Rinkaku (March Comes In like a Lion)

Yukari Hashimoto 13 November 2020

6 0 w r y o 6 0 w r [yf]g[od]s[d4] 8 0 r y o 4 8 0 r y o 6 0 w r y o [f6] 0 [wj] r y [oh] [k4] 8 0 r y o [l4] 8 0 r y o 4 8 0 r y o a d h k z v|n|||[ut6] 0 [pe]|O|[t4]ip8 q e [ra]|[y5]os9 w|a|[ut6] 0 e t u p [ut6] 0 [pe]|O|[t4]ip8 q e [ra]|[r7]yo9 w e [yr] i [ut1] 5 [t8] 5 [r7] 5 [ut6] 0 [pe]|O|[t4]ip8 q e [ra]|[y5]os9 w r d|[u1]of5 8 9 0 w [i2]pf6 9 0 [qg]f[ed]sa||u s d [u3]a 7 0 e r e [W730] r u I [urWO0] [ura0]| |[y5]oa||s 9s[wo] p a o [i5] 9 [yw] e [ro] i [ut6] 3 8 7 6 3tus[tp] [tp] [ut] [ut] t [up$] [a8] [I0] o p a [us4] 8 [p0] 8 [u0]|[yie2] 6 [O9]||p [r3]ua7 [s0]|d|[t4]ys8 [d0] q [fe] t yis|t a o [T6] 3 [yd6] * [uf9] 0 ipg|[uf] [yd] [TS] [yid2] 6 9 [uf0] [yqd] [tse] [[email protected]] 7 ( r u p [urO3] 7 0|[pe] [ra] [ts3] 7 [yd9] 7 [uf0]|[i4]psg8 [yd0] q [ufe] t [yra5] 9 [wts] 9 [yd7] 5 [upf6]|[spj860]|[e80] [OH] [upf!] e [ueT0] o [qie] u [pg2] 6 [yd9] q [ufe]|[yra3] 7 0 W [ts] [yd] [uf6] 3 6 8 [yd] [ts] [uf8] 0 w y u p [i4]g 8 [yd0] q [ufe] t [yra5] 9 w [ts9] [yd7] 5 [upf6]|[spj860]|[slfe0]|[eZQGD(]|[zd]|[sl]|[pjd2] 6 9 q [kea] [sl] [pj2] 6 9 q [ige]|[aOH3] 7 0 W [rpj] [ka] [sl3] 7 [ka0] W [raOH]|[upf3] 0 2 9 1 8 7 7 1 8 %|||[upf6]| |[spje860]|[sWOH860]|[spj4]|[q84]|[qkea8]|[sl5]|[w975]|[zwd975]|[xf6]|[e860]|[e860]|[upf6]|[spje860]|[sWOH860]|[spj4]|[q84]|[qkea8]|[oha5]|[w975]|[wid975] [pg] [uf1]|[w80]|[w80]|[upf6]|[spje860]|[sWOH860]|[spj4]|[q84]|[qkea8]|[sl5]|[w975]|[zwd975]|[xjf6]|[e860]|[e860]|[jgc4]|[qe8]|[xqfe8] [zd] [xf6]|[pje860]|[e860] [ka] [OH3]|[730%]|[gcW70]|[xjf3]|[W70] [zd] [slW70] [ka] [pj6] 3 [PJ6] * [pj0] e [SL!] 3 6 * 0 [xfe] [zd2] 6 9 0 q [xfe] [gc2] 6 9 0 q e [ZD7] $ [xf7] ( [qZD] r [GC7] $ 7 ( Q [rjb] [VH3] 7 0 W r [ujb] [nk3] 7 0 e r u [slg4]|[qpje8]|[qkea8]|[OH3]|[730]|[gcW70]|[xjf6]|[e860]|[e860] [zd] [sl2]|[qe96]|[qe96] [ka] [pj6]|[ka]|[sl]|[O3] [H3] [p2] [j2] [a7] [k7] [p6]sj| |f|d|s|a|p|[O%]|[rW]|y|[i%]|[rW]|y|6|1 3 6 8 0 w 6 8 0 e y e 4 8 0 e t u o u o s f h|kl[k6]||h f s a o u t r w 0 8||[60]wr

