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About the Artist

Ajoura is an experimental music producer from Russia. He is most well-known for his song SCP Foundation Main Theme

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • s o Y t [tol] [to] [to] [to]
    z Z [zyo] [yo] [yo] [yo] h [tol]
    [to] [to] Z [to] z Z [icE] [iE]
    [yw] [yw] h [tol] [to] [to] [to] z
    Z [zyo] [yo] [YP] [ZYP] c [siZ] [si]
    [iE] [iE] c v [sVO] [icO] [zyi] h
    [tol] [to] [to] [to] z Z [zyo] [yo]
    l [yok] [yo] h [tol] [to] [to] z
    Z [to] z Z [icE] [iE] [iE] J
    [iE] Z c [vYP] [YP] [YP] [YP] V
    v [siV] [si] v [si] [sic] Z [zyw]
    [yw] [yw] [tq] [E(] [vto] [tom] [to] [vto]
    [icE] [miE] [iE] [icE] [ZYW] [mYW] [YW] [ZYW]
    [zywo] [icV] [zvo] [tsoZ] l [shD] h [ziPE]
    J [gdP] h [lYWO] H [sOD] D [ywrod]
    [iaH] [ohY] [vto] [tom] [to] [vto] [icE] [miE]
    [iE] [icE] [ZYW] [mYW] [YW] [ZYW] [zywo] [icV]
    [zvo] [tsoZ] l [shD] h [ziPE] J [gdP]
    h [lYWO] H [sOD] D [ywrod] [iaH] [ohY]
    [l8] 5 8 w % 5 [l8] 5
    8 w % 5 [l(] ^ ( E
    7 ^ [Z(] ^ [H(] E [h7] ^
    [l8] [G5] [l8] w % [Z5] [l8] [G5]
    8 [wl] % [z5] Z [l(] H [^D]
    [l(] E 7 [v^] [Z(] [^V] [Z(] E
    [J7] ^ [l8] 5 8 w % 5
    [l8] 5 8 w % 5 [l(] ^
    ( E 7 ^ [Z(] ^ [H(] E
    [h7] ^ [l8] [G5] [l8] w % [Z5]
    [l8] [G5] 8 [wl] % [z5] Z [l(]
    H [^D] [l(] E 7 [v^] [Z(] [^V]
    [Z(] E [J7] ^ [wl8] [w8] [w8] [w8]
    [w8] [w8]

    Level: 5
    Length: 03:20
    SCP Foundation Main Theme



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