Danny Elfman

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About the Artist

Daniel Robert Elfman is an American composer, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and voice actor. He first became well known as the singer-songwriter for the new wave band Oingo Boingo in the early 1980s, and has since garnered international recognition for writing over 100 feature film scores, as well as compositions for television, stage productions, and the concert hall. Elfman has frequently worked with directors Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, and Gus Van Sant, with notable achievements the scores for 16 Burton-directed films including Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, and Dumbo; Raimi's Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Oz the Great and Powerful; and Van Sant's Academy Award-nominated films Good Will Hunting and Milk.Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [6u]| [6u]| [6u]| [6u] i
    [6y]| [6y]| [6y]| [6y] i
    [u*]| [u*]| [u*]| [u*] i
    [9y]| [9y] i [0u]| [0u]|
    [6u] u u u [6u]iy y|
    [6y] y y y [6y]ui u|
    [6u] u u i [5o] i y|
    [9y] y y i [0u] t r u
    [0o] o oIu [0o] o oIu
    [wo] y y tE[6e] u i|
    [qO] O Ooi [qO]oOoOoi
    [O*] u u YT[^E] E E E [WY] Y u| [WY] Y u| Q y y Q q QWE| [6u]| [6u]| [6u]| [6u] i [6y]| [6y]| [6y]| [6y] i [u*]| [u*]| [u*]| [*u] i
    [9y]| [9y] i [0u]| [0u]|
    [6e]| r| t| u| p|||

    Level: 4
    Length: 00:55
    This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas)

    Danny Elfman

  • C v Z x k l G h [OH] ! % * 0 * % ! % * 0 * % [!O] % *O[0O] * %O[!O] % *p[0O] * %O[7a] $ 7a[Qa] ( 7p[3O] 7 0 W 0 7 [$I] * QI[TO] e Qp[*O] W T [6u] 0 e [$u] * Qu[TY] e [QT] [7I] Q r [YIG] r [QIG][IG][YIG] r [QIG][IG][ruf] Q [(YD] [TOSH] OY[WH]O[sYH] OO[WH]H[WV]OYWOHV H Of[!f] %*[WD] 0 *S[QS] * [6e] [4s] 8 qS[^S] q ES[%D] ( WD [Wf]0W0*%W0W0*[%f][Wf]0W0*%[rG]QrQ([7fH][3fH] 7 0 W 0 7 [*SH] [$PG] f [6f] d s [o@P] H[euTH]OOHH [uWTH]OOHH [eyIH]OOHj [TH][Wf]0[*S]%[Iak]YrQ[rak]Y[Iak]YOY[pak]Y [8ak]wtu[tak]w[4ak]8qe[qpj]8[2ak]69qe[yak] [Iak]Yr[eak][Qak]7[6sfl]0[edjz]tu[pfx] [H3fx]70Wru[6s]0[ed]rt[uf][3f]70Wru[6t] 0 [ey] u [W3u]
    Level: 5
    Victor’s Piano Solo (Corpse Bride)

    Danny Elfman

  • f d f g f d s a s a s d f s d f d f g h g f d s p a s a s d s a p a s a s d s p a s a s d s p a s a s d s p a s a s d s a p O p
    Level: 2
    Tears to Shed (The Corpse Bride)

    Danny Elfman


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