This Love (Descendants of the Sun)

Davichi 10 November 2020

[eL]Cb bVC [xk0]|L|[jQ]zC Cxz [jfL]|[pf]Sa [ypI9] e [ypI]|[uraO3] 7 [uraO] W [T6]upS0 r T u||pa[ueS] aS G [ufWO]||Sa[pQ] Ip d [urWSO]||Sa[p9] [eI]py G [urpfe]|S|[eYQ7]ISaa pa[a93] 7W 0u[S6] [a0]ST G [gO] W r Sf[pG2] [pG6][pG]Qf6 [id2] 9 e|[u!]pf[f0]feaS[ya][eQ7] u[ra][973]|6 [p0] [pe] y [e60]rT [rqpWG] H[jS]$QW[jeS] [kT][fL]!%0[WH]j[TH][pG]2[pG6][pG9][pG0]Q fd[pf6] 0e[pG%] H[jS]$[jS][jSQ][jeS][jTS]GI[kD]@ [L7][kD(]Qje [kD7] [LD7][LD(]Qkr0[kfa30] 7[pj0][ka][pj6][SL]630e[rSL][zd][TSL][ka]!%q[kaW][SL][kaT][pj]2[pj6][pj9][QIG][pje][xf]y[zgd][zgd2]69qe y [pjS7]7[ka9][SQL][rpj]Ty[pj][ka3]7[SL0][kaW]r W 6 [pjS0] [pjeS] y [T60] 0[ure] [p0]a[uS6] [a0][SI][rT]Ge [fWO%] 0[uW]r[S0][aW][p$] [I]ped* [uSO!] W [S0]a[p2] [I6]pQG9 [upf!] 0 [urS] 0 [eYSQI7] aa[eQ] pa[a30] 7[e0] 7u[S6] a[uS0][eS]G0 [gWO] q [rW] [qS]f[pG2] [pG6][pG]Qf6 [id2] 6 q 9 [upfa!] [upf0][upf][eT]aSa[eQ7] ua[973]|6 [p0] [pe] y [eT60] 0[qSOG%] H[jS]$QW[jeS] [kT][fL]!0W[aTH]j[WH][pG]2[pG6][pG9][pQG]e [yf]d[pf6]0e0[aG%] H[jS]$[jS][jSQ][jWS][jeS]GT[kD]@ [L7][k(]Qje [kdG7]7[dLG9][dQLG][yr]kQ[kdG70][30] 7[pj0][ka][pj3][SL]6 0e[TSL][zd][eSL][ka]!qW[rka][SL][qka][pj]2[pj6][pj9][IG0][pje][xf]Q[zgd][d2]g6z9qeyi [pje7] [kQ]L[je] j[kdG730] [L0]ky r $ [jS] [jSQ] [O]p[[email protected]]TI||[pQ7] [aQ]Sp p[I0]a [rS]ay|||p [p6] 0 [eW] y [T6]||[S*]fk[je] [jT] f [I7]pf[dQ] [ed] p [ypI3] 7 [rQ9] 7|||[60]WT

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    Level: 4


  • h G h [yo] [yo] d k j I I h f [uof] f f [uof] G h [to] [to] f G h [yo] [yo] d k j I I h j [uok] l k [uo] j h [to]o a [ruo] a [ruoa] a a [wya] p o o [wy] o o [eyp] p [eyp] p o [wyp] [et] p [ruoa] a a a [ruo] d f [wy] d [wyd] p o [eyp] p [ey] p o p T T [ruo] a a [ruo] d d [wyf] d d [wya] d d [ey] d d [eys] a s [wya] [et] [ruo] p a [ruop] o p [wy] p a [wys] a a T p T T T y[ep] p [yd] d e d y [ep] p [yf] f e f [tu] [wf] d [tuf] f w d [tuf] G w G [tuh] G w f [IG] [ep] p y d e d y [ep] p y d [ef] d [tuf] w [tu] w [tu] w [tu] d w d [wtf] G G hf G [dh] w y o y a [yd] [ok] [yj] 9 e y e I e [yh] [ef] [0af] [rf] [uf] r [oaf] r G [rfh] 8 w t w u [wf] G [wdh] w y o y a [yd] [ok] [yj] 9 e y e I e [yh] [ej] [0hk] r [ul] [rk] o [rj] u [rh] 8 w t 8 u 8 t [wh] [whz] y [ok] [yk] a y [oj] y 9 e y e I e y [eh] [0hz] r [uk] [rk] o r [ufh] r 8 w t w u [wf] G [wdh] w y o y a [yd] [ok] [yj] 9 e y e I e y o [18s] s a s s a s a o
    Level: 5
    Let it Go (Frozen)

    Idina Menzel

  • [wry] | o | I | y ru | r w | e | [wry] | o | I | y ru | u e w [w8] | [wry] | opa oa po | r [wru] | r w [w8] e [w8]wer | tre | wQ0 | r | [wu] | yu | [w8] [wtu] | u [w8] u I o I u [r0] [wru] | u [w8] u I o I u [e9] I | I [e9] I o [e9p] oII | y | uopop[ayo][ayo] | a p a [yp] | [sip] | p | [tip] | oap | [ayo] [ayo] | [ay] p a [ado] | [sip] | p | [tip] | o[ati] p | 0 a [auo] a [a0] a a a [auo] | [auo] | p [wry] o p 9 y 9 9 | a | s | o f | [dro] | [seu] | [ayo] s [eu]apo[wy] p | u f [to] | | [dro] | [seu] | [ayo] s e uoasp [e9] | f h [to] | k | j[sh] | [dhk] | [fjl] | k jhj | y | uopasd [ayo] | [suo] | [ayo] | a p a [yp] | [sip] | p | [tip] | oa p | [ayo] | [ayo] | [suo] | [ayo] | a p a [ado] | [sip] | p | [tip] | o[ati] p | D s | s P s D | [SIP] | P | [TIP] | Os P [SIP] | q s s s [si] s s s s | sP O P Y ( Y Y | sS | O g g | D | S | s S | sPO P | i g | D | S | s S | sPO I i Y
    Level: 5
    Length: 02:30
    Spirit (The Lion King)