Amelie – Yann Tiersen

[d9] [qey] s [a6] [80e] p [d9] [qey] f d s a s [a6] [80e] p [sq] [et] a [u8] [0r] [sq] [et] d s a s a [u8] [0r] [dz9] [qey] [sl] [ak6] [80e] [pj] [dz9] [qey] f d s a s [ak6] [80e] [pj] [sql] [et] [ak] [uf8] [0r] [sql] [et] d s a s a [uf8] [0r] fuiuiu dui sui ayuyuy ptyuytfuiuiu dui sui ayuyuy ptyuyt

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