Little Do You Know

Alex & Sierra 10 September 2020
  • TYPE

[yd]| |
fdsa[eup]| s d [qtid] s s s
[8wth] f| d [wyo]| fdsa[eup]| s d [qtid] s s s
[8wth] f| d [wyo]| lkjk[eupj] h j h [qtij] h j k
[8wtl]| f d [wyo]| fdsa[qtip] s [qti]| [qti]|
fdsa[wyop] d [wyo]| [wyo]|
[wyof]dsa[ep] u [ps] d [qd] [ts] [is] s
[8sh] [wf] t [od] w y [of]dsa[ep] u [ps] d [qd] [ts] [is] s
[8sh] [wf] t [od] w ys[ol]kjk[ej] [uh] [pj] h [qj] [th] [ij] k
[8sl] [wf] t [od] w y [of]dsa[qp]
[ts] i t [qi] t [if]d[ts]a[wp]
[yd] o y [wof] y o f
[8osf] w t [wf] [8osf] w t ws[4qsg] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s
[8osf] w t [wh] [8osf] w t [ws] [4qsg] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s
[8osf] w t [wh] [8osf] w t [ws] [4qsg] [sg][sg] [sg][sg] fd s
[euf]| [woh]| [qyd]| [tuf]| [4quos]| |
fdsa[6p] [0s] [es] d [4ipd] [8s] [qs] s
[8sh] [wf] t [od] 5 9 [wof]dsa[6p] [0s] [es] d [4ipd] [8s] [qs] s
[8sh] [wf] t [od] 5 9 [wos]apa[6up] [0o] [ep] o [4p] [8o] [qp] a
[8uos] w [tu] y 5 9 [wof]dsa[4qp] [8s] q 8 [4q] 8u[qf]d[8s]a[5wp] [9d] w 9 [5wuof] 9 w s
[18uos] 5 8 [8s] [1uos] 5 8 8s[48qipd] [ipd][ipd] [ipd][ipd] sp s
[18uos] 5 8 [8s] [1uos] 5 8 [8s] [48qipd] [ipd][ipd] [ipd][ipd] sp s
[18uos] 5 8 [8s] [1uos] 5 8 [8s] [48qipd] [ipd][ipd] [ipd][ipd] sp s
[euf]| [woh]| [qyd]| [tuf]| [4quos]| |
jk[pfl]| [odh]| [ipd]| [uosf]| [qtios]| |
o [eo]| [ws]| [qof] d [tos]| [4qipd] sp||
o fdsa[qp] [ts] i t i ufdsa[wp] [yd] o y o

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About This Music Sheet

Little Do You Know is a song by Alex & Sierra. Use your computer keyboard to play Little Do You Know music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:30, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song Little Do You Know is classified in the genre of Pop on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Love Songs.


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    Level: 6
    Length: 03:54
    Firework (Intermediate)

    Katy Perry

  • [utqpe]|a|s [sp][utohe]||f| u o[ha]|[ywr]|a|r|[ywr0]|| y 0 [rp] o [utqpe]|a t s|[utokfe]|| s|u|[of]|[ywr]|[ha]|r y [ywro0]|| r[uf] d [s0] a [tp4]|[ta] 8 [tsq]|[sph6]|| [spf] 0 t 6 [oha]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 3| 7 0 w r| [p3] o [tp2] 6 [ta9] q [tse]|[sf6]|| [shf] 0 t 6 [of]|5|[oha] 9 w 5 [uoa3]|| 7 [uo][wf] d [s3] a [tp4] 8 [tqa4] e [ts]|[sph6]|| [spf0] [te] 6 0 [oha]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 3| 7 0 7 w 3p o [tp2] 6 [ta9] q [tse]|[us6]|| [sh0]|t 6 [of]|5|[oha] 9 w 5 [uoa3]|| 7 [uo][wf] d [s3] a [up4]|[ua] [84] [tsqi4] 4 [tsphe6]|| [spf0]|t 6 [oa]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 [30]| [73] 0 7 w 3 p [o3] [up4]|[uta] [84] [tsq4]|[usf6]|| [shf0]|t 6 [of]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 [uo30]|| [73] [wuof] d [s73] a [usp4]|[ua] [84] [tsqi4] 4 [sphe6]|| [spf0]|t 6 [oa]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 [p3]|| [o73]|w 7 [p3] o [utp92]|[uta] 6 [ts9]|[usfe6]|| [shf0]|t 6 [uof]|5|[oa] 9 w 5 [uoa30]|| [73] [wuof] d [s73] a [p840]||[uo]fdsa [woa60]| o o [ua] s [ua]|5 9 w r y|3|| 7 s [wf] f [h3]|[sp4] 8 q e t p [if4]| [d6] 0 e [uts] e|6 as[oa5] 9 w r y|3| 7 0 w [rof] d [s3] a [tqpie]| [pi]f d s a [utoea]|o o a s a|[ywr]| r y w 0|| w s [rf] f [h0]|[utsqe]| t u [qp] f|[utoed]| s t u e as[ywra]| y r w 0|| w|r|y| [qe] [usj] a [sl] [utoe]| f u|[ywr] [ha]|[wr0]| 0 po[utqpe] [ka] [sl] [utoe]| h u [xf] [ywr] h|[ha] [ywr0]| [yxhf][zd][sl][ka][tqpje] [ka] [sl] [utokhe]|[hf] u|[ywr] [ha]| [wr0]| 0 po[qpe9] a [sl] [utofe]|t u [ofa] [ywr]| a [ywr0]
    Level: 8
    Length: 02:12
    Jocelyn Flores


