We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Virtual Piano

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

w t t y t r e e
e y y u y t r r
r u u i u y t e
w w e y r t

w t t t r r t r e w
y u y t o w w w e y r t

o[ws][tus]d[tus]a[qp][etp][etp][9d][ed]f[ed]s[qa][wryo][wryo][0f][ryf]g[ryf]d[ws][etup][etuo] o[9p][qetd][wrya][8s][0wt][0wto][es][tus][tus][wa][ry][rya][9s][eta][etp][wo][ry][ryd][wf] [tud][tus][wfh][ryo][ryo]o[9p][etd][wrya][8s][0wt][0wto][8s][0ws]d[0ws]a[qp][etp][etp][9d][etd] f[etd]s[9a][wro][wro][0f][wrf]g[wrf]d[0s][etp][eto]o[9p][qetd][wrya][0wts]

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