Soviet Connection (GTA IV)

Michael Hunter 29 January 2021

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About This Music Sheet

Soviet Connection (GTA IV) is a song by Michael Hunter. Use your computer keyboard to play Soviet Connection (GTA IV) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:41, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song Soviet Connection (GTA IV) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Theme Song, Instrumental.



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    Level: 7
    Length: 01:39
    Bella Reborn (Twilight)

    Carter Burwell

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    Level: 6
    Length: 02:48
    Rose of May (Final Fantasy IX)

    Nobuo Uematsu

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    Level: 7
    Length: 06:03
    Kara Main Theme (Detroit: Become Human) (Alternative)

    Philip Sheppard