Virtual Piano 2020 Tournament Results

Virtual Piano's biggest online music tournament is back!

It's bigger, better and even more fun following the recent upgrade of Virtual Piano. Whether you are a beginner or you are already a pro, everyone is welcome to enter the Virtual Piano 2020 Tournament. There are exciting categories with amazing prizes for both the winners and runners-up.

Performer or Ninja?

Are you a born Performer who loves an audience? Or are you a technical Ninja who is all about the detail? There are two very different categories and amazing prizes for each one. So take a look and decide which you want to enter. You can enter one once or both multiple times! It's up to you.

Category 1:


Prize: $300 Amazon Voucher

Do you love to create the perfect performance? Record your screen as you play your favourite song on Virtual Piano. This category will be played over 3 rounds and the winner will be crowned the Virtual Piano World Champion 2020! The champion will win a $300 Amazon Voucher and the 3 runners-up will each receive a $50 Amazon voucher.

Category 1: ★ PERFORMER
Prize: $300 Amazon Voucher

Round 1

Entries are open for submissions using the entry process below. Can you make it into the Top 50? Find out w/c 23rd Nov.

Round 1 entry closing date: Friday 20th November 2020.

Round 2

The Top 50 will then submit their Round 2 entry. Can you make it into the Top 4? Find out w/c 7th Dec.

Round 2 entry closing date: Friday 4th December 2020.



The Top 4 competitors will submit a final video.

Final entry closing date: Wednesday 16th December 2020.


Winner Prize: $300 Amazon Voucher. Prize for each of the 3 Runners-up in this category: $50 USD Amazon Vouchers.

Winners announced: Friday 18th December 2020.

Entries By New Competitors Have Now Closed

PLAY: Play your chosen song using the piano at and record a video of your screen.

ENTER & SUBMIT: Enter the competition by completing the above form and uploading your video via the form - selecting the Performer Category.

ENTRIES: Entries for all rounds need to be submitted via the entry form.

Category 2:


Prize: $100 Amazon Voucher

Are you all about the detail? Work on a music sheet that you like or that you've created, until it plays perfectly on Virtual Piano's "Music Sheet Producer" Auto-Play feature. Submit your sheet for your chance to win a $100 Amazon Voucher! You can enter a sheet that's super easy or up to expert level - as long as it sounds great, you stand a chance of winning.

Category 2: ★ NINJA
Prize: $100 Amazon Voucher


Entries are open for submissions using the entry process below.

Entry closing date: Wednesday 16th December 2020.


Winner Prize: $100 Amazon Voucher.

Winners announced: Friday 18th December 2020.

PLAY: Work on a music sheet that you like and test it in the Virtual Piano Music Sheet Producer (to access the Music Sheet Producer, click on the pencil icon on the main piano at Paste your music sheet into the pop-up window and click 'Auto-Play' to test the music sheet. When you have made edits to improve the music sheet and are happy with your final version, you are ready to submit it to the competition.

ENTER & SUBMIT: Enter the competition by completing the Virtual Piano 2020 Tournament Entry Form and submitting your new music sheet - selecting the Ninja Category.

ENTRIES: The winner will be announced on Friday 18th December.

And remember, it's not just about winning, it's also about taking part. It's an opportunity to practice and improve your musical skills. So what are you waiting for? It's time to thrill the world with your Virtual Piano creation.


  • Fri, 20th Nov

    Round 1 entries for the Performer category close.

  • Fri, 4th Dec

    Round 2 entries for the Performer category close.

  • Wed, 16th Dec

    Ninja category entries close.

    Final entries for the Performer category close.

  • Fri, 18th Dec

    Winners announced for both categories.

