My Country Tis of Thee

Samuel Francis Smith 10 September 2020

[utso]| [utso]| [qpid]| [ywoa]||[wspo] [woda]|
[tsof]| [spfe]| [qpgd]| [wsof]||[wida] [use]|
[qpid]| [wuso]| [ywoa]| [utso]| |
[tohf]| [uohf]| [ohf]| [tohf]||[togd] [tsof]|
[wogd]| [rogd]| [yogd]| [wogd]||[wsof] [woda]|
[tsof]| [tspg] [of] [tsid] [us] [tsof]||[yoga] [usoh]|
[sji] [pgd] [sof]| [wida]| [uts8]

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About This Music Sheet

My Country Tis of Thee is a song by Samuel Francis Smith. Use your computer keyboard to play My Country Tis of Thee on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 00:32, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Nova Nine. The song My Country Tis of Thee is classified in the genres: Classical, USA on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Folk.



  • [p6]|0|t|p|[a7]|[y0]|[ur]|O| [s8]|[ue]|[tp]|f|[f*]|[oe]|[pT]|o| [g9]|[ie]|[yf]|q d [s6]|[t0]|[ue]|p| [p4]|[y8]|[qi]|p|[p3]|[e7]|[y9]|O| | [p6]|[u0]|[tf]|d|[f7]|[yW]|[ur]|u| [p8]|[te]|[tf]|[ed]|[f*]|[oe]|[pT]|f| [g9]|[ie]|[yf]|[ed]|[s6]|[t0]|u|p| [s4]|[t8]|[qd]|4|[a3]|[y7]|[pW]|O| [p6]|[u0]|[tf]|[ed]|[O7] f|W|r|y| [p8]|e p t f e d [d*] f|e|[oT]|f| [p9] d g|e|[yf]|[ed]|[s6]|[t0]|[ue]|[p8]| [s4]|[p8]|[qd]|4|[O3] a f|7|W||| [sqj]|t|[ji]|s|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|a|0|[rf]|[yO]|s| e|[ua]|p|u|w|u|i|u| q|[tp]|[ji]|p|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|f|[a0]|[rj]|[yH]|j||| u| [p6]|[u0]|[rf]|[d0]|[O7] a f W|r|u| [p8]|e p t f 8 d [of*]|e|u|f| [p9] d g e|[yf]|9 d [s6]|[t0]|[ur]|[p6]| [s4]|8|[qd]|4|[ya3]|7|[O0]|3 u [p4]|[p0]|[u8] f d [O7] a f W|r|u| [p8]|[ue]|t f 8 d [of*]|e|[oT]|f| [p9] d g e|[yf]|e d [s6]|[t0]|[ue]|p| [s4]|[p8]|[qd]|4|[faO3]|7|0|3| [spj4]|8|[sqpj]|4|[OH3]|[pj7]|[ka%]|[sl0]| 6|[ka0]|[pje]|[ig9]|2|[oh6]|[qpj]|[pf6]| 3|[d8]|[s0]|[a3]|%|[f7]|[O9]|[s3]| 6|[a0]|[pe]|0|5|0|w|5| [spj4]|8|[sqpj]|4|[OH3]|[pj7]|[ka%]|[sl0]| 6|[ka0]|[tpj]|[ig9]|2|[oh6]|[qpj]|[pf6]| 3|[d8]|[s0]|f|[a3]|[j7]|[H9]|[j3]| 6|0|[se]|t|u| p|s| q|[us]|[ji]|s|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|a|0|[rf]|[yO]|s| e|[ua]|p| w|u|i|u| q|[us]|[ji]|s|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|f|0|[rj]|[yH]|j| e|u|a|s|w| [ua]|s| q|[ts]|[ji]|s|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|a|0|[rf]|[yO]|s| e|[ua]|[tp]|u|w|u|i|u| q|[ts]|[ji]|s|[H0]|[rj]|[kW]|[ul]| e|[uk]|[pj]|g|9|[he]|[ji]|f| 0|[td]|[us]|f|0|[rj]|[yH]||| [usje]
    Level: 6
    Length: 03:19
    When Love Falls


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    Level: 6
    Length: 02:31
    He’s a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    Klaus Badelt

