Tetris Theme (Super Easy)

Various 28 October 2022

f asd sap psf dsa|sd f s p p|
d gp hgf|sf dsa|sd f s p p|
f| s| d| a| s| p| O|||
f| s| d| a| s f p p O|||
f asd sap psf dsa|sd f s p p|
d gp hgf sf dsa sd f|s p p

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About This Music Sheet

Tetris Theme (Super Easy) is a song by Various. Use your computer keyboard to play Tetris Theme (Super Easy) music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is a Super Easy song which you can also load and play on your mobile or tablet. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 00:47, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, LegendEditor. The song Tetris Theme (Super Easy) is classified in the genre of Songs From Games on Virtual Piano.

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    • [ki]a l| v| |
      [okd]| l| h| |
      [kia]| l| v| b| [zod]|||
      l k h d s o d t
      [t4]oa8 [ws] e h| |
      [a5] 9 [se] r o| |
      [a6] 0 [sr] t h| j| d| |
      [us3] 8 [ya0]|
      [oa4] 8 [sqi] w h| |
      [a5] 9 [se] r o| |
      [r6]oa0 e r| t||
      q [tf] [uf] [if]| d| h| g| f| s||
      0 [td] [yd] [ud]| s o|||
      9 [fe] [rf] [tf]| d| h| g| f| a| s
      8 [wd] [td] [yd]| s f|||
      4 [of8] [wof] [ofe] r [tod] y [uh]| g| f| s||
      6 [od0] [oed] [rod] t s| o| |
      t y [u%] % 8 i||o|
      [s5] 5 8 d||f|
      [xf5] 0w08580w08580w[zd]08580w [sl]5
      eyp 9| wr| 5|||q| sr| h| |
      [ywa]| s| o| |
      [uea]| s| h| j| d| |0t||
      [r4] 8 [wt] e o| |
      [r5] 9 [wt] e w| |
      [r6] 0 e r| y| o| d| h| z||
      [wr6] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te]
      [wr] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te3]
      [wr6] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te] [wr] [te] [wr]

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    • [8x] z
      [igjl] j
      [8x] z
      [6ef] j l x
      [4qg] j l j
      [5whl] j
      [29gj] l
      [5whk] h
      [80wh] f
      [4qs] d s
      [6esf] g h
      [6qd] s d [sf]
      [18h] f
      [5d] [0f]
      [80x] z l
      [wh] z
      [igl] j
      [8x] z
      [5whl] j
      [29gj] l
      [5whk] h

      Level: 6
      Length: 01:32
      Mice on Venus (Minecraft) (Alternative)


    • [sqph]| |[uga0]| |[tpfe0]| |[wPE8]|s|[qpe9]| |[wu0]| |[tqge]| |[ywrh]|f|[h864][z6][l8]q|[xg73%][z%][l7][k0]|h[jf6][k3][l6][j8]klzx[P85][h3][z5][v8][s0][c8][x5]l[j64]24[d6]|[k75]35[f7]|[g864]jl46[x8] l [h975]kz57[k0] 9 7[sph864][z6][l8]q|[xg73%][z%][l7][k0]|h[jf6][k3][l6][j8]klzx[P85][h3][z5][v8][s0][c8][x5]l[pj64]24[d6]|[ka75]35[f7]|[g864]jl46[x8] l [h975]kz[x5][v7][z0]x[v9] [n7][qhb]| |[ga0]| |[of60]|||[sph4]| |[uga5]| |[t51]osf

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      Truce (Underverse)