Jeremy Zuckerman

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About the Artist

Jeremy Zuckerman is an American composer of concert music, film and television music, music for modern dance, and experimental music. He is best known as the composer for the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra.

Credit: Wikipedia

Artist's Music Sheets

  • [IG]||[yr]||[uf]| [oh]| [ywIG]|||[yw]||[aG7$]||f| h| [aG50]|||[ka95]||[SL]||[zd60]||[xf]|||[rn]QrQrQrQywyw0r0r[rQ7]QrQrQrQywyw0r0r[rIG7][Q7][r7]QrQrQ[yka9][w9][y9]w[pj0][r][0]r[rIG7][Q7][r7]QrQrQ[yka9][w9][y9]w[y]w[y]w[roh9]w[r9]wrwrw[zyd9][w9][y9]w[SL0][r][0]r[roh9][w9][r9]wrwrw[zyd9][w9][y9]w[T]Q[T]Q[rIG7]Q[r7]QrQrQ[yka9][w9][y9]w[pj0][r][0]r[rIG7][Q7][r7]QrQrQ[yka9][w9][y9]w[y]w[y]w[roh9]w[r9]wrwrw[zyd9][w9][y9]w[SL0][r][0]r[pje]rTyrTyu[xfT]yuI[TSL]IpI[rka97]||[zd]|[SL]|[kaQ5]|||[jeSL0]|||[jL]|||[ra7]wyw7wyw7wyw7wyw7wyw7wyw7wyw7wyw[raQG7] y r y [rf] y [rG] y [upeS0] T e T e T e T [uped] [TS] [edS] [dT] [fe] T [eG] T [wof70] r w r w r w r [raQG9] y r y [rd] y [ra] y [eS0] T e T [je] T e T [jfeS0] T e T [fe] T [eS] T [rdQ9] y r y [rk] y r y [rI] y r y [ra] y r y [wG97] r w r [wd] r [wa] r [eS0] T e T [je] T e T [je0] T e T [ofe] T [eS] T [rdQI9] y r y [rkdG] y r y [ywkI] r w r [wrG] r [wd] r [ufeT] T e T [jfe] T e T [ujfeT]|||[yraQ]||S|d|[rfO0]

    Level: 6
    Length: 02:11
    The Greatest Change (The Legend of Korra)

    Jeremy Zuckerman


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