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About This Music Sheet

Rinkaku (March Comes In like a Lion) is a song by Yukari Hashimoto. Use your computer keyboard to play Rinkaku (March Comes In like a Lion) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Expert song and aimed at advanced users. If you're not an advanced user, you can still load this song and press auto-play to enjoy the music. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:46, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Rinkaku (March Comes In like a Lion) is classified in the genres: Manga, Songs From TV, Japan on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime.


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  • yipspsadadadyipspsadadad[zy]ip[xs][zp]s[la]dadadyipspsad[ka]d[ha]d[yj]ipspsadadadyipsps[ha]d[ga]d[ka]d[zy]ip[xs][zp]s[la]dadadyipspsad[za]d[va]d[yb]ipspsadadadyip[sn][pb]s[va]d[ca]d[xa]d[z9]qe[xt][zr]y[ol]||9qetryo k h [j9]qetryo||9qetryo i a [i4]ps8[qd][se]t[ig] 8 [oh4] [oha5] wryohkzv[ig] [oh] [d92] [qpe]9[qp] [s92] [wra]y[oa] [d92] [sp]yp [92] [ywroa]y[yoa6] [zd2] [qjge] [jg] [sl2] [wrkh] [kh] [zd2] [tjge] [jg] 2 [wrkha] [kha6]e[pj4] [sq8]p[sq8] [g1] [sq8]p[sq8] [d5] [wa9]o[wa9] [h2] [wsj9] [wk9] [s2]gl[tqe]kj [h5]o[wa9]dh [pg4] [ea8] [sj] [o1] [f850] [so5] [a5]y[wo9] as[h2]o[wa9] jk[sl4] [qk8] j [o3]sh[w8]|[i9]sg[qe]|[h5] [wa9]|[f8] [ws0]|[d9]f[qge]fds[gE] [yi] fd[eS] [up] S [sq] [te] df[h8] [wf0] s [^P] [qE9] sd[pg4] [qe8] hg[h5] [wro9]|[oh2] [wrpje9] [ka5] [g^]Jz4c^9[zqd]E[zyd] [sl] [PJ] [qpje8] [PJ] [sl] [j4][l1][b4]|||[oca]xxzzkhggffd[uts] d h [pofT]|||[d2] [qpe9]fd [s2] [wro9]|2 [tsie9]p[sp] 2 [ywra9] [o6] [p2] [qie9] y 2 [wra9]oa 2 [tsie9]ps 2 [ywrod9]a[d6]d[zd2] [qe9][xf][zd] [sl2] [wr9]|2 [tsl9]jl [kd2] [zywrd9] [vh] [j2]lxb [sf][xl][pf][xl][ha][zv][od][zk][pf][xl][us][lj][od][zk][ya][kh][us][lj][tp][jf][ya][kh][ro][hf]|[ysp]dj||[yro962]||2

    Level: 7
    Length: 01:32
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    Yukari Hashimoto

  • [xhe] [us] [oa] h||j| [wf] t u o s| | [qf] [tg] [uf] [pd] s a s d [o0] r y o a| s| [qpd] t y i a| d| [h0] r y u [od]| | [f7] Q r I [aD]| | [fO0]| r| u| O| [p9] e [ta]| [s0] t o| [qp] t [ia]| s| d| [fe] t u s j| | [dW] r y I x| c| [vq] [tb] [vu] m [pn] v z b [wv] r y o z| c| [xe] c [xt] b [vp] l z c [xw]| y| [ol]| h| [vq] b [vt] m [pn] v z b [wv]| [ym]| z| c| [xme0]| [vm]| [zwv9]| [zk]| [qk] t p s| |q t y o||a| [s0]||| [ve] l [uk] v||b| [xw]| u| [xl]| | [xq] c [xt] z [pli] k l z [h0]| r| [uok]| l| [zqj]| i| [kd]| z| [v0]| [uo] z [da]| | [xu7]| |[ZD] I a| [xH0] r u O f| g| [qh] [tj] [uh] l [pk] h d j [wh] r y o z| c| [xme] t [vpm]| [zwv] y [zok]| [qj] t o s a| |i s d h| |f| |k| l| g l z v
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:03
    Lost My Pieces (Toradora!)