  • khfaor[pe6] [ra] [ts5] [uf] [pj$] [Q$]*$4 [ka]4[sl@] [zd]@[zd2] [ZD]7[kLGC7] [kLG7]7[kLG][kLG][kZLG7]|||[pj] [oh][ig][uspf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr]w[ywd5]9[uf][ig5][oh][uf6] 6[uspf][e6]0[usp6]3[x3]ljf[s730]pus[f2]s[p3]u[t4]e[t50][ute4][q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]55[ywr5]5[ra]w[ts][ywd5]9[ts5][ra6][pe6] [pj6] [khda7]5[yroa7]9w[slhf1] [s851] [z2]jgd[p962]y[uspf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr]w[ywd5]9[uf][ig5][oh][uf6] 6[uspf][e6]0[usp6]3[x3]ljf[s730]pus[f2]s[p3]u[t4]e[t50][ute4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]55[ywr5]5[ra]w[ts][ywd5]9[ts5][ra6][pe6] [pj6] [khda7]5[yroa7]9w[slhf1] [s81]5[z2]jgd[p962]y[uroa1] [851][wr0][81]5[wr10]22[wr0][92]6[peQ][ra6][ts9][yd6][ra3] 0[wr0][30]7[wr30]77[wr0]75[pe9][ra5][ts7][yd5][ra1] [85][wr0][81]5[wr10]22[wr0][IG92][oh][qpj]6[oh9][IG6][oh3] [uf30]70wrw[xf2]6[zd9]6[slQ]696[ka4]8 8[wsl]8[zed]8[zd3]7[sl0]w[rka]w07[ka6]3[pj6]8[pj0]e0e59w9e9w9[ka$]Q$[sl4][q4][zd8]4[zd3]0[sl7]3[ka@] (^[sl6] [zd6] [xe60]lj[f6]sps[f5]put[u95]t[e0]0[85]60t[u8650]4[yd4]1468[uqf]86[ig4]1[ig5]2[uf5]79[ywd]9752[uf3]7357[ig0]75[oh3]7[oh3]7[ig3]57[uf0]7537[IG@] [@(]^@[oh2] [pj92]6[pj!] [oh*!]%[oh1] [IG81]51[ya7]u[I7$]o[p1]o[p851]a[s2]a[s962]d[f@]G[h@(]j[ka6] 6[pj]6 [ph6][pg]6[ph][pf6] 6 66[k6][xk]v[xh]kha[h6]faoaou[r6]u[wo]rw0[76]06 66[ur6]0wuo[u6]rwruo[a6]ouoaf[a6]ouoa[f6]hfao[a6]adh[j6]hk|6jhGf[D6]d[s6]a[pj5] [woh5][ig][uspf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr] [ywd5]9[uf][ig5][oh][uf6] [usp64]%[x%]ljf[sW(%]pup[f5]put[e5]0et[yd$!][uf][igQ$][oh][uf4] [q84][uspf][q4]8[uspf4]5[yoda5]5[ka]w[sl][zwd5]9[sl5][ka6][sl6] [spj6] bxljfsut[e6]|||[wka]yoy[pka]y[sol]y[wka]y[poj]y[oh]yoy[zdQ]yIy[zdI]y[xfI]y[zqd]tit[sli]t[kia]t[sl0]tut[upj]t[uka]t[sl(]tYt[kaY]t[pjY]t[pj4]8qe[tka]i[tsl]e[zw5]k[ywh]d[ya]o[wd5]ao[y5]rw[54][uof1] [81]5[uof8]0[wig]t[wuof]0[yod8]5[tso1]585[oh7]57 [oh9]wr[wpj]9[oh^]4^4[ig8]4[uf9]4[ig6]368[yd0]e[uf0]8[ig5]252[uf6]2[yd5]2[yd1] [ts81]5[uspf8]0wt[xt]lhf[ws]ou[f81]sou[t51]1[usof1] [wut850][wut850][wut0][wut810] [ig5]8[uof0]w[ytod]w[tso0]851[oh7]479[woh]rw97[pj5]7[oh^] 4^4[ig8]4[uf9]4[ig6]3680[yed]08[uf6]5[ig5] [w5]9[wuf5]9[yd5]4[tsi4] [q4]8[tqi4] [84]5[roa5] 555kh[f5]a[o6]r[pe6] [ra6]5[ts5] [wuf5] [pj$] [Q$]$4 [ka]4[sl@] [zd@(][^@][zd2] [ZD92]6[kLGC7] [kLG7]7[kLG][kLG][kZLG7]|||[pj5] [woh5][ig][uspf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr]w[ywd5]9[uf][ig5][oh][uf6]f[usp6]%[x%]ljf[sW(%]pup[f5]put[e5]0et[yd$!][uf][igQ$][oh][spf4][q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]55[ywr5]5[ra]w[ts][ywd5]9[ts5][ra6][pe6] [pj6] [khda7]5[yroa7]9w[slhf1] [s81]5[z2]jgd[p962]y[xljf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr]w[zwd5]9[xf][gc5][vh][xf6] 6[uspf][e6]0[usp6]3[x3]ljf[s730]pu[s2]fs[p3]u[t4]e[t50][ute4][q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]55[ywr5]5[ra]w[ts][ywd5]9[ts5][ra6][pe6] [pj6] [khda7]5[yroa7]9w[slhf1] [s851] [z2]jgd[p962]y[uroa1] [851][wr0][81]5[wr10]22[wr0][92]6[peQ][ra6][ts9][yd][ra3]r[u30]oaf[urh0]hf[ka]o[30]r7oa[a7]or[w7][r7][e9][ra5][ts7][yd5][ra1] [85][wr0][81]5[wr10]22[wr0][IG92][oh][pj*]Q6[oh9][IG6][oh3] [uf30]70wrw[xf2]6[zd9]6[slQ]696[ka4]8 8[wsl]8[zed]8[zd3]7[sl0]w[rka]w07[ka6]36[pj]8[pj0]e0e59w9e9w9[ka$]Q$[sl4][q4][zd8]4[zd3]0[sl7]3[ka@] (^[sl6] [zd6] [xe60]lj[f6]sps[f5]put[wu95]t[e0]0[85]60t[u65]t[40]t[yd4]1468[uqf]86[ig4]1[ig5]2[uf5]79[ywd]97[y5]oad1hk[xf3]7357[gc0]75[vh3]7[vh3]7[gc3]57[xf0]7537[IG@] [@(]^[oh2] [pj92]6[pj!] [oh*!]%[oh1] [IG81]5[ya7]u[I7$]o[p1]o[p851]a[s2]a[s962]d[f@]G[h@(]j[ka6] 6[pj]6 [ph6][pg]6[ph][pf6] 6 66[k6][xh]v[xh]kha[h6]faoaou[r6]u[wo]rw0[76]066666[ur6]wruo[u6]rwruo[a6]ouoaf[a6]ouoaf[h6]fao[a6]ah[j6]k 6 kjhGf[D6]d[s6]a[pj5] [woh5][ig][uspf4] [q8][ute][q4]8[ute4]5[ywr5]5[wr]w[ywd5]9[uf][ig5][oh][uf6]f[usp6]%[x%]ljf[sW(%]pup[f5]put[e5]0et[yd$!][uf][igQ$][oh][uf4] [q84][uspf][q4]8[uspf4]5[yoda5]5[ka][sl][zd] [sl][ka][sl63] [spj] bxljfsaute086316

    Level: 8
    Length: 03:13
    Final Destination (Super Smash Bros)

    Nobuo Uematsu