Finalists and The Winner

Status Contestant Link Title Artist Country
WinnerW. JeffersonEntry LinkTime (Inception)Hans ZimmerUSA
2nd PlaceL. WoodEntry LinkA Town Called HometownToby FoxUK
3rd PlaceM. AraujoEntry LinkBurn It DownLinkin ParkUK
4th PlaceA. GromkoEntry LinkInterstellar Main ThemeHans ZimmerUkraine

Entries for Round 3 - Performer Category

Status Contestant Link Title Artist Country
Round 3A. DupontEntry LinkMerry Go Round Of LifeJoe HisaishiCanada
Round 3A. GromkoEntry LinkInterstellar Main ThemeHans ZimmerUkraine
Round 3A. SrambicalEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenUSA
Round 3E. ZwarEntry LinkLa SeparationMikhail GlinkaArgentina
Round 3J. NguyenEntry LinkFinal Fantasy Theme VIINobuo UematsuUSA
Round 3L. WoodEntry LinkA Town Called HometownToby FoxUK
Round 3M. AraujoEntry LinkBurn It DownLinkin ParkUK
Round 3W. JeffersonEntry LinkTime (Inception)Hans ZimmerUSA

Qualified Entries for Round 2 - Performer Category

Status Contestant Link Title Artist Country
Round 2A. SrambicalEntry LinkSwan LakePyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyUSA
Round 2A. GromkoEntry LinkThe Godfather ThemeNino RotaUkraine
Round 2A. DupontEntry LinkHana BiJoe HisaishiCanada
Round 2D. BivolaruEntry LinkKiss The RainYirumaRomania
Round 2D. TorreEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig Van BeethovenItaly
Round 2E. DelemerEntry LinkPerfectEd SheeranFrance
Round 2E. ZwarEntry LinkNocturne for Harp in EbMikhail GlinkaArgentina
Round 2F. AlBadahEntry LinkThe Rains Of CastamereRamin DjawadiKuwait
Round 2J. HarrisEntry LinkBallade No 1Frederic ChopinUSA
Round 2J. MontellanoEntry LinkHow Deep Is Your LoveBee GeesPhilippines
Round 2J. NaickerEntry LinkZanarkand (Final Fantasy X)Nobuo UematsuUSA
Round 2J. NguyenEntry LinkKiokuYosuga No SoraUSA
Round 2K. LongendykeEntry LinkHow To Train Your Dragon MedleyKristiRoller / John PowellUSA
Round 2K. MasonEntry LinkSubwoofer LullabyC418USA
Round 2L. WoodEntry LinkRosalina's ObservatoryKoji KondoUK
Round 2M. AraujoEntry LinkBurn It DownLinkin ParkFrance
Round 2M. BelghoulEntry LinkA Cruel Angel's ThesisYoko TakahashiAlgeria
Round 2M. DennisEntry LinkThe Cup SongA P Carter & Luisa GersteinAustralia
Round 2M. HeydariEntry LinkDystopian High SocietyUSA
Round 2M. PersailsEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenUSA
Round 2N. GaspariEntry LinkLa Valse d'AmelieYann TiersenFrance
Round 2N. MalliaEntry LinkClair De LuneClaude DebussyUSA
Round 2P. WongEntry LinkShelterPorter Robinson & MadeonMacao
Round 2R. PurcocksEntry LinkDate 2 and Mitsuha's ThemeRadwimpsUK
Round 2T. LundbergEntry LinkMary's ThemeMary and the Witch's FlowerSweden
Round 2U. ItachiEntry LinkAdamantine DreamsEvan CallThe Netherlands
Round 2W. JeffersonEntry LinkDearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)Yoko ShimomuraUSA