    Yukari Hashimoto


  • [o5]|i|[u6]|[y7]| [h8]| g [wf]|[ts] s [d9] d|f [yg] g d d [yoa7]|[uso8]|[oda9]| f [s8]|w|[wt0]|| [h8]| g [wf]|[ts] s [d9] d|f [yg] g d d [yoa7]|[uso8]|[oda9]| f [s8]|w|t|| [hda5] [hda] [hda] [hda] [hda9]||[woda]| f [wd]|9| [hda5] [hda] [hda] [hda] [whda]||[oda5]| f [wd]|| [tp4]|[tp] [us] [ya5]|[ro]|[us8]|[us] [id] [of8]|| [id9] [id] [id] [of] [ypg]|[id]|[of0] [of] [of] [pg] [uha]|| [qpg] [pg] [pg] [pg] [upg]|[ih] j [oh]|i|o|| [shf8] [shf] [shf] [shf] [tshf]|| [oda5] [oda] [oda] [oda] [woda]|| [tp4] [tp]|[us] [ya5] [ya] [ro] [ro] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda] [ywroda]| f [s8]|w|[wt0]|| [whda] [hda] [hda] [hda] [pg5]|[id9]|[us8]||[tslhf]
    Level: 8
    Length: 00:51
    Sensei Ekaki Uta (Sayonara Zetsubou)

    Tomoki Hasegawa

  • sd[if]|h|[og]|f|[ud]|s|[if]||| op[si]|d|[of]|a|[us]|o|[pi]||| sd[if]|j|[oh]|f|[ud]|s|[if]||| op[si]|d|[of]|a|[us]|o|[pi]||| [sq]hshs||shshs| [se]hshs||w|sdsfs| [sq]hshs||shshs| [se]hshs||wlkhjfha [sq]hshspdhj|shshs| [se]hshs|bxw|sdsf[zs]x[sq]dsfs|| sdsfs|[sq]dsfs|bzv|| [whd8]|o|s|o| [wd7]|o|[ysf]|[to]y[ushe0]|p|s|p| [td]|p|[tsoig]fdsq|i|o|i| [qp]|[i9]|[so0]|[i9]| [wtsof8]|o|s|[yo]t[ywd]|o|s|o| [whd8]|o|s|o| [wd7]|o|[ysf]|[to]y[ushe0]|p|s|p| [td]|p|[tsoig]fdsq|i|o|i| [qp]|[i9]|[so0]|[i9]| [tsof8]|o|s|o|[wda9]||| sd[if]|h|[og]|f|[ud]|s|[if]||| op[si]|d|[of]|a|[us]|o|[pi]||| sd[ihf]|j|[olh]|f|[xud]|s|[lif]||| op[si]|d|[of]|a|[usf]|o|[pid]||| tyuo[p4]|u|[o5]|y| [u6]|t|[y8]ou||| [w4]|t|[r5]|y| [t6]|u|[y8]|o|| tyuo[p4]|u|[o5]|y| [u6]|t|[y8]ou||| [w4]|[t8]|[r5]|[y9]| [t6]|[u0]|[y8]|[wo]| [p4][o8][sq][a8][p5][o9][wu][o9] [y6][u0][te][y0][e6][t0][ye][u0] [p4][o8][sq][a8][p5][o9][wu][o9] [p6][s0][ed][f0][d6][s0][pe]0 [j4][h8][ql][k8][j5][h9][wf][h9] [d6][f0][se][d0][p6][s0][ed][f0] [sql4]|[oh][wpj5]|[uf][ohe6]| [yd][utf8]| [ts]|| [sql]|[oh][wpj]|[uf][ohe]| [yd][utf]| [ts]|| [sq]|o[wp]|u[oe]| y[ut]| t||| [li]vlvl|| lvlvl| [pl]vlvl|| o|lzlxl| [li]vlvl|| lvlvl| [pl]vlvl|| o|lzlxl||| ty[uq]|o|[wi]|u|[y0]|t|[uq]||| we[tq]|y|[wu]|r|[t0]|w|[qe]||| ty[uq]|o|[wi]|u|[y0]|t|[uq]||| we[tq]|y|[wu]|r|[t0]|w|[qe]
    Level: 7
    Length: 03:31
    Mitsuha Theme (Kimi no Na wa)


