Transformers Theme

Lion 10 September 2020

we Ety [te] qe tyY E ( ewqw
9wE | q9Et Eew q w e
yoo ioy tEE tyy Ip
o iop Ppyoop [wyo] [yo] [9ey]

op Psd [sp] ip sdD P Y poio
yoP | iyPs Ppo i o p
dhh ghd sPP sdd Gj
h ghj Jjdhhj [odh] [dh] [ypd]

[wo] [ep] [EP] [ts] [yd] [tsep]
[qi] [ep] [ts] [yd] [YD] [EP]
[Y9] [ep] [wo] [qi] [wo]
[9y] [wo] [EP] | [qi] [9y] [EP] [ts]
[EP] [ep] [wo] [qi] [wo] [ep]
[yd] [oh] [oh] [ig] [oh] [yd] [ts] [EP] [EP] [ts] [yd] [yd] [IG] [pj]
[oh] [ig] [oh] [pj] [PJ] [pj] [yd] [oh] [oh] [pj] [woydh] [ydoh] [9yepd]

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    Level: 8
    Length: 01:27
    Westworld Main Theme

    Ramin Djawadi

  • [*WT][*WT][0ru][*WT][0ru][*WT][0ru][*WT][9ey] d S S H f G G G j H H S S S H f f G G j H a p p p S f f f G f d S a p p p S f S H H G [SL] O a [pD] f D [ua] I [TO] O p O [Tu] [pD] f D [ua] I [TO] O p O [Sf] u f f f f [Of] f f D O I f f f f f f f G D D S a u u f f f f f f f D G f f D S H e [tO] [tO] Y u Y O [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [aD] O [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [DG] D S [Ia] u [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [Sf] [aD] [DG] f D S [SH] [Ys] H f [sD] [sD] [sD] [sD] f D S [OS] H f [sD] D D D f D D [DG] f D [sH] [sH] [sG] [sf] [sD] S [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [WO] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [uf] [uf] [IG] [uf] [yd] [TS] [ra] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [OH] [OH] [YD] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [TS] [TS] [OH] [uf] [uf] [IG] [IG] [pj] [OH] [WO] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [uf] [uf] [IG] [uf] [yd] [TS] [ra] [ep] [ep] [ep] [TS] [uf] [TS] [OH] [OH] [IG] [SL] [*T] [(Y] [0u] [QI] [WO] [ra] [Tp] [Tp]
    Level: 5
    The Day

    Porno Graffitti

  • [iO] [gH] [Sg] [Ip] [sD] [Sg] [sD] |
    [iO] [PS] [sD] [PS] g S [YI] [Os] [PS] [Os] |
    [TYI] P s P D P [tYIO] P O [ETY] I O I |
    [Yeti] [WET] i I i P i [QY] i Y [qWE] T Y T [(QWt] % |
    ! [qW] [iO] [gH] [Sg] |
    $ [QETIPD] g D [4] [qWTOS] [YD] [iTOSH] [WTSig] $ [QETIPD] g D S % [qrTOS] [YD] [rigPJ] [OH] [ig] | ^ [qiEYPD] g D [TS] P @ [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [YIPDJZ] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [TIPSJL] [TIPSJL] [IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl] [IPGJtsl] [TIPSJL] [ETIPGJ] | [@^] [IPJigc] [IPDGJC] [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [IPJigc] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [YIPDJZ] [TIPSJL] [IPJtsl] [TIPSJL] [EYIPGJ] | % [QIG] [tWYODH] [tsl] [EYIPGJ] [QIG] 6 [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsQIDG] [tsWYODH] [tsQIDG] | ^ [QETISG] [WOH] [TSL] [ETIPGJ] [QIG] [18] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [QEYIPDG] [tisgWOH] [QEYIPDG] [!] [QETIPSG] [WOH] [YDZ] [TIPSGJL] [EIPGJ]
    [i!O] %qWT48qWti [%Oa] 0Wr [uS] O [i!O] %qWT48qWti [%Oa] 0WrOu
    [i!S] %q [WOD] T [Sig] OiTWq [iWS] q% [Sg] % [@Dh] ^ [(Sg] w [EPS] Y [oPS] Y [Ei] w [(T] ^ [@T] ^ ( [wE] ( ^ [%P] (QEtI$QETI [4s] 8qW [Otg] i [%P] (QEtI$QETI [4s] 8qW [Otg] i [@G] ^ (QEYI IP [ig] IP [yd] IP [YD] [IP] [yJ] IPPGJYIPPGJ [tWH] uOsfH [gH] WTiOS [qW] tiOsg [WHrk] uOa [fL] H [gH] WTiOS [qW] tiOsg [WHrk] uOa Hf
    [rTL] uO [aS] Hf [Tux] Oa [Sf] LH [uOV] aS [fH] x k
    [OV] pSHLj [IC] pSGLjIpSGLj [uC] IpGLj [YI] pSGLj [Tub] pSfL
    [rG] YIISpeTuISp [Wj] Tup [fL] j
    [QLx] T [ukZ] I [pjL] S [Hfk] Gf [SGj] pIuI [ufH] T [eDG] Q
    [$Sf] [0aD] Q [epS] T [Oua] T [Iep] Q [0uO] [$e] [$YI] [$Tu] *
    [%QTY] (%( [%W] ( [%E] (%( [%T] ( [t%YI] (%( [%YIP] (
    [%QTY] (%( [%W] ( [%E] (%( [%T] ( [t%YI] (%( [%YIP] (
    [%T] @ [%Osg] ( [%IPD] ( [WTIP] ( [WE] Y [WT] ( [WEIO] ( [%t] ( [%Y] @
    [%TIP] @ [%Osg] ( [%IPD] ( [WTIP] ( [WE] Y [WT] ( [WEIO] ( [Wt] ( [WY] (
    [QTD] YIP [WI] YEYIP [TI] Y [tG] YIP [sJ] D
    [QTD] YIP [WI] YEYIP [TI] Y [tG] YIP [sJ] D
    Ip SDG j [IL] p SDGk [IZ] p SDGj
    iO sgHl [cV] [ic] ip [slZ] D [Lgc] j [lZ] i |
    iO PS [glZ] H [JL] [Lc] i [JL] YI [OHl] s [DJL] G [Hl] Y |
    TY [IGJ] P [SHl] D [GJ] Z [tJ] YiO [sgH] J H
    8Q [EDG] t [gYH] I [PDG] [Yqtpg] |
    WE [TSg] i [ODG] P [Sg] J g [QETYSD] g D
    qW [EPS] T [isD] O [PS] [(QOts] %
    ! [qW] [iO] [rgH] [Sg] $ [QETIPD] g D |
    % [qWTOS] [YD] [rigTOH] [TSig] ^ [qiEYPD] g D [TS] |
    4 [WT] Y [iTP] [WTi] @ [ETI] O [(IPS] [TYIP] |
    % [tIP] ( s [sgOH] [tWIO] |
    [%Oa] 0WruI [uOS] WTiOSqtiOsgWTiOS
    qtiOsg [WHk] ruOafL [WHk] ruOafL [%x] |
    [!c] %*q WTi O S g H L [TOSg] [HJcV]

    Level: 7
    Length: 02:00
    Clair De Lune

    Claude Debussy