The Founding Titan (Attack on Titan)

Hiroyuki Sawano 16 April 2021

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About This Music Sheet

The Founding Titan (Attack on Titan) is a song by Hiroyuki Sawano. Use your computer keyboard to play The Founding Titan (Attack on Titan) on Virtual Piano. This is an Intermediate song and requires a lot of practice to play well. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 02:03, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Arda. The song The Founding Titan (Attack on Titan) is classified in the genres: Manga, Japan, Songs From TV on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Anime, Attack On Titan.


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    Level: 5
    Length: 03:26
    Erwin’s Charge (Attack on Titan)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

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    Level: 6
    Length: 02:21
    EP←K (Nanatsu no Taizai)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

  • [sple]|||k| f| |f [qki]| |h||[zd]||x||| [ysl9]| |[woka]| |h| f| |[wojd]| |[od]| [zh]| | 6| |[81]||v| |[ml]| |[nk]| |c| | [vh] y u o s| |h| | [vlk6]| |[toe]| |v||z| x| [xf]| [ql4]| |[ywo]| |z| [zd]| [ml]| [nk]||| [jb92]| y| |o| o| h| g| f| s| [zd30]| |u| [ml]| [nk]| |x| v| l| n| [jb4] [nk8] [mle] [vh8] [zw]|| [ml5]| [s6] 0 [yw] t||h s k| [pj4] [ka8] [sle] [oh8] [zd5]| | [woh]| [s6]| |y||t| | [pj4] [sl8] [xqf] [vh] [vh5] 9 w|| [pj6] [sl0] [xfe] [vh0] [vth] o [jb4] [nk8] [mle] [vh8] [z5]| 9| [wvh]| [s6]||o||t|| [l4] k h s [yh] s y s l k h s h s| s [h6] [se]| [ts] y u s [h6] s [ut] s [to] [po] [to] s| [l4] [k8] [qh] [ws] [se] a o y [o4] [y8] [qo] y| t| | [x6]||[zd]||v| | [ts]||[gc]||[pe]||| [v3]||[sl]||[ml]|| [pj]||[yd]||[pe6]| | [wo]||[qi]| |[u0]| |[b6]
    Level: 6
    Length: 02:40
    [email protected] (Aldnoah.Zero)

    Hiroyuki Sawano

  • 66| [ute6]| [ute6]| [ute6]| [ute7]| |y| | 2| [tqe92]| [tqe92]| [yqe92]| [ywr3]| [30]| r| [30] 66| [ute6]| [ute6]| [ute6]| [ute4]| [tie]| | [yrW%]| |r| t| [wr50]|||[qe84]||| [u6]fpasudspaufopusaufpsuadpsugpfua [u6]fpasudspaufopusaufpsuadpsugpfua [e6] u [y60]| [60]| [60] te4 y [u84]| [84]| [84]| [e5] u [y95]| [95]| [95] ty1 u [e80]| [80]| [t7]| [e60] [uo] [uo60]| [60]| [60] [ut][uo]4 [pi] [te84]| [84]| [84]| [e50] [uo] [uo95]| [95]| [95] yu3 e [y70]| [70]| [70]| [u6]fpasu[d6]spauf[o6]p[u6]s [a6]ufpsuadpsugpfua [60]uert0[y6]ter0u[w6]e[60]t [r6]0ue[t6]0ry[e6]t0i[e6]u0r[te60]ur[te60]| 60w[r6]wt[wr50]tw[95]| 5| [wr95] t [te40]ur[te40]| 4 t [u4]rw[30]| [93]| [yw30]| [wr30]| [tie2] o [toe2] i [tie2]| 2 r [wur3] i [wri3] u 3| [30]ut[we40]r0[w4]| 4| [we40]t0[w975]| [wr50]| [wur5]| [uro5]| [uso6]fa[uso6]| 6[u0][wo][ra6][wo][ts][yroa5][ts][wo][ywr95]| 5| [ra5] [ts] [usp4]fa[usp4]| 4 [ts] [uf4][ra][wo][wur30]| [ywr93]| [yoda3]| [yroa3]| [spig2] [oh] [oh2] [ig] [spig2]| 2 [ra] [uofa3] [ig] [ig3] [uofa] 3| [u30][uf][ts][utpe4][ra][u0][wo4]| 4| [utpe4][ts][u0][wuro5]| [wur5]| [wt50]| [wr95]| [u6]fpasudspaufopus[a81]u[f92]p[s81]uadpsug[p7]fua [u6]fpasudspaufopus[a30]u[qf4]p[s30]uadps[wu5]g[p81]f[u7]a [u6]fpasudspaufopusaufpsuadpsugpfua [u6][f6][p6][a6][s6][u6][d6][s6][p6][a6][u6][f6][o6][p6][u6][s6]6 [a6][u6][f6][p6][s6][u6][a6][d6][p6][s6][u6][g6][p6][f6][u6][a6]
    Level: 8
    Length: 02:30
    Apple Seed (Attack on Titan)

    Hiroyuki Sawano


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    Level: 5
    Length: 01:48

    Johan Halvorsen

  • [wry] | o | I | y ru | r w | e | [wry] | o | I | y ru | u e w [w8] | [wry] | opa oa po | r [wru] | r w [w8] e [w8]wer | tre | wQ0 | r | [wu] | yu | [w8] [wtu] | u [w8] u I o I u [r0] [wru] | u [w8] u I o I u [e9] I | I [e9] I o [e9p] oII | y | uopop[ayo][ayo] | a p a [yp] | [sip] | p | [tip] | oap | [ayo] [ayo] | [ay] p a [ado] | [sip] | p | [tip] | o[ati] p | 0 a [auo] a [a0] a a a [auo] | [auo] | p [wry] o p 9 y 9 9 | a | s | o f | [dro] | [seu] | [ayo] s [eu]apo[wy] p | u f [to] | | [dro] | [seu] | [ayo] s e uoasp [e9] | f h [to] | k | j[sh] | [dhk] | [fjl] | k jhj | y | uopasd [ayo] | [suo] | [ayo] | a p a [yp] | [sip] | p | [tip] | oa p | [ayo] | [ayo] | [suo] | [ayo] | a p a [ado] | [sip] | p | [tip] | o[ati] p | D s | s P s D | [SIP] | P | [TIP] | Os P [SIP] | q s s s [si] s s s s | sP O P Y ( Y Y | sS | O g g | D | S | s S | sPO P | i g | D | S | s S | sPO I i Y
    Level: 5
    Length: 02:30
    Spirit (The Lion King)


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    Level: 3
    Length: 01:04
    Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail)

    Yasuharu Takanashi