Top 50 Qualified and Other Entries for Round 1 - Performer Category

Status Contestant Link Title Artist Country
QualifiedA.AbdulganiEntry LinkAstronomiaVicetoneIndonesia
QualifiedA.DupontEntry LinkComptine d'un autre ete l'apres midi (Amelie)Yann TiersenCanada
QualifiedA.EdmanEntry LinkMoonlight SonataLudwig van BeethovenSweden
QualifiedA.GromkoEntry LinkMad WorldGary JulesUkraine
QualifiedA.KurthEntry LinkWet Hands (Minecraft)C418USA
QualifiedA.RamoutarEntry LinkLovelyBillie EilishTrinidad & Tobago
QualifiedA.SrambicalEntry LinkWrecking BallMiley CyrusUSA
QualifiedB.NorrisEntry LinkTron LegacyDaft PunkUSA
QualifiedC.JensenEntry LinkHaving LivedKan GaoUSA
QualifiedC.RussEntry LinkCanon in CPachelbelUSA
QualifiedC.TokoschEntry LinkRiver Flows in YouYirumaUSA
QualifiedD.BivolaruEntry LinkAll Of MeJohn LegendRomania
QualifiedD.TorreEntry LinkTo Zanarkand (Final Fantasy)Nobuo UematsuItaly
QualifiedE.DelemerEntry LinkRequiem for a dreamLux AeternaFrance
QualifiedE.PlazaEntry LinkFriend Shitai (Gakkou Gurashi)Takanori FujimotoChile
QualifiedE.ZwarEntry LinkAdieu to the piano Anh. no.15Ludwig van BeethovenArgentina
QualifiedF.AlBadahEntry LinkViva La VidaColdplayKuwait
QualifiedG.CurrieEntry LinkAlways with meHayao MiyazakiAustralia
QualifiedJ HarrisEntry LinkBloody TearsCastlevaniaUSA
QualifiedJ.FerezEntry LinkLoss of MeNobuo UematsuSpain
QualifiedJ.HamlinEntry LinkRiver Flows in YouYirumaUK
QualifiedJ.KrejzaEntry LinkRiver Flows in YouYirumaCzech Republic
QualifiedJ.MontellanoEntry LinkBorn For YouDavid PomeranzPhilippines
QualifiedJ.NaickerEntry LinkGrief and Sorrow (Naruto)Toshio MasudaUSA
QualifiedJ.NguyenEntry LinkBlessing of The MoonDM DokuroUSA
QualifiedJ.SidhuEntry LinkCanon in CPachelbelCanada
QualifiedK.FirthEntry LinkRiver Flows in YouYirumaUSA
QualifiedK.LongendykeEntry LinkOnce There Were DragonsJohn PowellUSA
QualifiedK.MasonEntry LinkSweden (Minecraft)C418USA
QualifiedL.BlaisEntry LinkGrief and Sorrow (Naruto)Toshio MasudaCanada
QualifiedL.WoodEntry LinkLiliumElfen LiedUK
QualifiedM.AraujoEntry LinkIn The EndLinkin ParkFrance
QualifiedM.BelghoulEntry LinkBlue Bird (Naruto)Ikimono GakariAlgeria
QualifiedM.DennisEntry LinkAll Of MeJohn LegendAustralia
QualifiedM.HeydariEntry LinkThe Ultimate Meme PlaylistToby Fox et alUSA
QualifiedM.MagnoneEntry LinkPowder SnowWhite AlbumBrasil
QualifiedM.PersailsEntry LinkMoonlight SonataLudwig van BeethovenUSA
QualifiedN.GaspariEntry LinkTo Zanarkand (Final Fantasy)Nobuo UematsuFrance
QualifiedN.MalliaEntry LinkThe EntertainerScott JoplinUSA
QualifiedP.WongEntry LinkAloneAlan WalkerMacao
QualifiedR.PurcocksEntry LinkOogway AscendsHans ZimmerUK
QualifiedS.AlbEntry LinkLight Of The Seven (Game of Thrones)Ramin DjawadiIran
QualifiedS.MackyEntry LinkDemonsImagine DragonsIndia
