [ta]s[h6] 0 t [lf%] 0[kd]r [ha%] [sj0] [rkd] [sj%] 0 r [ha%] 0 [rj]k[lf5] 0[kd]r [ha5] [sj0] [rkd] [sj5] 0 r 5 0f[rj]k[lf$] 9[kd]e [ha$] [sj9] [ked] [sj$] 9 e [ha$] 9 e [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9se [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9de [s6] [d0] [tf] [sh6] 0s[tf]h[sj6] [kd0] [tlf] [kd6] 0[ha]t [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9se [s4] [d9] [fe] [sh4] 9de [s3] [d7] [fW] [sh3] 7s[fW]h[sj3] [kd7] [lfW] [zg3] 7 [lfW][kd][lf6] 0 t q t p 9 t p 3 r O 6 0 t q t p 9 t p 3 O I [WO]| [te]

    Level: 6
    Length: 03:38
    Human (Parasyte: The Maxim)

    Ken Arai

  • [qe9] y [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe] p [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe]| [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut]| [wut] i [ywr]| [ywr]| [qe9] y [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe]| [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe] p [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr]op [ywro] iy [qe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut] p [wuto] io[ywr] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut] p [wuto] io[ywr] [ywrp] [ywr] [ywri] [yiE] [yiE] d s [tqe] i [tqe] o [wut] [wuti] o io[yqe] [yqpe] o i [yiE] [yiE] d s [tqie] i [tqe] o [wut] [wuti] o io[yqe] [yqpe] o i [yiE] [yiE] d s [tqie] i [tqe] io [wut] [wuti] [wuto] [wuti]o[yqe] [yqpe] [yqoe] [yqie] [yiE] [yiE] [yidE] [ysiE] [tqie] [tqie] [tqe] [tsqe] [upTS] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT][qe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut]| [wut] i [ywr]| [ywri]| [yqe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut]| [wut] i [ywr]| [ywro]i y [qe9] y [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe]| [wuto] i [wuto] i [ywro] p [ywro] i [yqe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe]| [wuto] i [wuto] i [ywro] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [uqe9] i [tqe]| [tqpe] o [wut]| [wut] i [ywr]| [ywr]| [qe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe] p [wuto] i [wuto] i [ywro] p [ywro] i [yqe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe] p [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr]o[ywrp] [ywro] [yie] [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tqe] [tqe] [pj] [oh] [wut] [wut] [uf] [ig] [yqe] [yqe] [ig]| [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tqe] [tqe] [pj] [oh] [wut] [wut] [uf] [ig] [yqe] [yqe] [ig]| [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tqe] [tqe] [pj] [oh] [wut] [wut] [uf] [ig] [yqe] [yqe] [ig]| [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tpi] [tpi] [pj] [oh] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT][qe9] y [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe]| [wuto] i [wuto] io[ywr] p [ywro] iy [qe9]| [yqe9] u [tqie] s [tqpe] p [wuto] i [wuto] io[yro]o[yrpo] [yro] [yie] [yiE] [yiE] d s [tqie] i [tqe] io [wut] [wuti] o io[yqe] [yqpe] o i [yiE] [yiE] [yidE] [ysiE] [tqie] [tqie] [tqe] [tqoe] [wut] [wuti] [wuto] [wuti]o[yqe] [yqpe] [yqoe] [yqie] [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tqe] [tqe] [pj] [oh] [wut] [wut] [uf] [ig] [yqe] [yqe] [ig]| [yiE] [yiE] [uf] [ig] [tqe] [tqe] [pj] [oh] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT] [upT]
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:45
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams

    Green Day

  • 1[50]5[50]8[50]([50]w[50]t[750]Y[750][4Wi][5625]Y[5625]i[375][^yi][375]i[375]P[375]O[375][@Eo][1875]i[375]o[4825]2[375][1Yo][750]P[750][4Os][5625]i[5625]Y[375][^yP][375]P[375]o[375]P[375][%YP][5625]s[24375]t[1175]W[1175]([1175]8[470][8Yos][235]t[235][8osD][235]t[235][4etg][235]q[1175][4etD][235]q[1175][4g][235][^Pdg][235][Eg][235][^PdJ][235][EH][235][(PDh][1175]g[1175]Y[1175][(PDh][235]Y[1175]([235][8sDh][235]t[235][8sDJ][235]t[235][4gHl][235]q[1175][4Osg][235]q[1175][4D][235][^PdJ][235][EPdJ][235][^Pdh][235][EPdJ][235][8dgJ][3525][tDhl][235][29][235][@(][470][oD][235][(P][1175][EP][1175]Y[235]E[235]([235]D[235][^sD][3525][dg][3525][^yP][1175]q[1175][EyP][235]q[235]^[235]P[235][18sDh][235]8[1175][tH][235]w[1175][8h][235][^Pdg][235]^[1175][ED][235]q[1175][^g][235][%WsDh][3525]H[3525][Wh][1175]Y[1175][Os][235]Y[235]W[235]s[1175]d[1175][^EiPD][3525][iPD][3525][^iPd][1175]q[1175][EiPd][235]q[235]^[235]D[1175]g[1175][(YPDH][3525][(YPh][3525][9yPg][235][8toD][235]8[1175]w[1175]t[235][8h][235][9ypsh][3525]g[3525][9f][1175]e[1175][ypsg][235]w[1175]h[1175]9[235]s[235][5wps][470]w[235][wad][1175]y[1175][oad][235]y[235]w[470][@(][470][YoD][235][(P][1175][EYoP][1175]Y[235]E[235]([235]D[235][^YsD][3525][idg][3525][^EyP][1175]q[1175][EyP][235]q[235]^[235][EP][235][18oDh][235]8[1175][tOgH][235]w[1175][8oDh][235][^idg][235]^[1175][EYsD][235]q[1175][^idg][235][%WsDh][3525][OsH][3525][WEh][1175]Y[1175][tOs][235]Y[235]W[235]s[1175]d[1175][^EiPD][3525][iPD][3525][^iPd][1175]q[1175][EiPd][235]q[235]^[235]D[1175]g[1175][(YPDH][3525][(YPh][3525][9yPg][235][8toD][235]8[1175]w[1175]t[235][8oh][235][9yosh][3525][ig][3525][9uf][1175]e[1175][yisg][235]e[1175][oh][1175]9[235][OH][235][5woadh][470][5wk][783]h[783]d[783]a[783]d[783]h[783][5wl][783]j[783]g[783]s[783]g[783]j[783][5wdhkz][470][WsD][235]t[1175][OsD][235]t[1175][Wd][235][WsD][235]t[1175][OsD][235]t[1175][Wd][235][wPg][235]E[1175][oPg][235]E[1175][Dw][235][8id][235]w[1175][tYs][235]w[1175][8d][235][qOD][235]t[1175][iOD][235]t[1175][qd][235][^Og][1175]q[235][Ei][1175]d[235][^Ys][235][^ETiP][470][^EoDh][470][@(OgH][470][@(PhJ][470][WsD][1175]Y[1175]O[1175][sD][1175]O[1175]Y[1175][Wd][1175]Y[1175][WsD][1175]Y[1175]O[1175][sD][1175]O[1175]Y[1175][Wd][1175]Y[1175][wPg][1175]y[1175]o[1175][Pg][1175]o[1175]y[1175][wD][1175]y[1175][8id][1175]w[1175]t[1175][YoD][1175]t[1175]w[1175][8g][1175]w[1175][9Osh][1175]W[1175]y[1175][iH][1175]y[1175]W[1175][9h][1175]W[1175][9Osg][1175]W[1175]y[1175][iD][1175]y[1175]W[1175][9g][235][wyosh][235]o[1175]s[1175][wyd][1175]h[1175]J[1175]z[1175][5whkv][3525][5wjlb][3525][5wkzn][235][18lZm][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDhZ][235]8[235][4qgHc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235]q[1175][tigc][235][^EgHc][235][Egc][1175]i[1175][PJB][235][EHV][235][@(hJv][1175][gc][1175]([1175][EYhZv][235]([1175][EY][235][18hZv][235]8[1175]w[1175][tJB][235]8[235][4qlVm][235]q[1175][tigc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235][^Edgz][235][Edgz][1175]i[1175][PsDl][235][Edgz][235][@(gHc][1175][DhZ][1175]([1175][EYDhZ][3525]2[235][8tYs][235]8[1175]w[1175][toY][235]8[235][4qOg][235]q[1175][ioY][235]t[1175][qOg][235][^Edg][235][^dg][1175]q[1175][EdJ][235][^dH][235][(YDh][1175][dg][1175]([1175][YDh][235]E[1175]([235][8tDh][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDJ][235]8[235][4qHl][235]q[1175][ig][235]t[1175][qD][235][^EdJ][235][^dJ][1175]q[1175][EPh][235][^dJ][235][8tdJ][3525][8tDl][3525]w[235][18sDl][235]8[1175]w[1175][tDhZ][235]8[235][4qgHc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235]q[1175][tigc][235][^Egzc][235][Egc][1175]i[1175][PJB][235][EHV][235][@(hZv][1175][gc][1175]([1175][EYhZv][235]([1175][EY][235][18hZv][235]8[1175]w[1175][tJB][235]8[235][4qlVm][235]q[1175][tigc][235]q[1175][tiDZ][235][^EJzB][235][^EJzB][235][5whJv][235][^EJzB][235][^EJzB][3525][8tlZm][1175]

    Level: 9
    Length: 02:55
    A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Yoko Takahashi