  • [uspf6] 6||[spig6] 6||[spoh6] 6||[spig6] 6||[uspf6]|||[u6] [t0] e [u0] [i4] [t0] e [i0]u[y5] [r9] w [y9] [u8] [wr] w [yw]t[e4] [t0] u [t0] [y4] [r9] w [t9]y[Y$] [r(] e [Y(] [u3] [y0] [r9] [W7] [u6] [t0] e [u0] [i4] [t0] e [i0]u[y5] [r9] w [y9] [u8] [wr] w [yw]t[e4] [t0] u [E0] [r$] [e(] u [e(] [W3] [y9] u [ye9]r[te8]| |p [sf] [jf] l [kh] d [ha] d [ji] [sp] [sg] j h|f|[yg] [pi] [pd] g [sf] p [sp] p [dO] [pi] [sa] [aO] [sp] u p u 6 [tf] j [tl] [k5] [rd] h [rd] [j4] [se] g [je] [h8] u|u [g2] [qp] d [qg] [f6] [tp] s [tp] [d3] [iW] O [dW] [s6] t [sf] t [ugda]|[sf][da][sp][ufaO]|[daH]|[faH]||[sj][kd][uspj]|[sf]|[rgd]|[sf][da][sp][uaWO0]|[rdaO]|[urO]||[tp][ya][tpe0]| |@ 3 8 [W7] [r9] [t(] [yq] [u0] [xpj]| |[pjc]| |[vpj]|3|[pjc]| |[xpj]|||[u6] t e u [i4] t e i [o5] t e o [i3] r W i [u6] t e u [i4] t e i [o5] t e o [i3] r W i [uhe]Hjt e u [qi] t e i [woh] t e [oj] [li0] [zr] [lW] [ji] [ue] t e u [qi] t e i [wo] t e o [i0] r W i [uhe]H[sj]t e u [qi] t e i [woha] t e [soj] [lif0] [zrg] [lfW] [xli] [ue] t e [ujc] [qi] t e i [wvok] t e o [kiH0] r W i [ulje] t e u [qi] t e i [wo] t e o [i0] [rpg] [haW] [pig] [uofe] [ta] [tpe] u [qi] t e i [woda] t e [spo] [i0] r [aWO] i [upe] [ta] [se] [uf] [qji] [tf] [se] [ia] [woda] t e [spo] [i0] r [aWO] i [sf6][sf] [sf][sf] [sp][sp] [sp][sp] [da3][da] [da][da] [aO][aO] [aO][aO] [sp6][sp] [sp][sp] [tp][tp] [tp][tp] [uO3][uO] [uO][uO] [aO][aO] [da][da] [sf6][sf] [sf][sf] [sp][sp] [sp][sp] [da3][da] [da][da] [aO][aO] [aO][aO] [sp6][sp] [sp][sp] [tp][tp] [tp][tp] [uO3][uO] [uO][uO] [aO][aO] [da][da]| |[sp]|[xlj]| |Z [ljc]|x| |Z[zH]| |[hL]| |[lG6]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:50
    Cold Iron (Katawa Shoujo)

    Sebastien Skaf