  • [s6]u[y0]u[te]u[y0]u[s6]u[y0]u[te]u[y0]u[s2]i[u6]i[t9]i[u6]i[s2]i[u6]i[t9]i[u6]i[a5]y[t9]y[wr]y[t9]y[a5]y[t9]y[wr]y[t9]y[a8]u[yw]utu[yw]u[a8]u[yw]utu[yw]u[p4]i[u8]i[tq]i[u8]i[p4]i[u8]i[tq]i[u8]i[a7]i[uq]i[yr]i[uq]i[a7]i[uq]i[yr]i[uq]i[a3]p[O7]p[u0]p[O7]p[a3]p[O7]p[u0]p[O7]p[s6]p[O0]p[ue]p[O0]p[s6]p[O0]p[ea]p[O0]p[s6]uy[ut][tr]u[yt]u[s6]uy[ut][tr]u[yt]u[s2]iu[qi][t0]i[uq]i[s2]iu[qi][t0]i[uq]i[a5]yt[yr][se]y[tr]y[a5]yt[yr][pe]y[tr]y[a1]uy[u0][t9]u[y0]u[a1]uy[u0][t9]u[y0]u[p4]iu[ie][wt]i[ue]i[p4]iu[ie][wt]i[ue]i[a7]iu[yi][yt]i[yu]i[a7]iu[yi][yt]i[yu]i[a3]pO[pW][uQ]p[WO]p[a3]pO[pW][uQ]p[WO]p[s6]pO[p0][eTS]pop[d6]po[p0][feT]pop[g9]f[ed]f[ig]u[yp]e[P5] [j9] [hE]e[wg]9[f8]d[wf]g[uh]y[to]w[p4] [h8] [ge]w[qf]8[d^]s[qP]s[yd]tEq[d5]s[qP]s[dE]ew9[d3]s[^P]s[wd9]o[^O]g[f6] 0 [wT] [f0] [g9]f[ed]f[yig]h[je]p[P5] [j9] [whE] [g9]ghhgg[f8]d[ws]d[utf]g[wh]o[p4] [h8] [qge] [f8]fggff[d^]s[qP]s[ydE] [uq] [i5] [o9] [wPE] [d9] [S3] [o^] [wO9] [g^] [f6] 0 [wT]S[d0]f[j9]h[ge]f[yig]h[je]d[J5] [j9] [whE] [g9] [h8]g[wf]d[utf]g[wh]o[p4] [h8] [qge] [f8] [g^]f[qd]s[ydE]f[qg]P[h5] [g9] [wfE] [d9] [S3] ^S[wd9] [f^] [g6] [f0] [wgT] [h0] [j9][ge][yf][ug][yed][ig][yf][ge][j9][ge][yf][ug][yed][ig][yf][ge][J5][g9][wf][ge][wd9][gE][wf][g9][J5][g9][wf][ge][wd9][gE][wf][g9][h8][wf][td][yf][wts][uf][td][wf][h8][wf][td][yf][wts][uf][td][wf][j4][g8][qf][wg][sq8][ge][qf][g8][j4][g8][qf][wg][sq8][ge][qf][g8][g^][qd][sE][td][qPE][yd][sE][qd][g^][qd][sE][td][qPE][yd][sE][qd][h5][d9][ws][ed][wP9][dE][ws][d9][h5][d9][ws][ed][wP9][dE][ws][d9][h3][f^][d0][qf][^P0][wf][d0][f^][h3][f^][d0][qf][^P0][wf][d0][f^][h6][f0][ed][rf][eS0][fT][ed][f0][g6][f0][ed][rf][he0][fT][ed][f0][j9][ge][yf][ug][yed][ig][yf][ge][j9][ge][yf][ug][yhe][ig][yf][ge][J5][g9][wf][ge][wd9][gE][wf][g9][J5][g9][wf][ge][wj9][gE][wf][g9][h8][wf][td][yf][wts][uf][td][wf][h8][wf][td][yf][wtg][uf][td][wf][j4][g8][qf][wg][sq8][ge][qf][g8][j4][g8][qf][wg][qh8][ge][qf][g8][g^][qd][sE][td][qPE][yd][sE][qd][g^][qd][sE][td][qPE][yd][sE][qd][h5][d9][ws][ed][wP9][dE][ws][d9][h5][d9][ws][ed][wg9][dE][ws][d9][f3][d^][S0][qd][^P0][wd][S0][d^][f3][d^][S0][qd][g^0][wd][S0][d^][f6][p0][oe][rp][ue0][pT][oe][p0][f6][p0][oe][rp][ue0][pT][oe][p0][d4][i8][uq][wi][yq8][ie][uq][i8][s3][u7][y0][uQ][rW70]uyu[s6][u0][ye][ur][te0][ut][ye][u0][s6][u0][ye][ur][te0][ut][ye][u0][s2][i6][u9][i0][t96][qi][u9][i6][s2][i6][u9][i0][t96][qi][u9][i6][a5][y9][wt][ye][wr9][yr][wt][y9][a5][y9][wt][ye][wr9][yr][wt][y9][a8][wu][yt][yu][wt]u[yt][wu][a8][wu][yt][yu][wt]u[yt][wu][p4][i8][uq][wi][tq8][ie][uq][i8][p4][i8][uq][wi][tq8][ie][uq][i8][a7][qi][ur][ti][yrq][yi][ur][qi][a7][qi][ur][ti][yrq][yi][ur][qi][a3][p7][O0][qp][u70][pW][O0][p7][a3][p7][O0][qp][u70][pW][O0][p7][s6][p0][eO][rp][ue0][tp][eO][p0][s6][p0][eO][rp][ea0][tp][eO][p0][s6][u0][yr][ut]t[ur][ye][a0][s6][u0][yr][ta]s[ur][ye][s0][d2][i6][u0][qi]y[i0][u9][a6][d2][i6][u0][qp]d[i0][u9][o6][d5][y9][te][yr]s[ye][wt][y9][a5][y9][te][yr]p[ye][wt][y9][a8][wu]yut[yu][yt][wp][a8][wu]y[up]a[yu][yt][wo][p4][i8][wu][ie]t[wi][uq][o8][p4][i8][wu][ie]a[wi][sq][i8][d7][qi][ut][yi]y[ti][ur][qa][d7][qi][ut][yp]s[ti][ur][qi][a3][p7][qO][pW]p[qp][O0][p7][a3][p7][qO][pW]s[qp][O0][p7][a6][p0][rO][tp]u[rp][eO][p0][a6][p0][rO][tp]u[rp][eO][p0][r93%]yipOiuiaOgdOiui[e860]tuOpuyupuspfsas[qgW97]dSdpdSd[f860]sasusas[tpd0]||s [yraO0]||p [tp60]

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:38
    Fugue in G minor, BWV 578

    Johann Sebastian Bach