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Brad Fiedel 10 September 2020

yui u t q|
yui u t p o|
yui u t w|
9 qq 0

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  • pg d hgfg d gfdf s d s p pg d hgfg d gfdf s d s p pg ddfgh f jh j jlJjhhjJJh hlJj hGjz [zd] [gc] [ZD] [zd] [sl] [sl] [zd] [ZD] [ZD] [sl] [gc] [ZD] [zd] [sl] [ak] [dz] [hv]
    Level: 4
    Across The Stars (Star Wars)

    John Williams

  • o s ss d f|d s p|s d o| |[wtf8]|h j f|d s p|o|s|||o [wts8]|[s7] d [of60]|d s [pi84]|s d [yqo95]|r|[wtsf8]|[h7] j [of60]|d s [qpi84]|o|[wus8]||o [us8] w [ys] d [of6] 0 [ed] s [pi4] 8 [sq] d [yqo5]|9|[wof8]|[whda7] j [ofe60]|d s [qid5]||s [w8] s fgh[tqd]fh o [ul] o u [zt] x c[wth]lx o u [ol] [yoh]| |[pd4] [f8] [qd] [ws] [se]|r|[so6] [d0] [wf] j [hda93]|[wf] h [sjf4] 8 q h [qja5] [h9] [sq] df1 [of5] 9 [o0] [wu]|h f [ywpd] u [yw] [uf] [tse] y [tlf0] k [tsqjg]|[yw] h [sf1] 5 8 0 [pd2]69 s d j [sqh84]|[fe] d[i5][p9][qd]|||[ia5]|||o [ts] o [ts] [rd] [uofe]|[wud] s [tqpi]|s d [uo0]wt||o[sf60]|[wha7] j [wsf8]|[qpd84] s [qidO5]||s1 [us5] 8 [z7] [xlh6] 0 [zw] l [jg4] 8 [qlf] z [hd5] 9 w r [xwtlh8]|[wvrk7] b [xwh60]|z l [qjgd5] 9 [qh]|[wlhf8]|5 h [lhf8] w [wlf7] z [xlh6] 0 [zt] l [sjg4] 8 [sql] [zd] [qhd5] 9 w r [xlhe60]|[wvrk7] b [xwtlh8]|[zqj84] l [zqjg5] 9 w r [lhf80] w 0 w t [w8][w8] 5 [pd84] f4[qpd8] [s4] [sp84] 4 [q8] 4 [sp60] de[fe] [j6] [ha93] 79[f0]wh [sjg4] 8qwe[th] [jda95] hws [d5]f1 [ofd5] 9 8 [w0]|[th] f [pda5]9wertf [spe60] 6[lhf30] k [sqjg84]|[wda95] h [wsof8] o[f1]dso[pid2] [s6] [d0] [j3] [shg4] 8q[lhg] 4z[zkhg5] 26[tie]8qi[tqpi5] y[uq5]io[p2]a[si5]yu[i2][o2]p[a5][s2][od5]s[d5]f[sohd5] 55[xjg4] [z4][xjg][q8]z4[ljg][84] 4[ie][q8][ro]4 [xjf6] [z6][xjf][e0]z6[hfd][60] 6 [use0]a[o6] [sjg84] [h4][sj][q8] [h4][ha][95] [f5][fa][w9]d5[spf][60] 6 [oea0] 6 [sp60]e6 [o50]p[s5] [sjg4] [l4][ljg][q8]z4[lhg][84] 4 [q8] [l4]z[xjh6] [z6][xjh][e0]z6[ljh][60]e6 [jf50] [l5][lhg][84] 4h[qj8] [l4][lhd][q5] 5 [zwd9] 5 6 [lf6][lf][e0] 6 [so60]a[s6][d3]6[sof]65[xjg4] [z4][xjg][q8]z4[ljg][84] 4[ie][q8][ro]4 [xjf6] [z6][xjf][e0]z6[hfd][60] 6 [use0]a[o6] [sjg84] [h4][sj][q8] [h4][ha][95] [f5][fa][w9]d5[spf][60] 6 [oea0] 6 [sp60]e6 [o50]p[s5] [sjg4] [l4][ljg][q8]z4[xjg][84]z[lg4] [q8] [l4]z[xjh6] [z6][xjh][e0]z6[ljh][60]e6 [jf50] [l5][lhg][84] 4h[qj8] [l4][lhg][q5] 5x[zwg9] 5 6 [lf3][lf]6780[je][rf][tj][uk][sp][fa][sj][kd][lf]|||o [ts] oss [rd] [uofe]|[wud] s [tqpi]|s d [yto0]| |[wut6]|[ywo7] p [wut8]|[ye84] t [yqW5]||t [10][w5][t8]

    Level: 7
    Length: 04:22
    Photo of My Mind (Crash Landing on You)

    Yoon Mi-rae

  • o P o i i o O o [OH] [PJ] P O o o i Y i Y T Y E D P O S P [iP] D P Y Y P O o i Y P O o o i Y i i i i T T T i O o P Y O o O i Y T i i i T T T i O o P H J D S D J D [DG] g G H G g G J D P D g G H G g S g H D D W i T I D S a P O I i Y Y P [oP] P [oP] Y [oP] [iO] [oP] P [oP] Y [oP] [YoP] Y [oP] [YiO] [oD] [YD] o i [JY] H [JY] J P o [Hi] h [Hi] o O o O [JP] P O o o i Y [iJ] i i L l J [YH] [TJ] Y J o i Y [PY] Y O i Y o i P T O o i o h g D J H [hP] D D P Y o i Y o i Y P [YO] o [io] Y o Y [Yi] Y Y Y
    Level: 4
    Coraline Exploration (Coraline)

    Bruno Coulais