QualifiedT.ClayEntry LinkBella CiaoEl ProfessorUK
QualifiedT.LundbergEntry LinkElegyNobuyuki TsujiSweden
QualifiedU.ItachiEntry LinkDespair (Naruto)ManuellsenThe Netherlands
QualifiedV.DiasEntry LinkKiss the RainYirumaUSA
QualifiedV.KimmelEntry LinkScreenTwenty One PilotsUSA
QualifiedV.McCullickEntry LinkRewrite The Stars (The Greatest Showman)Zac Efron & ZendayaUSA
QualifiedW.JeffersonEntry LinkInsterstellar Main ThemeHans ZimmerUSA
EnteredA.GavrilovEntry LinkThe Reluctant Heroes (Attack on Titan)Hiroyuki SawanoGermany
EnteredA.McGrathEntry LinkA Thousand MilesVanessa CarltonUSA
EnteredA.SingalevychEntry LinkAcross The StarsJohn WilliamsUSA
EnteredB.ExeEntry LinkMegalovania et alVariousIran
EnteredC.CheongEntry LinkIt's a Small WorldSherman BrothersMalaysia
EnteredD.RodriguesEntry LinkIn The End Vs Still DreLinkin Park & Dr.DreBrasil
EnteredE.PlazaEntry LinkAfterglow (Gakkou Gurashi)MOSAIC WAVChile
EnteredE.PlazaEntry LinkWe Took Each Other's Hand (Gakkou Gurashi)MOSAIC WAVChile
EnteredE.PlazaEntry LinkGood Night For Now (Gakkou Gurashi)MOSAIC WAVChile
EnteredE.PlazaEntry LinkHarmonize Clover (Gakkou Gurashi)MOSAIC WAVChile
EnteredF.GabiEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenHungary
EnteredG.HefelEntry LinkSayo naraDan SalvatoSweden
EnteredG.OmdahlEntry LinkMegalovaniaToby FoxUSA
EnteredI.AwanEntry LinkAvengers EndgameAlan SilvestriPakistan
EnteredJ.EcheverryEntry LinkPiano Room (Yume Nikki)KikiyamaColombia
EnteredJ.LavoieEntry LinkStand ProudJin HashimotoUSA
EnteredJ.LopezEntry LinkHeart & SoulBea WainBrasil
EnteredJ.PetersonEntry LinkTetris ThemeUSA
EnteredK.DemonEntry LinkOcean EyesBillie EilishCanada
EnteredK.PlaysEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenIceland
EnteredM.DennisEntry LinkSanta BabyPhilip SpringerAustralia
EnteredM.DennisEntry LinkCupsA P Carter and Luisa GersteinAustralia
EnteredM.O'NeilEntry LinkStar Spangled BannerJohn Stafford SmithUSA
EnteredM.van BerkelEntry LinkForrest Gump ThemeAlan SilvestriThe Netherlands
EnteredM.VasilevaEntry LinkClubbed to Death (The Matrix)Rob DouganBulgaria
EnteredN.MalliaEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenUSA
EnteredO.CaiEntry LinkWatashi No UsoYokoyama MasaruUSA
EnteredR.GodoyEntry LinkMarried Life (Up)Michael GiacchinoMexico
EnteredS.AhmedEntry LinkSilhouette (Naruto)Kana BoonBangladesh
EnteredS.HarikrishnanEntry LinkTwinkle Twinkle Little StarIndia
EnteredS.WasayEntry LinkFur EliseBeethovenPakistan
EnteredT.LundbergEntry LinkFarewellKyle LandrySweden
EnteredT.PetersonEntry LinkNyan CatMEANS TVUSA
EnteredU.ItachiEntry LinkBoku No Hero AcademiaMasaki SudaThe Netherlands
EnteredU.ItachiEntry LinkYuukimaru ThemeNarutoThe Netherlands
EnteredW.NoveyEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenUSA

Ninja Category's 2020 Winner

Contestant Link Title Artist Country
H. BrancoEntry LinkTurning PageSleeping At LastPortugal

Qualifying Entries for Ninja

Contestant Link Title Artist Country
L. McCoyEntry LinkA Cruel Angel's ThesisYoko TakahashiUSA
M. BugtiEntry LinkAe Dil Hai MushkilArjit SingPakistan
I. RubyEntry LinkAngelEmma DuncanUK
J. NEntry LinkAngry Birds ThemeAri PulkkinenUSA
R. GergoEntry LinkAstronomiaVicetoneHungary
R. icardoEntry LinkAstronomiaVicetoneColombia
J. HardyEntry LinkAt Doom's Gate (Doom)Mick GordonCanada
T. ClayEntry LinkBella CiaoEl ProfesorUK
DREntry LinkChangesXxxtentacionUSA
K. ColmusEntry LinkCopycatBillie EilishUSA
C. ChungEntry LinkDanny (Minecraft)C418Korea
V. HaniavinaEntry LinkFake LoveBTSUkraine
S. DetheEntry LinkFur EliseLudwig van BeethovenIndia
E. PlazaEntry LinkGakkou Gurashi (Friend Shitai)Takanori FujimotoChile
D. LopezEntry LinkI Need YouBTSColombia
H. BrancoEntry LinkIlia's Theme (The Legend of Zelda)Koji KondoPortugal
E. SarpEntry LinkIn The MirrorYanniTurkey
DREntry LinkJocelyn FloresXxxtentacionUSA
P. ParysEntry LinkLet You Love MeRita OraPoland
R. RamsellEntry LinkMamaMy Chemical RomanceUK
R. GodoyEntry LinkMarried Life (Up)Michael GiacchinoMexico
R. PhillipsEntry LinkMegalovaniaToby FoxUSA
R. DuttaEntry LinkMy Heart Will Go OnCeline DionIndia
D. HanakEntry LinkGrandma (NieR)Keiichi OkabePoland
DREntry LinkOld Town RoadLil Nas XUSA
I. GhitaEntry LinkOld Town RoadLil Nas XRomania
A. CabadaEntry LinkPizza Delivery Theme (Spider-Man 2)Michael McCuistionUSA
P. ParysEntry LinkPromentoryDougie MacLeanPoland
A. GuimaraesEntry LinkRight Here WaitingRichard MarxBrasil
G. CataldiEntry LinkRomantic Flight (How To Train Your Dragon)John PowellArgentina
B. NewlonEntry LinkRoxanneArizona ZervasUSA
O. ConibereEntry LinkScattered and Lost (Celeste)Lena RaineUK
A. ClareEntry LinkSenbonzakuraKurousa - Hatsune MikuUK
Z. KoroEntry LinkShoji Meguro (Persona 5)Shoji MeguroUSA
R. DuttaEntry LinkSomeOne You LovedLewis CapaldiIndia
DREntry LinkThis Is Me (The Greatest Showman)The Greatest ShowmanUSA
DREntry LinkThis Is What You Came ForCalvin Harris ft. RihannaUSA
K. BakerEntry LinkThree StarsSebastien SkafUSA
H. BrancoEntry LinkTo Zanarkand (Final Fantasy)Nobuo UematsuPortugal
K. BermidoEntry LinkTower of God OpeningStray KidsPhilippines
H. BrancoEntry LinkTurning PageSleeping At LastPortugal
O. ConibereEntry LinkUniversal collapse (Final Form)DM DokuroUK
A. TilleyEntry LinkVem Dancar KuduroLucenzoUSA
F. KohoutEntry LinkWhere Is My MindMaxence CyrinGermany
L. McCoyEntry LinkXenoblade Title ThemeYoko ShimomuraUSA
R. DavisEntry LinkYoung Dumb and BrokeKhalidUSA
N. JacksonEntry LinkYour Reality (Doki Doki Literature Club)Dan SalvatoUSA
P.ParysEntry LinkZombieThe CranberriesPoland
H.PerreiraEntry LinkFallingHarry StylesUSA
J.NguyenEntry LinkAria MathC418USA
T.LundbergEntry LinkThe WandererPrimyFritzellzSweden
J.NaickerEntry LinkOvertimeCash CashUSA
C.WillEntry LinkFreedom (Despicable Me 3)Pharrell WilliamsUSA
A. FranciscoEntry LinkTubular Bells (The Exorcist)Mike OldfieldUSA
G. BoothEntry LinkBefore You GoLewis CapaldiUSA
P. ParysEntry LinkLonely TogetherAvicii ft. Rita OraPoland
H. PerreiraEntry LinkRise upAndra DayUSA
H. PerreiraEntry LinkHalf A ManDean LewisUSA
A. SrambicalEntry LinkLovelyBillie EilishUSA
P. ParysEntry LinkThe HeroJAM ProjectPoland
J. NguyenEntry LinkFlower DanceDJ OkawariUSA
P. ParysEntry LinkThe Last UnicornAmericaPoland
A. BakerEntry LinkChopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2Frédéric ChopinUSA
300 USD Amazon Voucher, Virtual Piano 2020 Tournament Prize

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