Cash Cash

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About the Artist

Cash Cash is an American electronic music group from Roseland, New Jersey. The group currently consists of three DJs: brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch. They produce, record, mix and master all their music together as a trio. They are currently signed to Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group worldwide. The group's highest-charting song to date is "Take Me Home", which features vocals by Bebe Rexha. As of 2016, the group has released four full-length albums, an array of EPs, singles, and provided official remixes for acts such as Krewella, Capital Cities, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Showtek, and Icona Pop, along with producing and co-writing Krewella's single "Live for the Night".Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • p [aw5] | I[pe6] I[ae6] | [IQ$]p [IQ$]p [ar7] |[pe6] |[ow5] |I[pe6] pp [ye6] |[$Q] r [$Q] r [ye7] |[Te6]|| p [a5] w 5 [Iw]p6 Iae 6e $[QI] p$I[Qp] [7a] r [p6] e [o5] w 5 [wI]p6ep [6e] e [r$]yQy$y[uQ] [7I] [ur] [u6] e [a5] w 5 [Iw]p6 Iae 6e $[QI] p$I[Qp] [7a] r [p6] e [o5] w 5 [wI]p6ep [6e] e [r$]yQy$y[uQ] [7I] [ur] [u6] e [j5]G[fw]G[5f]df[wd][5a]d[wa]p[wd]|[6p]apdea[6d]f[eG][f6]e ||[6a]e[7j]G[fr]G[f7]d[rf]d[7a]d[ra]p[7d]| [6p]a[ed]e[6d]f[eG][f6][ef][f6]fe[d6]| [3j]G[0f]Gf3d[0f]d[3a][da][0a]p[3d]7|[$j]G[Qf][$G][d$][aQ]d$[Qd][Qa]p[$f]Q|[5j]Gf[wG][f5][6e][f5]d[fw]d[5a][wd][aw]p[5d]w| [6p]a[de]a[d6][6f][eG][ef][f6]fe[6d][6e] p [aw5] | I[pe6] I[ae6] | [IQ$]p [IQ$]p [ar7] |[pe6] |[ow5] |I[pe6] pp [ye6] |[$Q] r [$Q] r [ye7] |[Te6]|| p [a5] w 5 [Iw]p6 Iae 6e $[QI] p$I[Qp] [7a] r [p6] e [o5] w 5 [wI]p6ep [6e] e [r$]yQy$y[uQ] [7I] [ur] [u6] e [a5] w 5 [Iw]p6 Iae 6e $[QI] p$I[Qp] [7a] r [p6] e [o5] w 5 [wI]p6ep [6e] e [r$]yQy$y[uQ] [7I] [ur] [u6] e [j5]G[fw]G[5f]df[wd][5a]d[wa]p[wd]|[6p]apdea[6d]f[eG][f6]e ||[6a]e[7j]G[fr]G[f7]d[rf]d[7a]d[ra]p[7d]| [6p]a[ed]e[6d]f[eG][f6][ef][f6]fe[d6]| [3j]G[0f]Gf3d[0f]d[3a][da][0a]p[3d]7|[$j]G[Qf][$G][d$][aQ]d$[Qd][Qa]p[$f]Q|[5j]Gf[wG][f5][6e][f5]d[fw]d[5a][wd][aw]p[5d]w| [6p]a[de]a[d6][6f][eG][ef][f6]fe[6d][6e]

    Level: 5
    Length: 02:14

    Cash Cash

  • aaaaasdddddoaaaaasdddddo dhGfdadapoadapoada dhGfdadapsapoo dhGfdadapoadapoada dhGfdadaoadaoada dkjlkhjhkkjjh dkjlkhjhkkjjh jhhzkjzkjzkjhjkjhhzkjzkjzkjhjkjhh
    Level: 2
    Take Me Home

    Cash Cash


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